Zanaris is the land of the fairies, and a popular place to use for transportation due to it being the hub of the fairy ring network. To access Zanaris, a player will need to complete Lost City and acquire a Dramen staff.

[edit] Getting There

  • With a Dramen staff equipped, head into the shed in the Lumbridge Swamps and you will be transported to Zanaris.
  • After starting Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen, you can access Zanaris through any fairy ring with a Dramen staff equipped.

[edit] Features

Fairy ring network - The central fairy ring is located in the center of Zanaris, and Fairy Tale II must be completed to an extent in order to use it.

Bank - There is a bank in western Zanaris, which is often used by players using the fairy rings.

The market - There is a market in southeastern Zanaris that requires a Diamond in order to enter (there is no fee after Fairy Tale III - Battle at Orks Rift). Inside, dragon daggers, dragon longswords and ruby rings. There is also a one-way fairy ring that transports the player to Al-Kharid.

Cosmic Altar - The cosmic altar can be found to the south of Zanaris, where cosmic runes can be made.

Chaeldar - The fairy Slayer master can be found near the Throne Room in southeastern Zanaris. She requires a combat level of at lest 70.

Evil Chicken's Lair - The lair of the Evil Chicken can be found in northern Zanaris by the northern fairy ring from the Lumbridge Swamp.

[edit] Quests

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