Zamorak Godsword

Zamorak Godsword
Examine: A terrifying, heavy sword.
Examine: A terrifying, heavy sword.
Requirements75 Attack
Low Alchemy500,000gp
High Alchemy750,000gp
PriceGrand Exchange Graph

[edit] How To Obtain

The Zamorak Godsword can be obtained from players or the Grand Exchange. All Godswords are comprised of two parts, a Hilt and the Godsword Blade. It requires both parts to be attached to make the Godsword, and the Hilt determines what type it is. There is no requirement needed to attach the Hilt to the Godsword Blade, however it requires 80 Smithing to make the Godsword Blade which is made from Three separate Godsword Shards.

It's Special Attack, Ice Cleave freezes the opponent for 20 seconds, it drains 60% of the Special Attack bar which disables consecutive use. The Zamorak Godsword is the only Melee weapon which can Freeze the opponent, which makes it quite useful for players that stray away from Magic.

The Zamorak Godsword is considered to be the most useless Godsword, this is mainly due to it's special which in comparison to the Armadyl Godsword, Bandos Godsword and Saradomin Godsword is lacking. However it's special is by no means useless, as it is praised by many God War’s fanatics due to it making killing Commander Zilyana much easier to kill.

[edit] Stats

Stat Offensive Defensive
Stab 0 0
Slash 132 0
Crush 80 0
Magic 0 0
Ranged 0 0
Summoning N/A 0
Strength 132
Prayer 8
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