Woodcutting is a very versatile skill, one that is easily trained, and can be used as a big money-earner. All you need is a woodcutting axe, also referred to as a hatchet. You can buy axes from other players, from stores or smith your own. To cut down a tree, simply click on the tree while having a hatchet equipped in your weapon slot, or simply in your inventory. As you gain woodcutting levels, you will be able to use higher level axes (thus allowing you to chop faster), but also you will be able to cut down higher level trees, which can either be sold to make money, or used to train the Fletching and Firemaking skills. Note that even if you do not have the attack level to equip the hatchet, you can still use it in your inventory to cut down trees, provided you have the woodcutting level.


[edit] Axes

The woodcutting axe is the principle tool used in Woodcutting. The better the metal, the faster you can chop down a tree.

Pic Name Level Required
Bronze Hatchet Bronze Axe 1
Iron Hatchet Iron Axe 1
Steel Hatchet Steel Axe 6
Black Hatchet Black Axe 6
Mithril Hatchet Mithril Axe 21
Adamant Adamant Axe 31
Rune Hatchet Rune Axe 41
Dragon Hatchet Dragon Axe 61

[edit] Trees

There is a variety of different trees throughout RuneScape, each requiring a different level of skill to cut. The logs from these trees have different uses; most can be used in fletching and firemaking, but some have alternative uses.

Image of Tree Image of Log Tree Type Level Required Given Uses
Normal Tree Normal Logs Normal Tree 1 25 Fletching bows, arrow shafts, crossbow stocks
Construction - planks can be made into low-level wooden furniture
Achey Tree Achey Logs Achey Tree* 1 25 Fletching Orge Composite bows and Orge Shafts
Scrapey Tree Scrapey Logs
Scrapey Bark
Scrapey Tree* 1 25 The bark from these logs is used in the Trouble Brewing mini-game.
Light Jungle Thatch Spar Light Light Jungle 10 32 Chop down to gain Tai Bwo Wannai favour points
Thatch Spars can be used to repair fences and gain further points
Oak Tree Oak Logs Oak Tree 15 37.5 Fletching bows, crossbow stocks
Construction - planks can be made into mid-level wooden furniture, the best option for training
Medium Jungle Thatch Spar Medium Medium Jungle 20 55 Chop down to gain Tai Bwo Wannai favour points
Thatch Spars can be used to repair fences and gain further points
Willow Tree Willow Logs Willow Tree 30 67.5 Fletching bows, crossbow stocks
Teak Tree Teak Logs Teak Tree* 35 85 Construction - planks can be made into high-level wooden furniture
Dense Jungle Thatch Spar Dense Dense Jungle 35 80 Chop down to gain Tai Bwo Wannai favour points
Thatch Spars can be used to repair fences and gain further points
Maple Tree Maple Logs Maple Tree* 45 100 Fletching bows, crossbow socks
Hollow Tree Bark Hollow Tree* 45 82.5 Traded for Splitbark Mage Armour
Mahogany Tree Mahogany Logs Mahogany Tree* 50 125 Construction - planks can be made into the highest-level wooden furniture
Arctic Pine Tree Arctic Pine Logs Arctic Pine Tree* 54 40 Can be made into Split Logs or a Fremennik Shield
Eucalyptus Tree Eucalyptus Logs Eucalyptus Tree 58 165 Used in As A First Resort... quest
Yew Tree Yew Logs Yew Tree 60 175 Fletching bows, crossbow stocks
Ivy N/A Ivy 68 332.5 N/A
Magic Tree Magic Logs Magic Tree* 75 250 Fleching bows, crossbow stocks
  • Members only

[edit] Woodcutting Boosts

[edit] Axemans Folly

A beer, appropriately named Axeman's Folly, will raise your woodcutting level temporarily by 1, and decrease your Attack and Strength by 2. This beer is not sold in bars, and can only be obtained by brewing your own. Matured Axeman's Folly, called "Axemans' Folly (M)", has the same effect except it increases your woodcutting by 2 instead of 1.

Axemans Folly
Axemans Folly (M)

[edit] Lumberjack Outfit

Through killing Undead Lumberjacks in the minigames Temple Trekking and Burgh de Rott Ramble, you might obtain some Lumberjack clothing. These clothes require 44 woodcutting to wear and will provide you with an extra bonus to the experience gained while woodcutting.

Lumberjack HatLumberjack TopLumberjack LegsLumberjack Boots

[edit] Random Events

[edit] Tree Spirit

Tree Spirit
The Tree Spirit is one of two Woodcutting random events which will attack you every now and again whilst you are Woodcutting. It's combat level will vary between 14-159 depending on your combat level. If you kill it, it will drop a selection of seeds, axes, runes or coins. However, note that fighting random events gives reduced combat experience. -This random event is not longer active after the large Random Event Update.

[edit] Ent

Sometimes, the tree you are cutting will turn into an Ent. If you continue cutting it, the Ent will break your woodcutting axe. To avoid this, simply click away from the tree and wait for the Ent to disappear. If your axe does break, go see Bob's Axe shops in Lumbridge, and use the axe on him. He'll fix it for a small cost. -This random event is not longer active after the large Random Event Update.

[edit] Bird Nests

On rare occasions, a bird's nest will fall from the tree you're cutting and appear on the ground. Inside the nest can be one of three things: a ring, a tree seed or a bird's egg.

Bird's Nest: RingBird's Nest: SeedsBird's Nest: Egg

Tree seeds are usually the most wanted item in nests. Any tree seeds, both wood and fruit trees, can be found inside nests. They are used in Farming and give a lot of experience.

The nest can hold one gold ring, either plain or with a Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby or Diamond gem.

Gold RingSapphire RingEmerald RingRuby RingDiamond Ring

Bird Eggs are the rarest items inside of nests. They come in three colors: Blue, Green, and Red. Another type of egg, a Ravens' will also be found in a birds nest on rare occasions. At level 50 Summoning you can incubate this egg, which grows into a pet Raven.

These bird eggs are part of the Summoning skill, and once incubated, will hatch into a chick which will follow you as a pet.

The birds nests themselves also have a use. By using a pestle and mortar, you can ground up the nests to be used in high-level potions.

By wearing a Lucky Rabbit Foot necklace, your chances of obtaining birds nests are increased. You can get rabbits feet through the Hunter skill, and string them with the Crafting skill.

[edit] Canoes

Canoes are a members-only method of using your Woodcutting skills as a way of transportation. You will only need a woodcutting axe to make the canoe, but you can only shape a specific log into a canoe. There are various locations along the river Lum where you can find them, including Lumbridge, Gunnarsgrunn and the wilderness (level 35). Some canoes require a specific woodcutting level to make, and each canoe up the levels is naturally of better design than the last.

Pic Name Level Exp Exp with Lumberjack Outfit
Log Canoe Log 12 30 30.8
Dugout Dugout 27 60 61.4
Stable Dugout Stable Dugout 42 90 92.2
Waka Waka 57 150 153.8

How to make a canoe:

  1. Go to a canoe location with a woodcutting axe, and cut down the canoe tree.
  2. With your woodcutting axe, click on the log (which will now be on the ground) and choose a canoe to make.
  3. Next, put the canoe in the river and float on your crafted masterpiece by choosing a destination.

[edit] Arctic Pine Work

At a given stage in the Fremennik Isles quest, you will unlock the ability to cut and work with Artic Pine logs. These logs require a woodcutting level of 54 to cut. Once you have the logs, you can use them to make items of greater use. You must use the log on a Woodcutting stump on Neitiznot.

Pic Name Items needed to make Level Experience
Split Arctic Pine Logs Split Arctic Pine Logs Arctic Pine Log, Woodcutting Axe 56 5
Fremennik Round Shield Fremennik Round Shield 2 Arctic Pine Logs, Rope, 15 Bronze nails 56 34 (crafting)

[edit] Machetes

Machetes are curved blades used to cut back overgrown jungle plants and vines. These are most useful when exploring the island of Karamja. They are also used in the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean Up mini-game.

Pic Name Level to use
Machete Machete 1
Opal Machete Opal Machete 1
Jade Machete Jade Machete 1
Red Topaz  Machete Topaz Machete 1

[edit] Choking Ivy

Choking Ivy is a fast way to get Experiance in Woodcutting. You need 68 Woodcutting to chop them and they give 332xp each hack.

[edit] Training

If you want to use your woodcutting skill to make some money, the following are recommended as the best income generators.

[edit] Money

Levels Tree Type F2P Location P2P Location
1-15 Normal Lumbridge and north east of Varrock are good training spots.
15-30 Oaks The forest between Lumbridge and Draynor Village.
3/4 West of Varrock's west bank.
Just outside the Castle Wars lobby
East of Ardougne near the mining spot.
30-50 Willow South of Draynor Village Bank
There is a huge number located south of Rimmington.
North of Seers' Village Bank
Just north of Barbarian Assault.
50-65 Maple None North of Seers' Village bank.
On the main road to the Fremennik province
Several more can be located outside the Legends Guild
65-75 Yews A few north or Varrock Castle
Between Draynor Village and Lumbridge
2 South of Edgeville
In the Tree Gnome Stronghold to the east
South of the Beehives in Seers Village
75-99 Magic None 3 just outside Lletya
2 within the grounds of the Mage Training Arena
On the western side of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
At the Sorcerer's Tower
3 Near the Ranging Guild.

[edit] Experience

This method gives almost the best experience, but you will not earn much cash. Most the lower levels are the same as for money.

Levels Tree Type F2P Location P2P Location
1-15 Normal South of Lumbridge, anywhere else with multiple normal trees.
15-30 Oak The forest between Lumbridge and Draynor Village. West of Varrock's west bank. Just outside the Castle Wars lobby East of Ardougne near the mining spot.
30-85 Willow Draynor Village Near [[Lumbridge General Store (sell to store). Behind Seers' Village bank, outside Barbarian Assault.
85-95 Maple Free players carry on with Willows Behind Seers' Village bank, near flax fields. Some may stay with Willow.
95-99 Yews Behind Varrock Castle, South of Falador, near Edgeville, some may stay with Willow Same as free, near flax fields, some may stay with Willow or Maple.

[edit] Skill Cape

Once you achieve level 99, you can buy the Woodcutting skill cape from Wilfred, who can be found in the woods north of Falador.

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