Wizards' Guild

File:Wizards guild entrance.png
Wizards Guild Entrance
The Wizards' Guild (often referred to as the Magicians' Guild) is a guild for the most prestige and talented of magicians, located in the centre of Yanille, south of Ardougne. To be allowed entry into the tower, you must have obtained at least level 66 magic. However, you can use any magic-boosting drinks, such as the Wizard's Mind Bomb (+3 magic), Magic Essence Potion (+3 magic), Magic Potion (+4 magic),Or the stew with 3 spices, although the skill it raises is completly random (+5), to temporarily reach level 66 magic and slip through the doors before your magic level drains back to normal.

If you do not have the requirements to enter the guild but wish to speak to the guild master, Zavistic Rarve, as is required for certain quests, you can ring the large bell outside the main entrance and Zavistic will teleport next to you.

To get to the Wizards Guild, you can either use the Watchtower Teleport spell (which requires 58 magic, 2 earth and 2 law runes, and completion of the Watchtower quest), use a Ring of Dueling to teleport to the Castle Wars lobby and walk east, or teleport to Ardougne and walk south.

File:Wizards Guild Map.png
Wizards Guild Map


[edit] Basement

You can enter the basement by the ladder at the south-east corner of the ground floor. The basement is a training ground for the magicians to improve their spell-casting. You will find Wizard Frumscone in the basement, as well as a group of level 24 zombies in a locked cage, which can only be killed with magic, ranged or a halberd. It is recommended that you bring some telekinetic grab runes in case the zombies drop valuable loot, as you cannot open the cage door.

[edit] Ground Floor

There are 4 wizards and 1 gnome on the Ground Floor; 2 normal level 9 wizards, Zavistic Rarve, Wizard Distentor, and Professor Imblewyn. Professor Imblewyn can be one of your customers in the Gnome Restaurant mini-game while Wizard Distentor can send you to the Rune Essence mine, where you can mine Rune or Pure Essences for Runecrafting.

[edit] First Floor

The second floor is probably the most useful floor in the guild. There are several level 9 wizards which you can kill should you wish to. There is also a Magic Store which sells some runes and staves.

Wizards Guild Magic Store
Pic Name of Item Price to Buy
(Per item)
Air_rune.gif Air Rune 17GP
Water_rune.gif Water Rune 17GP
Earth_rune.gif Earth Rune 17GP
Fire_rune.gif Fire Rune 17GP
Mind_rune.gif Mind Rune 17GP
Body_rune.gif Body Rune 16GP
Chaos_rune.gif Chaos Rune 140GP
Nature_rune.gif Nature Rune 372GP
Death_rune.gif Death Rune 310GP
Law_rune.gif Law Rune 378GP
Blood_rune.gif Blood Rune 550GP
Soul_rune.gif Soul Rune 410GP
Battlestaff.gif Battlestaff 1,500GP
Fire_staff.gif Fire Staff 1,500GP
Water_staff.gif Water Staff 1,500GP
Air_staff.gif Air Staff 1,500GP
Earth_staff.gif Earth Staff 1,500GP

There is also a Robes Salesman on this floor who not only sells the blue mystic robes, but also the Magic Skillcape to those with 99 magic.

Wizards Guild Robe Store
Pic Name of Item Price to Buy
(Per item)
Mystic_hat_blue.gif Mystic Hat 15,000GP
Mystic_robe_top_blue.gif Mystic Robe Top 120,000GP
Mystic_robe_bottoms_blue.gif Mystic Robe Bottom 80,000GP
Mystic_boots_blue.gif Mystic Boots 10,000GP
Mystic_gloves_blue.gif Mystic Gloves 10,000GP
Magic_skillcape_untrimmed.gif Magic Skillcape 99,000GP

[edit] Top Floor

The top floor contains three magic portals which you can freely use to teleport to other significant magic locations.

  • The West Portal teleports you to Thormac the Sorcerer's tower (south of Seers Village)
  • The South Portal teleports you to the Dark Wizard's Tower (west of Falador)
  • The East Portal teleports you to the Wizard's Tower (south of Draynor Village)

There are 2 vials on a table on the northern side of the room which you are free to take and use in the Herblore skill.

[edit] Gallery

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