Witch's House

Witch's House
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointSpeak to the Boy near the Taverley Gate.
Skill RequirementsThe ability to kill a level 19, level 30, level 42, and level 53 in a row.
Quest RequirementsNone
Item RequirementsSome leather gloves and some cheese.
Skill RecommendationsA good combat level.
Quest RecommendationsNone
Item RecommendationsFood, armor, good weapon.


[edit] Mister, start the quest.

Talk to the kid and he'll say that he kicked his ball over the fence into the Witch's house. He'll ask you to get it back. Seems easy, right? WRONG! You'll have to go into the Witch's house,and when the boy said "Witch" he wasn't kidding.. the front door of the Witch's house is east of the house portal. Open it, and you'll find it's locked. Look under the plantpot that's near the door, and you'll get the key. NOW you can go in.

There's the key!

[edit] Escape The House

You'll notice that there's a pink book on the table. Take it, and read it. It'll talk about the security in the house and how to solve it. After you're finished reading, put the leather gloves on and go downstairs into the basement. Open the gate (remember to have the gloves on!) and search the cupboard to get the magnet. Keep the leather gloves on and go back upstairs. Go down into the room that leads outside (that small room in the bottom-left) and change the view to the player's so you can see the little mouse-hole in the bottom-right corner (right of the door). Use the cheese (DON'T EAT IT!) on the mouse hole, and a mouse will come out. Use the magnet on it, and then you will be able to use the door.

Get the mouse!

[edit] Tally Ho! To The Shed We Go!

Go into the yard. You'll notice that you'll finally see where the witch is. If the witch sees you, she'll teleport you out. When the witch walks by, you'll have to hide behind the center of the hedges. (If you hide outside, she'll see you). Edge your way to the shed like this, and of course.. the shed is locked. What now!? Well, make sure you tried to open the door, and then go up and edge your way to the fountain (still hiding behind the hedges) and check the fountain. You'll find the key. If you don't find the key, try reading the diary again. So.. you have the key, now edge your way back into to the shed, and open it.

[edit] The Fight

This is the part you've been waiting for, go into the shed and try to get the ball. A level 19 experiment will very rudely appear and attack you. After you kill it, it'll turn into a level 30 spider. After THAT it'll turn into a level 42 bear, and AFTER THAT (this is the last one, trust me) it'll turn into a level 53 wolf. Once it's dead (finally) get the ball, and go back out the shed. You still have one last challenge, though. You'll have to edge your way back inside the house. KEEP HIDING BEHIND THE HEDGES! Once you're back in the house, leave, and go to the boy. You'll give the ball back, quest complete!

[edit] Rewards

  • 4 Quest Points (for just getting a ball?)
  • 6,325 hitpoints experience.
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