The Wilderness is a region located north of the Asgarnia and Misthalin kingdoms. It is a highly dangerous area, as other players are able to attack you here and no teleports can be used after reaching a certain point in the area. In addition, all monsters are aggressive regardless of combat level. It is advised to be well-stocked with food, armour and other provisions before setting foot in the Wilderness, especially the higher levels.

[edit] Getting There

  • Any method of getting to Edgeville or Varrock will get you close to the wall that borders the Wilderness.
  • There is a lever in East Ardougne that will teleport you deep into the Wilderness (members-only).
  • The Ring of Kinship will teleport you to Daemonheim, which is located in a safe portion of the eastern Wilderness.
  • A Waka canoe can be built on the River Lum and ridden into the Wilderness.

[edit] Player-Killing in the Wilderness

The Wilderness is a popular spot for Player-Killing, or PKing, as it is a large area and it is possible to loot those who have been defeated. Upon a player's death, no gravestone will appear and thus their items may be looted by the player who defeated them. If you are killed, you will keep three items (or none if you are skulled).

Determining whether or not another player is attackable is based on the color of their combat level. If it is green, yellow or red the player is able to be attacked, but if it is white the player is not attackable in the current area. Note that it is possible to be attacked by a player even if they are outside your combat range, as you may be within theirs.

[edit] Monsters Encounted in the Wilderness

In addition to monsters found on the Wilderness's surface, there also a good deal located underground, such as in the Forinthry Dungeon.

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