Warriors Guild

[edit] Requirements

The Warrior's Guild is a guild that is much different than the rest of the guilds in Runescape. Rather than requiring 1 skill requirement and being completely focused on one skill, the Warrior's Guild focuses on most, if not all, melee skills.

To get in, your Attack and Strength levels must add up to a total of 130 or more.

[edit] Minigames

In the Warrior's Guild, there are various minigames, in which you can earn tokens. These tokens are used to allow you access to the cyclops room on the top floor of the guild. In the room, you are allowed to kill Cyclopses (Level 56 and 76) that drop the defensive weapons, Defenders. These cyclopses drop bronze-rune defenders. However, in order to get a defender drop better than bronze, you must show Kamfreen, in front of the room, a defender you already have. Once you show her it, the cyclopses in the other room will now drop the next best defender (Example: You show mithril, they drop adamant). To enter the room you need at least 100 tokens in your inventory. For every minute you spend in the room, 10 tokens vanish, so it is highly recommended that you bring a lot of tokens.

[edit] Trivia

Level 56 Cyclopses drop level 2 clue scrolls, while the Level 76 Cyclopses drop level 3 clue scrolls.

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