Varrock Achievement Diary


[edit] Introduction

If you have read about Achievement Diaries (which is recommended before you attempt one), you should know the basic ideas about what you need to do. They were introduced so Higher Level players would be able to do a task with a challenge. If this is the first Achievement Diary you are thinking of doing, you should consider trying the Lumbridge/Draynor Achievement Diary first as it is alot easier than any of the others, including this, and will help you to get a feel for how the diaries work. This Diary is based around Varrock, the difficulty ranges from easy to hard.

[edit] How To Start

There are no requirements to Start the Achievement Diary, but there are many needed to complete them, see Requirements for the full details. To start the task, you must speak to either: Reldo, in the Varrock Castle's library; Rat Burgiss, south of varrock, on the road to Lumbridge; or Vannaka, in Edgeville dungeon, near to the entrance to the wilderness.

To get to Varrock the easiest way is using teleport to varrock, requiring 25 Magic 3 air runes, 1 fire and law rune. Or you can use a teleport to varrock teleport tablet. Another way is to use an Amulet Of Glory to teleport you to Edgeville, and go through the shortcut to the Grand Exchange.

[edit] Requirements

The requirements of the Diary differ greatly. However you may find that you can do some Hard tasks yet are incapable of doing some of the Easy tasks! Many require skills, some require quests and most require items.

Task Difficulty Skills Required
Skill Levels Required Quests Required Item Requirement
Easy Agility




Rune Mysteries
Coins (at least 6,150)

Soft clay
Earth Talisman/ Tiara
Cup of tea
Fly fishing rod

Medium Agility




A Soul's Bane

Dragon Slayer


Enlightened Journey


Garden Of Tranquility


Gertrude's Cat


Rat Catchers


Tree Gnome Village


What Lies Below


Fairy Tale Part II. Cure A Queen

Coins (30,105)

Limpwurt root
Red spider's eggs
Chaos Talisman/ tiara
Rat pole
Ring of Charos (a)
Earth Talisman
Air rune (3)
Fire rune
Law rune
Mahogany logs (20)
Lunar/ Dramen staff

Hard Agility




Desert Treasure

Family Crest

Coins (15,800)

Dashing kebbit fur (2)
Adamantite bar
Chef's hat
Air orb
Soft clay
Air runes (3)
Fire rune
Law rune
Skull sceptre

[edit] Easy Tasks

These tasks require the least skill and are the best place to start for an Achievement Diary. I have done these, starting from varrock centre then as if the tasks are following on from one another.

[edit] Have Thessalia Show You What Outfits You Can Wear

  • Get 1,000 coins then head south to Thessalia's clothes shop.
  • Talk to Thessalia and ask what clothes you can have, you don't have to change them, or spend the coins.

Task Complete!

[edit] Have Aubury Teleport You To The Essence Mine

  • Leave the shop, head south past the pub, then go east down the path.
  • Enter the Rune shop and select "Teleport" on Aubury.

Task Complete!

[edit] Mine Some Iron Ore In The Mining Spot East Of Varrock

  • Leave the rune shop, and head north, get a pickaxe out in your inventory.
  • Leave varrock using the east exit then walk south to the mining spot.
  • Find an iron rock, then mine it until you get an iron ore.

Task Complete!

[edit] Make A Plank At The Sawmill

  • Get 100 coins and a hatchet, from the mining spot head north.
  • Go past the entrance to varrock and keep going north.
  • Go to the sawmill and select make a plank at the operator.

Task Complete!

[edit] Enter The Second Level Of The Stronghold Of Security

  • Go bank into varrock and get some armour out of the bank and equip it.
  • Go west through varrock and keep going past Gertrude's house.
  • Go into the barbarian village then find the rock with a hole in it.
  • Head down into the Stronghold, then work your way through the first level.
  • Beware if you are a low level. Go down the ladder in the treasure room.
  • If you have been down before, just use the portal then climb down the ladder.

Task Complete!

[edit] Jump Over The Fence, South Of Varrock

  • Head back up to the top of the Stronghold, then go east back to varrock centre.
  • Head south, out of varrock, then walk as if going to Lumbridge.
  • When you get to a cross roads, you will find the shortcut. Go around the fence, then jump it.

Task Complete!

[edit] Chop Down A Dying Tree In Varrock Lumberyard

  • Head north, go back up to varrock on the east side, get a hatchet.
  • Go north from the east exit of varrock to the lumberyard.
  • Go north past the sawmill operator and jump up the fence.
  • Cut down a dying tree until you get the logs.

Task Complete!

[edit] Buy A Copy Of The Varrock Herald

  • Go south back into varrock, then get 50 coins.
  • Head west to the centre of varrock and buy a newspaper from Benny.

Task Complete!

[edit] Give A Stray Dog A Bone

  • Get yourself a normal bone, an easy way would be to kill a guard or buy one.
  • Find a dog, normally theres one around the east bank, use the bone on him, don't bury it.

Task Complete!

[edit] Make A Bowl On The Pottery Wheel Then Fire It In The Pottery Oven, All In The Barbarian Village

  • Get yourself some soft clay or some clay and water, use the water on the clay.
  • Go west to barbarian village then go into the pottery oven house.
  • Use your soft clay on the pottery wheel, then select to make a bowl.
  • Take your unfired bowl to the pottery oven and use the bowl on it, to receive a bowl.

Task Complete!

[edit] Enter Edgeville Dungeon Using The Entrance To The South Of Edgeville

  • Head north from where you are, until you see some yew trees.
  • Go into that ruined building then open the trapdoor there, go down it.

Task Complete!

[edit] Move Your Player Owned House To A Different Location Using The Varrock Estate Agent's

  • Go through the shortcut to the east of edgeville into the grand exchange, or if you can't, walk round.
  • From the grand exchange, go east through the varrock castle grounds, leave them through the east.
  • Go north then speak to the estate agent about changing house, you will need at least 5k coins.

Task Complete!

[edit] Speak To Haig Halen After Obtaining At Least 50 Kudos

  • Go to the varrock museum nearby, and get 50 kudos by doing activities.
  • Go to the ground floor and speak to Haig Halen.

Task Complete!

[edit] Enter The Earth Altar Using An Earth Tiara Or Earth Talisman

  • Get out your earth tiara or talisman from the bank just south of the museum.
  • Head east out of varrock then head north until you find the mysterious ruins.
  • Either use your talisman on the ruins, or wear your a tiara and left click the ruins.

Task Complete!

[edit] Have Elsie Tell You A Story

  • Go back into varrock and steal a cup of tea from the tea stall.
  • Head north into the church, then go to the first floor, ask Elsie for a story.

Task Complete!

[edit] Mine Some Limestone Near Paterdomus, The Temple To The East Of Varrock

  • Get a pickaxe and leave varrock to the east, head north then follow the path to the east.
  • Go through the gate, follow the path till you get to a grey area where there is a quest symbol.
  • Near here is a limestone mine, mine one of the rocks until you get some limestone.

Task Complete!

[edit] Catch A Trout In The River To The East Of Barbarian Village

  • Head west back into varrock and get some feathers and a fly fishing rod.
  • Head west through varrock to barbarian village, get to the river and find the fishing spot.
  • Lure the spot until you manage to get some trout.

Task Complete!

[edit] Venture Through The Cobwebbed Corridor In Varrock Sewers

  • Get some armour and a slash weapon out, head to the man hole near the armour shop.
  • Go down the man hole and follow the path, beware of monsters if you are low level.
  • Keep going to the cobweb, go through it, if you fail, try again, you will get through eventually.

Task Complete!

[edit] Find The Highest Point In Varrock

  • Go back through the sewers to the man hole then go into the church slightly north.
  • Climb up all the stairs until you are at the top of the church.

All Easy Tasks Complete!

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