Varrock is one of the biggest cities in Runescape, and the largest city in free to play Runescape. It is the location of the Grand Exchange, the trading center of Runescape and also the location of several quests and banks. There are also a number of stores and specialty shops in Varrock, like the Archery Store.

[edit] Location

Varrock is located in northern Misthalin north of Lumbridge, east of Barbarian Village, and west of Canifis in Morytania.

[edit] Points of Interest

Grand Exchange - The only one of its kind where you can place "orders" for items to either sell or buy. The Grand Exchange (GE) automatically searches to see if someone else somewhere in RuneScape has an offer to suit your order. For example, if you put a Dragon scimitar in the GE to sell for 100k, the GE will search to see if someone else is buying a Dragon scimitar for 100k, or higher. If it finds one, it will automatically match up your offer to the other person's offer, giving you your 100k, and giving them their Dragon Scimitar.

Spirit Tree - A very useful teleport for players who have completed The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village quests. This network of trees allows players to travel from Varrock to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, Tree Gnome Village and west of Ardougne. This is useful for Slayer tasks, woodcutting, questing and many other activies. It's also free, saving players runes for teleporting.

Banks - There are four banks in Varrock: one in the east, one in the west, one in the Cooks' Guild (requires the completion of the hard Varrock Tasks, and one in the Grand Exchange.

Aubury's Rune Shop - Located in southeastern Varrock and owned by Aubury, the shop stocks almost every type of rune available in-game. Aubury will also teleport players to the Rune Essence Mine free of charge after the Rune Mysteries quest has been completed.

Lumber Yard - Located northeast of Varrock, the Lumber Yard will cut a member's logs into planks for a fee. It currently serves no purpose on free to play worlds.

Cooks' Guild - Located just south of the Grand Exchange and available to any player with at least a level 32 in Cooking and a Chef's hat, the Cooks' Guild is an excellent place to train Cooking.

Champion's Guild - A player may enter the Champion's Guild once he or she has 30 quest points. The Dragon Slayer quest can then be started.

[edit] Shops

Zaff's Superior Staffs -This shop is located northwest of the Plaza, Inside the shop you will find Zaff, who is featured in the quest What Lies Below. He sells normal stavesbattlestaves and elemental staves.

Picture Staff Price
Battlestaff.gif Staff 15gp
[Picture Not availible] Magic Staff 200gp
Steam battlestaff.gif Staff of Air 1,500gp
Mystic water staff.gif Staff of Water 1,500gp
Mystic fire staff.gif Staff of Fire 1,500gp
Mystic earth staff.gif Staff of Earth 1,500gp

General Store -The general store is a very popular place to buy and sell items. Its located east of the Gypsy's tent.

Picture Iteam Price
Pot.gif Pot 1gp
Jug of wine.gif Jug 1gp
[Image Not Availible] Shears 1gp
Bucket.gif Bucket 2gp
Bowl.gif Bowl 5gp
Cake tin.gif Cake Tin 13gp
Tinderbox.gif Tinderbox 1gp
Chisel.gif Chisel 1gp
Hammer.gif Hammer 1gp
[Image Not Availible] Newcomer Map 1gp
[Image Not Availible] Security Book 2gp

The Varrock Sword Shop Southwest of the General Store you will find the Varrock Sword Shop, where swords from Bronze to Adamant are sold.

Picture Iteam Price
Bronze sword.gif Bronze Sword 26gp
Iron sword.gif Iron Sword 91gp
Steel sword.gif Steel Sword 325gp
Black sword.gif Black Sword 624gp
Mithril sword.gif Mithril Sword 845gp
Adamant sword.gif Adamant Sword 2,080gp
Bronze longsword.gif Bronze longsword 40gp
Iron longsword.gif Iron longsword 140gp
Steel longsword.gif Steel longsword 500gp
Black longsword.gif Black longsword 960gp
Mithril longsword.gif Mithril longsword 1,300gp
Adamant longsword.gif Adamant longsword 3,200gp
Bronze dagger.gif Bronze Dagger 10gp
Iron dagger.gif Iron Dagger 35gp
Steel dagger.gif Steel Dagger 35gp
Black dagger.gif Black Dagger 240gp
Mithril dagger.gif Mithril Dagger 325gp
Adamant dagger.gif Adamant Dagger 800gp

Thessalia's Fine Clothes -North of the Sword Shop and west of the general store you will find Thessalia's Fine Clothes. Thessalia also grants free makeovers (which consists of changing the character's shirt and skirt/trousers), and her grandmother works with costume pieces unlocked by completing random events.

Picture Iteam Price
[Image not availible] White Apron 2gp
Leather body.gif Leather Body 21gp
Leather boots.gif Leather Boots 6gp
Leather gloves.gif Leather Gloves 6gp
[Image not Availible] Brown Arpon 2gp
[Image not availible] Pink Skirt 2gp
[Image Not Availible] Black Skirt 2gp
[Image not Availible] Blue Skirt 2gp
Cape.png Cape 2gp
Silk.gif Silk 30gp
Priest robe top.gif Priest Gown TOP 5gp
Priest robe bottom.gif Priest Gown BOTTOM 5gp

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