TzHaar Fight Pits

TzHaar Fight Pits
The TzHaar Fight Pits is a multi-combat based mini-game which consists of free-for-all fighting with no rules. Players fight until the winner is declared who is the last man standing. The winner receives Tokkul as a prize, the currency that is used in the realm of the TzHaar.


[edit] Where Is The Fight Pits?

The Fight Pits is located west of the bank in the TzHaar city which is located beneath Karamja volcano.

Fight Pits Map

[edit] How Does The Arena Work?

The arena itself consists of a small waiting room for players, and a large battle arena where the fighting takes place. There is a heat barrier to separate the waiting room from the battle arena, and can only be passed through from the battle arena if a player decides to leave.

There are also viewing orbs which can be used to view the current game being played from many different angles within the arena.

[edit] Viewing Orb

Viewing Orb.gif

[edit] Orb Locations

Orb Locations.PNG

[edit] How Does The Game Itself Work?

After a short period of time when you are waiting in the waiting area after the current game has finished, you will be transported into the main arena.

Fight Pits Signal.PNG

A short period of time is given once in the arena to allow players to prepare to fight.

Fight Pits Fight.PNG

Once the FIGHT! Signal is given, players then have the ability to attack any other player they want.

If a certain amount of time passes and no winner is yet declared, then the Mej-Kah will release monsters into the arena which are also from the Fight Caves. The first set of monsters released are the Tz-Kih (level 22), which drain your prayer by one every time they hit you. The next set of monsters released are the Tz-Kek (level 45), which hold a recoil effect when you attack them. The final set of monsters released are the Tok-Xil (level 90), which have both a melee and range attack.

[edit] Tz-Kih (level 22)

Fight Pits TzKih.gif

[edit] Tz-Kek (level 45)

Fight Pits TzKek.gif

[edit] Tok-Xil (level 90)

Fight Pits TokXil.PNG

After a certain amount of time passes after the Tok-Xil are released, players will start to receive 1 damage constantly at a fast ratio until a winner is finally decided.

When the winner of the Fight Pits is declared, the player name will be displayed in the top part of the playing screen, and a red skull will appear above their head.

Fight Pits Winner.PNG

When the winner leaves the arena, he will receive Tokkul, the amount depending on the amount of players and the combat level of the players taking part in the minigame.

[edit] Player Tips

It is suggested that you wear your best combat equipment possible to ensure that you play to your best ability.

Since the mini-game itself is multi-combat based, many players will fight in teams. If you want to increase your chances of survival then it is suggested that you team up with a group of players. This is because teams usually pile on solo players and pick them off one by one until the only players remaining are themselves. If your team are the only players remaining then it is up to you lot to decide who is to win the game.

Stat-boosting armours are widely used by players which give them the edge over other players. Items such as a rune defender, fighter torso, dark gloves and fire cape are some examples of commonly used items which make a large difference on a players combat performance and could end up deciding whether they win or lose a fight.

Other than armours, items such as super set potions which boost a players attack/strength/defence/etc, are also widely used by players which give them an advantage over players who choose not to use them. These are expensive and should be used wisely.

Players may also wish to use protection prayers or eat food to make it harder for a player to kill them, so this is recommended to increase the chance of winning. High-healing food is expensive so should be used wisely.

Use a mix of different combat armours and weapons so you can adapt to any fighting condition. For example, wearing dragonhide armour and a melee weapon is useful against a mager since he will have less chance of hitting you through the armour thus forcing him to change his combat style.

Special attacks are a great benefit in player to player fighting. Commonly used special attacks such as the Dragon Dagger double hit or the Dragon Battleaxe strength boost can give a player a great advantage in a fight. Choose a special attack which suits you best and you will be able to use it in every Fight Pits game, because after each round you special bar will reset, meaning that your arsenal of special attacks will constantly be refilled. It is suggested that you use them wisely though; nothing is more irritating than emptying your four Dragon Dagger attacks on a level 50, only to momentarily be attacked by a level 133!

[edit] Miscellaneous

The Fight Pits is used for fun clan events, so if you find yourself to be in the middle of a clan war in a game then it is suggested that you switch worlds. This is because both clans will target non-clan players first to remove them from the game before they start their clan fight, so the chances of winning are very slim.

Many players play the Fight Pits for fun and not just to win, so some players may expect you to follow the ‘honour code’ and restrict yourself from eating/potting/praying. Doing so may result with negative comments, but if you are there to mainly win then ignore these comments and fight to your best ability and fighting style.

Don’t expect one on one fights all the time, players will commonly gang up on a particularly dangerous player (sometimes whoever takes their fancy) so you cannot expect a fair fight. There is a Duel Arena for that located in Al Kharid.

Sulphur vents are located around the arena which can be used to cook your food on, but since the arena is a small distance away from the bank and that there is a sulphur vent just outside the bank, it is suggested that you do not use these.

Fight Pits Death.PNG

Finally, the biggest and most important tip of them all - ENJOY YOURSELF AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

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