Treasure Trails

Treasure Trails are a Distraction and Diversion for members in which a player follows a trail of clues in order to get a reward. The difficulty and number of the clues and the rewards vary based on the level of the Treasure Trail being followed.

[edit] How To Obtain

Clue Scrolls, which have the clues written on them, are a possible drop from numerous monsters. There are four levels of scrolls: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite. Only one scroll can be held in a player's inventory at a time, whether it be in their inventory or bank.

[edit] Clues Encountered

The clues a player might need to solve in order to advance vary depending on the level of the Treasure Trail.

The clues that might be encountered on Easy Treasure Trails and up are:

  • Cryptic Clues - These direct the player to speak to a certain NPC, search a certain crate or chest, or dig in a certain location. In some cases the player will be instructed to obtain a chest key from a nearby monster in order to unlock the chest. In higher level cryptics, the player may be required to solve a puzzle box.
  • Emote Clues - These require the player to equip certain items and perform one or more emotes in a certain location. If the player has the correct items equipped and performs the correct emote(s), Uri will appear and can be talked to in order to receive the next clue. During Hard Treasure Trails, a Double Agent must be defeated before Uri will appear.
  • Maps - These will indicate the location of the next clue by displaying an X or a crate on the map. If there is an X on the map, a spade is required to dig for the next clue.
  • Simple Clues - These clues provide exact instructions on what to do, requiring no extra effort to solve the clue.

The clues that might be encountered on Medium Treasure Trails and up are:

  • Anagrams - These are a series of letters that must be unscrambled in order to reveal the name of an NPC. The player must then speak to the NPC in order to receive their next clue. On Hard Treasure Trails, the NPC will present the player with a Challenge Scroll (see below) or a puzzle box.
  • Challenge Scroll - These are presented to the player by an NPC after a cryptic or anagram clue is solved. Generally, they are questions that will require the player to investigate the surrounding area (ex. "How many windows does this building have?"). Upon talking to the NPC again and providing the correct answer, the player will receive the next clue.
  • Coordinate Clues - These provide a series of coordinates that point to the location where the next clue is buried and require a chart, sextant and watch in order to dig it up. During Hard and Elite clues the player must defeat either a Zamorak wizard or a Saradomin wizard.

The clues that are only available on Elite Treasure Trails are:

  • Celtic Knots - These are puzzles that must be solved where runes on one knot must be matched up with those on another knot.
  • Compass Clues - These are clues in which players follow an arrow designed to look like a compass to the destination of their next clue. When you've found the spot where you need to dig, the arrow will turn into an X.
  • Scan Clues - These clues require players to scan an area specified on their scroll in order to find the location of the next clue, which will be indicated by an X on the map. A Guthix wizard may attack players when they attempt to dig up the clue.

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