Tormented Demons



[edit] Location

Tormented Demons, abbreviated "TDS", can be found underneath Lumbridge, in the boss area of for the quest While Guthix Sleeps. You must have completed this quest to fight them. During the quest it is also necessary to defeat a Tormented Demon.

[edit] Combat

Tormented Demons are level 450. They will not only attack using Range, Magic, and Melee but will also pray against your attacks. They will change prayers after being dealt 30 damage and will frequently change attack styles. They will deal high damage if you do not pray against their attacks. Rarely will they hit below 20. The Darklight is needed to kill them. They will have a protecting barrier around them which can only be broken using the darklight. After the barrier has been broken, any weapon can be used to deal damage to it.

[edit] Top Drops

Below is a chart showing the rarity of certain drops.

Name Drop Rate
Dragon Claws Rare (Approximately 1 every 150 kills)
Rune Spear Extremely Rare
Dragon Med Helm Extremely Rare
Ruined Dragon Armour Lump Rare
Ruined Dragon Armour Shard Rare
Ruined Dragon Armour Slice Rare
Shield Left Half Extremely Rare
Rune Kiteshield Extremely Rare
Dragon Spear Extremely Rare
Snapdragon Seed Rare
Prayer Potions (unnoted) Rare
Rune Chainbody Rare
Steel Arrows Extremely Rare

[edit] Strategies

There are many different strategies for approaching the Tormented Demons. Throughout the fighting area there are many spots which you can utilize to fight them. Blindly walking out in to the middle of room warrants certain death. You must use the obstacles around the room to lure and maneuvre the demons to your preferred spot. They are aggressive, so multiple demons can and will attack you, which is why you would need to first lure them to and from your area. Many people prefer to duo Tormented Demons, for more and faster kills. Soloing them can be tricky and usually only attempted by higher leveled players.

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