[edit] Introduction

Thieving can be a very versatile skill and is definitely one of the most original. It can be used almost everywhere and though it is an annoyance to shop owners, it is definitely a benefit to us. We can thieve stuff from sharks to seeds, clue scrolls to bread. We can even thieve a cow bell off of a cow!

One of Thievings greatest benefits is in quests. Quite a few of Runescapes many quests have tricky parts to it in which a good thieving level can benefit greatly. It is quite frustrating to fail at pickpocketing multiple times, so a higher level always helps!

There are many ways to train thieving. You can pickpocket NPCs all over Runescape, thieve from stalls in the marketplace of Ardougne, and try to break open chests to plunder the hearty loot inside. You can also plunder a pharaoh’s riches in the minigame Pyramid Plunder!

[edit] Pickpocketing

Pickpocketing is a very fast way of experience at lower levels. You can find your first victims right in Lumbridge itself! To pickpocket a NPC, right click on it and select “Pickpocket” If you succeed, you will be rewarded with the loot in the NPCs pocket. If you are unfortunately caught, you will be stunned for a few seconds and be dealt a small amount of damage


The higher your thieving is, the least likely you will be caught. At 54 hunter, you can wield Gloves of Silence which decreases the chances of being caught. However, the gloves will disintegrate after a certain number of pickpockets.

There are motleys of NPCs in the land of Runescape:

Picture Name Location Thieving Required Experience Loot
File:Men.gif Man Throughout Runescape 1 8 3 coins
File:Women.gif Woman Throughout Runescape 1 8 3 coins
File:Farmer.gif Farmer Farms 10 14.5 9 coin, potato seeds, low level clue scroll
File:Ham Member fem.gif H.A.M. Member (Female) H.A.M. Headquarters 15 18.5 coins, tinderbox, logs, uncut gems, level 1 clue scrolls, raw anchovies, raw chicken, H.A.M. clothes, iron pickaxe, herbs, junk(rusty swords, damaged armour, buttons, etc.)
File:Ham Member male.gif H.A.M. Member (Male) H.A.M. Headquarters 20 22.5 coins, tinderbox, logs, uncut gems, level 1 clue scrolls, raw anchovies, raw chicken, H.A.M. clothes, iron pickaxe, herbs, junk(rusty swords, damaged armour, buttons, etc.)
File:Ham guard.gif H.A.M. Guard H.A.M. Storeroom 23 22.5 bronze, iron, steel, or silver key (unlock gem and jewellery chests in the storeroom); level 1 clue scrolls, coins, cowhide, herb, leather body, logs, needle, thread, tinderbox, uncut gems; raw anchovies, raw chicken, H.A.M. clothing; bronze iron or steel arrows, axe, dagger, pickaxe; buttons, junk
File:Warrior.gif Warrior Al-Kharid, North of Ardougne 25 26 18 coins
File:Rogue.gif Rogue Level 54 Wilderness 32 35.5 coins, air runes,lockpick, iron dagger (p), wine, gold bar
File:Cave Goblin.gif Cave Goblin Dorgesh-Kaan 36 40 Coins, Unlit Bullseye Lantern, Cave Goblin Wire, Frogspawn Gumbo, Frogburger, Fingers, Bat Shish, Swamp Tar, Iron ore,Green Gloop Soup, Unlit Torch, Coated Frog's Legs, Crispy Frog's Legs, Tinderbox
File:Master Farmer.gif Master Farmer Draynor Marketplace, North of Ardougne, South of Varrock 38 43 All seeds except for fruit tree and tree seeds
File:Guard.gif Guard Towns 40 46.5 30 coins, level 2 clue scrolls
File:Fremennik.gif Fremennik Citizen Relleka 45 65 40 coins
File:Bandit 41.gif Bandit (level 41) Pollniveach 45 65 40 coins
File:Desert bandit.gif Desert Bandit Bandit Camp 53 79 30 coins, antipoison, lockpick
File:Knight.gif Knight Ardougne 55 84.3 50 coins
File:Bandit 56.gif Bandit (level 56) Pollniveach 55 84.3 50 coins
File:Watchman.gif Watchman Yanille Watchtower 65 137.5 60 coins, bread
File:Menaphite Thug.gif Menaphite Thug Pollniveach 65 137.5 60 coins
File:Paladin.gif Paladin Ardougne 70 151.8 80 coins, 2 chaos runes
File:Gnome.gif Gnome Gnome Stronghold 75 198.3 coins, gold nugget, earth rune, swamp toad, king worm, fire orb
File:Hero.gif Hero Ardougne 80 273.3 coins, death runes, blood runes, wine, cut diamond, gold nugget, fire orb
File:Elf.gif Elf Lletya 85 353.3 coins, fire orb, gold ore, nature runes, jug of wine, death runes, cut diamond, unicorn horn, dark wizard robe

[edit] Stalls

Stealing from stalls is a good way to train thieving, it's very fast and you can get some good items from it. However, when stealing from stalls, you must watch out for the shop owner and guards and paladins that patrol around the area. If the shop owner catches you, nothing will happen, but if a guard or paladin sees you you will be attacked. One of the most popular places to steal from stalls is in Ardougne Marketplace. Here is a table of all the stalls and shops you can steal from in RuneScape:

Picture Name Location Thieving Required Experience Loot NPCs to Watch Out For Respawn Time (Approx.)
Veg Stall.PNG Veg Stall Miscellania 2 10 Onion, Garlic, Cabbage, Tomato, Potato Skraeling, Greengrocer 1 second
Baker's Stall.PNG Baker's Stall Ardougne, Keldagrim 5 16 Cake, Slice of Chocolate Cake, Meat Pie, Bread Bakers, Warriors, Guards 2 seconds
General Stall.PNG General Stall Ape Atoll 5 16 Tinderbox, Hammer, Pot Monkey Archers 10 seconds
Crafting Stall.PNG Crafting Stall Ape Atoll, Keldagrim 5 16 Chisel, Necklace Mould, Ring Mould Monkey Archers, Black Guards 10 seconds
Food Stall.PNG Food Stall Ape Atoll 5 16 Banana None 10 seconds
Tea Stall.PNG Tea Stall Varrock 5 16 Tea Tea Seller 2 seconds
File:Rock Cake Stall.PNG Rock Cake Stall Gu'Tanoth 15 10 Rock Cake Ogre Guards, Ogre Trader 5 seconds
Silk Stall.PNG Silk Stall Ardougne 20 24 Silk Silk Merchant, Guards, Knights, Warriors 5 seconds
Wine Stall.PNG Wine Stall Draynor Village 22 27 Grapes, Bottle of Wine, Jug, Jug of Wine, Jug of Water Fortunato, Market Guards 15 seconds
Seed Stall.PNG Seed Stall Draynor Village 27 10 Seeds Olivia, Market Guards 5 seconds
Fur Stall.PNG Fur Stall Ardougne, Relleka 35 36 Grey Wolf Fur Fur Merchant, Market Guard, Guard 15 seconds
Fish Stall.PNG Fish Stall Relleka, Miscellania 42 42 Raw Tuna, Raw Salmon, Raw Lobster Fish Monger, Market Guard, Skraeling 15 seconds
Crossbow Stall.PNG Crossbow Stall Keldagrim 49 52 Bronze Crossbow Limbs, Wooden Crossbow Stock, 3 Bronze Bolts Hirko, Black Guards 20 seconds
Silver Stall.PNG Silver Stall Ardougne, Keldagrim 50 54 Silver Ore Silver Merchant, Warriors, Guards, Paladins 30 seconds
Magic Stall.PNG Magic Stall Ape Atoll 65 100 Air Rune, Earth Rune, Fire Rune, Water Rune Monkey Archers 60 seconds
Spice Stall.PNG Spice Stall Ardougne 65 81 Spice Spice Merchant, Knights, Paladins 80 seconds
Scimitar Stall.PNG Scimitar Stall Ape Atoll 65 160 Iron Scimitar Monkey Archers 60 seconds
Gem Stall.PNG Gem Stall Ardougne, Keldagrim 75 16 Uncut Sapphire, Uncut Ruby, Uncut Emerald, Uncut Diamond Gem Merchant, Knights, Paladins, Heroes 180 seconds

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