The Knight's Sword

The Knight's Sword
Requires MembershipNo
Start PointWhite Knights' Castle, Falador
Skill RequirementsLevel 10 Mining
Quest RequirementsNone.
Item RequirementsA pickaxe, a redberry pie, and 2 iron bars.

[edit] Starting Out

Speak to the Squire in the White Knight's castle Courtyard. He will ask you to find the Imcando Dwarf Tribe to try and make Sir Vyvin a new sword. Ask if the dwarves will make another, he will direct you to Reldo, who is in Varrock Library.

[edit] Instructions

After talking to Reldo, you will need to West of the Port Sarim Dungeon (the Skeletal Wyvern cave) and find Thurgo, the last Incamdo Dwarf in RuneScape. He loves redberry pies, so give one to him. He'll agree to help you make the sword, but he'll need to know what it looks like. Talk to the squire again, and then go up to the third floor. Go under the room that Sir Vyvin is in, and search the cupboard. Sir Vyvin cannot be in the room while you do this. While searching the cupboard, you'll find a picture of the blurite sword. Go back to Thurgo. Thurgo will need 2 iron bars and some blurite ore to make the sword. G o east into that dungeon that I was talking about earlier. Run past the thugs and pirates and hobgoblins until you go into a big room with Ice Giants and Ice Warriors. Mine some ore, and then get out of there. (If you're a low level, you might want to do this quickly. ) Go back to Thurgo, and he'll make you a sword. Go back to the Squire, and talk to him for your reward.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

[edit] Reward

12725 Smithing
Blurite Sword, if a copy is made on the quest
1 QP

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