Summoning is a new skill which involves creating pouches so you can have familiars that can fight alongside you or assist you in skills or another way. Summoning is a Combat skill, from 1 to 96 you will gain 12 Combat levels. As well as familiars you can also have pets, similar to Cats you got from the Gertrude's Cat quest. To start the Summoning Skill you need to complete the Wolf Whistle Quest, this will also get you up exactly to level 4 Summoning, similar to Herblore and the Druidic Ritual quest.

[edit] Basics

[edit] Making Pouches And Scrolls

To make pouches you need to take the required items to a charged summoning obelisk and use the obelisk, now simply select the Pouch you wish to make. To make the scroll, select the scolls section on the obelisk and select the scroll you wish, the only item you require for the scroll is the pouch of the same familiar. You get 10 scrolls per pouch.

[edit] Familiar Basics

To summon the familiars, simply select the summon option on the pouch of the familiar you wish to summon. This will bring it out. You can't have a pet out at the same. Now in the bottom left corner of you interface you will see a wolf's head icon. Click on it. This will bring up the Summoning Interface.

Summoning Interface

This will tell you:

  • How much Special power your familiar has left.
  • The amount of scrolls you have with you.
  • How many summoning points you have left.
  • How long you have left until your familiar goes.

It will also give you three buttons that you can press:

Call Familiar

  • This allows you to call your familiar if he has got stuck behind an item, it will appear behind you. Also if you press this during combat in a multi-combat zone the familiar will join in fighting with you.

Take Items From Beast Of Burden

  • This allows you to take items stored in certain familiars that either obtain resources for you or can be used to store more things that you give it.

Dismiss Familiar

  • This allows you to get rid of your familiar if you no longer require it, make sure you don't get rid of it by accident though.

[edit] Charged Obelisk Locations

These are very important for Summoning as without them you wouldn't be able to create pouches. There are seven of these obelisks across Runescape. The most commonly used it the one in Taverley as it is easy to access, quite close to a bank and all members can find their way there easily.

[edit] Charms

Before you can really get started in the Summoning Skill you need some charms. You receive 275 Gold Charms for completing Wolf Whistle.The main way to get charms is by killing monsters. Many people obtain charms through Slayer or killing Bork. You can also receive some from thieving chests at Dorgesh Kaan. It is believed that the easiness of obtaining is as follows: Gold, Green, Crimson, Blue. There are also some charms that are used as secondary items, these are: Abyssal, Obsidian, Talon Beast, Ravager, Spinner, Shifter, Torcher.

[edit] Good Charm Droppers

Picture Charm Under 50 50 - 100 100+
Gold Charm Gold Charm Bears, Hill Giants Ice Giants, Ogres, Ice Warriors, Moss Giants, Deadly Red Spiders Hellhounds, Giant Rock Crabs, Fire Giants, Green Dragons, Metal Dragons
Green Charm Green Charm Flesh Crawler, Banshee Jellies, Basilisks Bloodvelds, Metal Dragons
Crimson Charm Crimson Charm Shadow Warriors Dust Devils, Green Dragons, Greater Demons Waterfiends, Rock Lobsters
Blue Charm Blue Charm Hill Giants Deadly Red Spiders Gargoyles, Aberrant Spectres

[edit] Pouches And Spirit Shards

As well as a certain charm, all familiars require an empty pouch and a certain amount of spirit shards, you can buy both of these from the Summoning stores, pouches are 1gp each and spirit shards are 25gp each, you may be able to pick up large amounts of shards off the Runescape Official Forums for slightly less, 22 or 23gp, as long as you buy the amount the seller wants to sell.

[edit] Secondary Items

All familiars require a secondary object, alongside those listed, below is a table of where to obtain these objects. This table is in order of when the item is first used Level-wise.

Picture Item How To Obtain Pouch Required For
Wolf Bones Wolf Bones Kill Wolves of any type or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Wolf, Wolpertinger
Raw Chicken Raw Chicken Kill Chickens of any type or buy from the Grand Exchange or the Meat Shop in Canifis Dreadfowl
Spider Carcass Spider Carcass Kill Jungle Spiders near the Harpie Bug Swarms or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Spider
Raw Thin Snail Raw Thin Snail Kill Blamish Snails in Mort Myre Swamp or the Haunted Woods or buy from the Grand Exchange Thorny Snail
Iron Ore Iron Ore Mine Iron rocks or buy from the Grand Exchange Granite Crab
Proboscis Proboscis Kill Mosquitoes of any type found in cuttable jungle in Tai Bwo Wannai or buy from the Grand Exchange Mosquito
Bucket Of Sand Bucket Of Sand Use a bucket on a sandpit or buy from the Grand Exchange Desert Wyrm
Bronze Claws Bronze Claws Make using the Smithing Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Scorpion
Obsidian Charm Obsidian Charm Kill Tzhaar monsters of any type Spirit Tz-Kih, Obsidian Golem, Lava Titan
Raw Rat Meat Raw Rat Meat Kill Giant Rats or buy from the Grand Exchange Albino Rat
Potato Cactus Potato Cactus take from the Kalphite Lair or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Kalphite
Compost Compost Get from a full compost bin or buy from the farming patch attendants or the Grand Exchange Compost Mound
Chinchompa Chinchompa Capture from woodland hunting area using the Hunter skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Giant Chinchompa
Vampire Dust Vampire Dust Kill Vampires or buy from the Grand Exchange Vampire Bat
Honeycomb Honeycomb Take from a beehive near Catherby with insect repellant in your inventory or buy from the Grand Exchange Honey Badger
Willow Logs Willow Logs Chop willow trees using the Woodcutting skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Beaver
Ravager Charm Ravager Charm Buy using Pest Points in the Pest Control Mini-game Void Ravager
Shifter Charm Shifter Charm Buy using Pest Points in the Pest Control Mini-game Void Shifter
Spinner Charm Spinner Charm Buy using Pest Points in the Pest Control Mini-game Void Spinner
Torcher Charm Torcher Charm Buy using Pest Points in the Pest Control Mini-game Void Torcher
Bronze Bar Bronze Bar Smelt copper and tin ore together using the Smithing Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Bronze Minotaur
Marigolds Marigolds Grow from seeds using the Farming Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Bull Ant
Clean Guam Clean Guam Kill various monsters, grow using the Farming Skill then clean using Herblore Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Macaw
Carved Turnip Carved Turnip Grow an evil turnip near Draynor then use a knife on the evil turnip or buy from the Grand Exchange Evil Turnip
Cockatrice Egg Cockatrice Egg Kill Cockatrice or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Cockatrice
Iron Bar Iron Bar Smelt Iron ore using the Smithing Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Iron Minotaur
Tinderbox Tinderbox buy from General Stores around Runescape Pyrelord
Gold Ring Gold Ring Make using the Crafting Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Magpie
Raw Beef Raw Beef Kill Cows or buy from the Grand Exchange Bloated Leech
Raw Bird Meat Raw Bird Meat Snare birds using the Hunter Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Terrorbird
Abyssal Charm Abyssal Charm Kill creatures from the Abyss, not Abyssal Demons Abyssal Parasite, Abyssal Lurker, Abyssal Titan
Jug Of Water Jug Of Water Use an empty jug on a sink or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Jelly
Steel Bar Steel Bar Smelt iron ore and 2 coal using the Smithing Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Steel Minotaur
Harpoon Harpoon Buy from fishing shops or the Grand Exchange Ibis
Graahk Fur Graahk Fur Trap Graahks using the Hunter Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Graahk
Kyatt Fur Kyatt Fur Trap Kyatts using the Hunter Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Kyatt
Larupia Fur Larupia Fur Trap Larupias using the Hunter Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Larupia
Empty Fishbowl Empty Fishbowl Make using the Crafting Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Karamthulhu Overlord
Goat's Horn Dust Goat's Horn Dust Use a pestle and mortar on a Goat's Horn, dropped by desert goats, or buy from the Grand Exchange Smoke Devil
Snake Hide Snake Hide Kill Snakes in Mos Le'Harmless or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Cobra
Bagged Plant Bagged Plant Buy from the Garden Supplier in Falador park Stranger Plant
Mithril Bar Mithril bar Smelt mithril ore with 4 coal using the Smithing Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Mithril Minotaur
Swamp Toad Swamp Toad Pick up in the Gnome Stronghold or Taverley or buy from the Grand Exchange Barker Toad
Tortoise Shell Tortoise Shell Kill Tortoises of any type at the Khazard Battle Field, or the Sewer Slayer Dungeon or buy from the Grand Exchange War Tortoise
Raw Shark Raw Shark Fish at Catherby or the Fishing Guild using the Fishing Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Bunyip
Banana Banana Pick from Banana Trees or buy from the Grand Exchange Fruit Bat
Pot Of Flour Pot Of Flour Grind wheat into a pot at a mill or buy from the Grand Exchange Ravenous Locust
Polar Kebbit Fur Polar Kebbit Fur Capture polar kebbits using the Hunter Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Arctic Bear
Pheonix Quill Pheonix Quill Obtained after the In Pyre Need Quest or buy from the Grand Exchange Pheonix
Granite 500g Granite 500g Mine in Enkahra's Mine using the Mining Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Granite Lobster
Red Flowers Red Flowers Plant Mithril seeds or buy from the Grand Exchange Praying Mantis
Adamant Bar Adamant Bar Smelt admant ore and 6 coal using the Smithing Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Adamant Minotaur
Ruby Harvest Ruby Harvest Capture using the Hunter Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Forge Regent
Talon Beast Charm Talon Beast Charm Kill Nail Beasts in the Temple Trekking Mini-game Talon Beast
Willow Branch Willow Branch Chop for your Willow tree grown using the Farming Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Giant Ent
Fire Talisman Fire Talisman Kill various monsters or buy from the Grand Exchange Fire Titan
Air Talisman Air Talisman Kill various monsters or buy from the Grand Exchange Ice Titan
Water Talisman Water Talisman Kill various monsters or buy from the Grand Exchange Ice Titan, Geyser Titan
Earth Talisman Earth Talisman Kill various monsters or buy from the Grand Exchange Moss Titan
Water Orb Water Orb Enchant a glass orb or buy from the Grand Exchange Hydra
Dagannoth Hide Dagannoth Hide Kill Dagannoths of any type or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Dagannoth
Swamp Lizard Swamp Lizard Capture using the Hunter Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Swamp Titan
Rune Bar Rune Bar Smelt runite ore with 8 coal using the Smithing Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Rune Minotaur
Unicorn Horn Unicorn Horn Kill Unicorns of any type or buy from the Grand Exchange Unicorn Stallion
Raw Rabbit Raw Rabbit Kill Rabbits or buy from the Grand Exchange Wolpertinger
Iron Platebody Iron Platebody Make using 5 Iron bars using the Smithing Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Iron Titan
Yak Hide Yak Hide Kill Yaks or buy from the Grand Exchange Pack Yak
Steel Platebody Steel Platebody Make using 5 Steel bars using the Smithing Skill or buy from the Grand Exchange Steel Titan

[edit] Cockatrice Variations

Cockatrice eggs can be used to make different versions using another egg.

Variant Egg Needed How To Obtain Variant Familiar Variant Required For
Coraxatrice Egg Raven Egg Use the Spirit Scorpions' scroll on a Raven Egg or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Coraxatrice
Guthatrice Egg Green Bird Egg (Guthix) Use the Spirit Scorpions' scroll on a Green Bird Egg or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Guthatrice
Pengatrice Egg Penguin Egg Use the Spirit Scorpions' scroll on a Penguin Egg and or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Pengatrice
Saratrice Egg Blue Bird Egg (Saradomin) Use the Spirit Scorpions' scroll on a Blue Bird Egg or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Saratrice
Vulatrice Egg Vulture Egg Use the Spirit Scorpions' scroll on a Vulture Egg or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Vulatrice
Zamatrice Egg Red Bird Egg (Zamorak) Use the Spirit Scorpions' scroll on a Red Bird Egg or buy from the Grand Exchange Spirit Zamatrice

[edit] Pouches

Well now you know where to get all the equipment, you'll want to know what you can make with them. Don't forget that you need an empty pouch as well as the items listed below, if you don't know where to get any secondary items look above. To make the pouches go to a charged obelisk and select make pouches then select the pouch you wish to make.

Picture Pouch Level Required Charm Required Shards Required Secondary Required Exp Gained
Spirit Wolf Pouch Spirit Wolf Pouch 1 Gold 7 Wolf Bones 4.8
Dreadfowl Pouch dreadfowl Pouch 4 Gold 8 Raw Chicken 9.3
Spirit Spider Pouch Spirit Spider Pouch 10 Gold 8 Spider Carcass 12.6
Thorny Snail Pouch Thorny Snail Pouch 13 Gold 9 Raw Thin Snail 12.6
Granite Crab Pouch Granite Crab Pouch 16 Gold 7 Iron Ore 21.6
Mosquito Pouch Mosquito Pouch 17 Gold 1 Proboscis 46.5
Desert Wyrm Pouch Desert Wyrm Pouch 18 Green 45 Bucket Of Sand 31.2
Spirit Scorpion Pouch Spirit Scorpion Pouch 19 Crimson 57 Bronze Claws 83.2
Spirit Tz-Kih Pouch Spirit Tz-Kih Pouch 22 Crimson 64 Obsidian Charm 96.8
Albino Rat Pouch Albino Rat Pouch 23 Blue 75 Raw Rat Meat 202.4
Spirit Kalphite Pouch Spirit Kalphite Pouch 25 Blue 51 Potato Cactus 220
Compost Mound Pouch Compost Mound Pouch 28 Green 47 Compost 49.8
Giant Chinchompa Pouch Giant Chinchompa Pouch 29 Blue 84 Chinchompa 255.2
Vampire Bat Pouch Vampire Bat Pouch 31 Crimson 81 Vampire Dust 136
Honey Badger Pouch Honey Badger Pouch 32 Crimson 84 Honeycomb 140.8
Beaver Pouch Beaver Pouch 33 Green 72 Willow Logs 57.6
Void Ravager Pouch Void Ravager Pouch 34 Green 74 Ravager Charm 59.6
Void Shifter Pouch Void Shifter Pouch 34 Blue 74 Shifter Charm 59.6
Void Spinner Pouch Void Spinner Pouch 34 Blue 74 Spinner Charm 59.6
Void Torcher Pouch Void Torcher Pouch 34 Blue 74 Torcher Charm 59.6
Bronze Minotaur Pouch Bronze Minotaur Pouch 36 Blue 102 Bronze Bar 316.8
Bull Ant Pouch Bull Ant Pouch 40 Gold 11 Marigolds 52.8
Macaw Pouch Macaw Pouch 41 Green 78 Clean Guam 72.4
Evil Turnip Pouch Evil Turnip Pouch 42 Crimson 104 Carved Turnip 184.8
Spirit Cockatrice Pouch Spirit Cockatrice Pouch 43 Green 88 Cockatrice Egg 75.2
Spirit Coraxatrice Pouch Spirit Coraxatrice Pouch 43 Green 88 Coraxatrice Egg 75.2
Spirit Guthatrice Pouch Spirit Guthatrice Pouch 43 Green 88 Guthatrice Egg 75.2
Spirit Pengatrice Pouch Spirit Pengatrice Pouch 43 Green 88 Pengatrice Egg 75.2
Spirit Saratrice Pouch Spirit Saratrice Pouch 43 Green 88 Saratrice Egg 75.2
Spirit Vulatrice Pouch Spirit Vulatrice Pouch 43 Green 88 Vulatrice Egg 75.2
Spirit Zamatrice Pouch Spirit Zamatrice Pouch 43 Green 88 Zamatrice Egg 75.2
Iron Minotaur Pouch Iron Minotaur Pouch 46 Blue 125 Iron Bar 404.8
Pyrelord Pouch Pyrelord Pouch 46 Crimson 111 Tinderbox 202.4
Magpie Pouch Magpie Pouch 47 Green 88 Gold Ring 83.2
Bloated Leech Pouch Bloated Leech Pouch 49 Crimson 117 Raw Beef 215.2
Spirit Terrorbird Pouch Spirit Terrorbird Pouch 52 Gold 12 Raw Bird Meat 68.4
Abyssal Parasite Pouch Abyssal Parasite Pouch 54 Green 106 Abyssal Charm 94.8
Spirit Jelly Pouch Spirit Jelly Pouch 55 Blue 151 Jug Of Water 484
Ibis Pouch Ibis Pouch 56 Green 109 Harpoon 98.8
Steel Minotaur Pouch Steel Minotaur Pouch 56 Blue 141 Steel Bar 492.8
Spirit Graahk Pouch Spirit Graahk Pouch 57 Blue 154 Graahk Fur 501.6
Spirit Kyatt Pouch Spirit Kyatt Pouch 57 Blue 153 Kyatt Fur 501.6
Spirit Larupia Pouch Spirit Larupia Pouch 57 Blue 155 Larupia Fur 501.6
Karamthulhu Overlord Pouch Karamthulhu Overlord Pouch 58 Blue 144 Empty Fishbowl 510.4
Smoke Devil Pouch Smoke Devil Pouch 61 Crimson 141 Goat's Horn Dust 268
Abyssal Lurker Pouch Abyssal Lurker Pouch 62 Green 119 Abyssal Charm 109.6
Spirit Cobra Pouch Spirit Cobra Pouch 63 Crimson 116 Snake Hide 276.8
Stranger Plant Pouch Stranger Plant Pouch 64 Crimson 128 Bagged Plant 281.6
Barker Toad Pouch Barker Toad Pouch 66 Gold 11 Swamp Toad 87
Mithril Minotaur Pouch Mithril Minotaur Pouch 66 Blue 152 Mithril Bar 580.8
War Tortoise Pouch War Tortoise Pouch 67 Gold 1 Tortoise Shell 58.6
Bunyip Pouch Bunyip Pouch 68 Green 110 Raw Shark 119.2
Fruit Bat Pouch Fruit Bat Pouch 69 Green 130 Banana 121.2
Ravenous Locust Pouch Ravenous Locust Pouch 70 Crimson 79 Pot Of Flour 132
Arctic Bear Pouch Arctic Bear Pouch 71 Gold 14 Polar Kebbit Fur 93.2
Pheonix Pouch Pheonix Pouch* 72 Crimson 165 Pheonix Quill 301.8
Obsidian Golem Pouch Obsidian Golem Pouch 73 Blue 195 Obsidian Charm 642.4
Granite Lobster Pouch Granite Lobster Pouch 74 Crimson 166 Granite 500g 325.6
Praying Mantis Pouch Praying Mantis Pouch 75 Crimson 168 Red Flowers 329.6
Adamant Minotaur Pouch Adamant Minotaur Pouch 76 Blue 144 Adamantite Bar 668.8
Forge Regent Pouch Forge Regent Pouch 76 Green 141 Ruby Harvest 134
Talon Beast Pouch Talon Beast Pouch 77 Crimson 174 Talon Beast Charm 1015.2
Giant Ent Pouch Giant Ent Pouch 78 Green 124 Willow Branch 136.8
Fire Titan Pouch Fire Titan Pouch 79 Blue 198 Fire Talisman 695.2
Ice Titan Pouch Ice Titan Pouch 79 Blue 198 Air Talisman, Water Talisman 695.2
Moss Titan Pouch Moss Titan Pouch 79 Blue 202 Earth Talisman 695.2
Hydra Pouch Hydra Pouch 80 Green 128 Water Orb 140.8
Spirit Dagannoth Pouch Spirit Dagannoth Pouch 83 Crimson 1 Dagannoth Hide 364.8
Lava Titan Pouch Lava Titan Pouch 83 Blue 219 Obsidian Charm 730.4
Swamp Titan Pouch Swamp Titan Pouch 85 Crimson 150 Swamp Lizard 373.6
Rune Minotaur Pouch Rune Minotaur Pouch 86 Blue 1 Runite Bar 756.8
Unicorn Stallion Pouch Unicorn Stallion Pouch 88 Green 140 Unicorn Horn 154.4
Geyser Titan Pouch Geyser Titan Pouch 89 Blue 222 Water Talisman 783.2
Wolpertinger Pouch Wolpertinger Pouch 92 Crimson 203 Raw Rabbit, Wolf Bones 404.8
Abyssal Titan Pouch Abyssal Titan Pouch 93 Green 113 Abyssal Charm 163.2
Iron Titan Pouch Iron Titan Pouch 95 Crimson 198 Iron Platebody 417.6
Pack Yak Pouch Pack Yak Pouch 96 Crimson 211 Yak Hide 422.4
Steel Titan Pouch Steel Titan Pouch 99 Crimson 178 Steel Platebody 435.2

* You need to complete the In Pyre Need Quest to make this pouch.

[edit] Trading Pouches For Shards

In Gu'Tannoth you can exchange your pouches for 70% of the shards required to make that pouch. To do this you must go to Bogrog who is at the Summoning obelisk there. However you require a certain level to exchange you pouches for the shards, the minimum is level 21. The basic mathematics to this is that the pouch you have starts at 11 and the level to get the shards is 21. From this per level higher the pouch is than 11 you add 9/10ths of a level onto the level you require to exchange this pouch for the shards.

Level Required To Make Pouch Level Required To Exchange For Shards
11 21
21 30
31 39
41 48
51 57
61 66
71 75
81 84
91 93
99 99

[edit] Scrolls

After making pouches, you can turn these into scrolls that allow you to perform the corresponding familiar's special move. You require nothing extra to do this aside from the pouch of the familiar you wish to make into a scroll. To make scrolls you simply go to a charged obelisk and select the scrolls section then select the scroll that you want.

Picture Scroll Level Required Pouch Required Exp Gained Per Pouch Exp Gained For Using Scroll Effect Special Move Points
Howl Scroll Howl Scroll 1 Spirit Wolf 0.1 0.1 Makes NPCs flee 3
Dreadfowl Strike Scroll Dreadfowl Strike Scroll 4 Dreadfowl 0.1 0.1 Magic Attack max. hit 3 3
Egg Spawn Scroll Egg Spawn Scroll 10 Spirit Spider 0.2 0.2 Creates a number of red spider eggs 6
Slime Spray Scroll Slime Spray Scroll 13 Thorny Snail 0.2 0.2 Melee Attack max. hit 8 3
Stony Shell Scroll Stony Shell Scroll 16 Granite Crab 0.2 0.2 Raises your Defence +4 12
Pester Scroll Pester Scroll 17 Mosquito 0.5 0.5 Makes familiar attack opponent 3
Electric Lash Scroll Electric Lash Scroll 18 Desert Wyrm 0.4 0.4 Magic Attack max. hit 5 stuns opponent 6
Venom Shot Scroll Venom Shot Scroll 19 Spirit Scorpion 1 1 Makes next ranged attack you do poisonous if your ammo can be poisoned 6
Fireball Assault Scroll Fireball Assault Scroll 22 Spirit Tz-Kih 1.1 1.1 Hits two NPCs max. hit 7 6
Cheese Feast Scroll Cheese Feast Scroll 23 Albino Rat 2.3 2.3 Puts 4 cheese in familiars inventory 6
Sandstorm Scroll Sandstorm Scroll 25 Spirit Kalphite 2.5 2.5 Hits five NPCs max. hit 2 6
Generate Compost Scroll Generate Compost Scroll 28 Compost Mound 0.6 0.5 Fills near by compost bin with compost, sometimes supercompost 12
Explode Scroll Explode Scroll 29 Giant Chinchompa 2.9 2.9 Explodes familiar, damages nearby NPCs 3
Vampire Touch Scroll Vampire Touch Scroll 31 Vampire Bat 1.5 1.6 Attack max. hit 12 may heal you 2 HP 4
Insane Ferocity Scroll Insane Ferocity Scroll 32 Honey Badger 1.6 1.6 Reduces familiar's Defence, raises its Attack and Strength 12
Multichop Scroll Multichop Scroll 33 Beaver 0.7 0.7 Chops up to 3 logs from close by trees 3
Call To Arms Scroll Call To Arms Scroll 34 Void Ravager, Void Shifter, Void Spinner, Void Torcher 0.7 0.7 Teleports you to Pest Control lander 3
Bronze Bull Rush Scroll Bronze Bull Rush Scroll 36 Bronze Minotaur 3.6 3.6 Magic Attack max. hit 4 may stun opponent 6
Unburden Scroll Unburden Scroll 40 Bull Ant 0.6 0.6 Restores your run energy based on your Agility 12
Herbcall Scroll Herbcall Scroll 41 Macaw 0.8 0.8 May cause herbs to appear 12
Evil Flames Scroll Evil Flames Scroll 42 Macaw 2.1 2.1 Magic attack drains targets Ranged 6
Petrifying Gaze Scroll Petrifying Gaze Scroll 43 Spirit Cockatrice, Spirit Coraxatrice, Spirit Guthatrice, Spirit Pengatrice, Spirit Saratrice, Spirit Vulatrice, Spirit Zamatrice 0.9 0.9 Attack max. hit 10 may reduce opponents combat stat 3
Iron Bull Rush Scroll Iron Bull Rush Scroll 46 Iron Minotaur 4.6 4.6 Magic attack max. hit 6 may stun opponent 6
Immense Heat Scroll Immense Heat Scroll 46 Pyrelord 2.3 2.3 Smelts gold into a piece of jewelery without a furnace 6
Thieving Fingers Scroll Thieving Fingers Scroll 47 Magpie 0.9 0.9 Raises Thieving +2 12
Blood Drain Scroll Blood Drain Scroll 49 Bloated Leech 2.4 2.5 Heals your stats, poison and disease, reduces your HP 6
Tireless Run Scroll Tireless Run Scroll 52 Spirit Terrorbird 0.5 0.8 Raises Agility +2 restores run energy based on Agility 8
Abyssal Drain Scroll Abyssal Drain Scroll 54 Abyssal Parasite 1.1 5.5 Magic attack restores your Prayer if it hits 6
Dissolve Scroll Dissolve Scroll 55 Spirit Jelly 5.5 5.5 Magic attack max. hit 12 drains opponents attack 6
Steel Bull Rush Scroll Steel Bull Rush Scroll 56 Steel Minotaur 5.6 5.6 Magic attack max. hit 9 may stun opponent 6
Fish Rain Scroll Fish Rain Scroll 56 Ibis 1.1 1.1 Makes fish upto bass 12
Goad Scroll Goad Scroll 57 Spirit Graahk 5.7 5.7 Makes familiar attack opponent 3
Ambush Scroll Ambush Scroll 57 Spirit Kyatt 5.7 5.7 Makes familiar attack opponent instant attack with high damage 3
Rending Scroll Rending Scroll 57 Spirit Larupia 5.7 5.7 Magic attack drains opponents Strength 6
Doomsphere Device Scroll Doomsphere Device Scroll 58 Karamthulhu Overlord 5.8 5.8 Attack max. hit 16 3
Dust Cloud Scroll Dust Cloud Scroll 61 Smoke Devil 3 3.1 Attacks 6 nearby NPCs max. hit 8 6
Abyssal Stealth Scroll Abyssal Stealth Scroll 62 Abyssal Lurker 1.2 1.2 Raises you Thieving and Agility + 4 20
Ophidian Incubation Scroll Ophidian Incubation Scroll 63 Spirit Cobra 3.1 3.2 Turns eggs into their cockatrice equivalents 3
Poisonous Blast Scroll Poisonous Blast Scroll 64 Stranger Plant 3.2 3.2 Attack max. hit 2 50% chance of poison 6
Mithril Bull Rush Scroll Mithril Bull Rush Scroll 66 Mithril Minotaur 6.6 6.6 Magic attack max. hit 12 may stun opponent 6
Toad Bark Scroll Toad Bark Scroll 66 Barker Toad 1 1 Attack max. hit 18 6
Testudo Scroll Testudo Scroll 67 War Tortoise 0.7 0.7 Raises your Defence + 8 20
Swallow Whole Scroll Swallow Whole Scroll 68 Bunyip 1.4 1.4 Lets you eat raw food that you have the cooking level to cook 3
Fruitfall Scroll Fruitfall Scroll 69 Fruit Bat 1.4 1.4 Creates random fruits nearby 6
Famine Scroll Famine Scroll 70 Ravenous Locust 1.5 1.5 Destroys target players food 12
Arctic Blast Scroll Arctic Blast Scroll 71 Arctic Bear 1.1 1.1 Magic attack max. hit 15 may stun opponent 6
Rise From The Ashes Scroll Rise From The Ashes Scroll 72 Pheonix 8 5 Use on ashes on ground, pheonix reborn heals itself fully damages nearby NPCs lower your health before healing greater damage will be 12
Volcanic Strength Scroll Volcanic Strength Scroll 73 Obsidian Golem 7.3 7.3 Raises your Strength + 9 12
Crushing Claw Scroll Crushing Claw Scroll 74 Granite Lobster 3.7 3.7 Attack max. hit 14 reduces opponents Defence by up to 5 6
Mantis Strike Scroll Mantis Strike Scroll 75 Praying Mantis 3.7 3.8 Magic attack drains opponents Prayer 6
Adamant Bull Rush Scroll Adamant Bull Rush Scroll 76 Adamant Minotaur 7.6 7.6 Magic attack max. hit 16 may stun opponent 6
Inferno Scroll Inferno Scroll 76 Forge Regent 1.5 1.5 Magic attack may unequip weapon or shield 6
Deadly Claw Scroll Deadly Claw Scroll 77 Talon Beast 11.4 11.7 3 Magic attacks 6
Acorn Missile Scroll Acorn Missile Scroll 78 Giant Ent 1.6 1.6 Attacks 3 opponents max. hit 11 may produce acorns 6
Titan's Constitution Scroll Titan's Constitution Scroll 79 Fire Titan, Ice Titan, Moss Titan 7.9 7.9 Increases greatly your HP and Defence 20
Regrowth Scroll Regrowth Scroll 80 Hydra 1.6 1.6 Use on farming patch tree stump to make it regrow instantly 6
Spike Shot Scroll Spike Shot Scroll 83 Spirit Dagannoth 4.1 4.2 Attack max. hit 18 stuns opponent 6
Ebon Thunder Scroll Ebon Thunder Scroll 83 Lava Titan 8.3 8.3 Magic attack drains target players special 4
Swamp Plague Scroll Swamp Plague Scroll 85 Swamp Titan 4.2 4.3 Magic attack that hits an area may poison who it hits 6
Rune Bull Rush Scroll Rune Bull Rush Scroll 86 Rune Minotaur 8.6 8.6 Magic attack max. hit 19 may stun opponent 6
Healing Aura Scroll Healing Aura Scroll 88 Unicorn Stallion 1.8 1.8 Heals up to 15% of your HP 20
Boil Scroll Boil Scroll 89 Geyser Titan 8.9 8.9 Makes Attack does damage based on armour being used 6
Magic Focus Scroll Magic Focus Scroll 92 Wolpertinger 4.6 4.6 Raises your Magic + 7 20
Essence Shipment Scroll Essence Shipment Scroll 93 Abyssal Titan 1.9 1.9 Puts all Pure Essence in your and familiars inventories into bank 6
Iron Within Scroll Iron Within Scroll 95 Iron Titan 4.7 4.8 Familiars next attack will be 3 powerful melee attacks 12
Winter Storage Scroll Winter Storage Scroll 96 Pack Yak 4.8 4.8 Use special on on item in inventory to send to bank 12
Steel Of Legends Scroll Steel Of Legends Scroll 99 Steel Titan 4.9 5 Familiars next attack will be 4 powerful ranged attacks 12

[edit] Familiars

Picture Familiar Level Required Exp For Summoning Time Of Familiar (Mins) Combat Style Scroll Other Abilities
Spirit Wolf Spirit Wolf 1 0.1 6 26 Attack Howl N/A
Dreadfowl Dreadfowl 4 0.1 4 26 Magic Dreadfowl Strike Farming + 1
Spirit Spider Spirit Spider 10 0.2 15 25 Controlled* Egg Spawn Forages red spider's eggs
Thorny Snail Thorny Snail 13 0.2 16 26 Ranged Slime Spray Beast Of Burden 3 Slots
Granite Crab Granite Crab 16 0.2 18 26 Defence Stony Shell Forages fish whilst you are fishing, Fishing + 1**
Mosquito Mosquito 17 0.5 12 32 Attack Pester N/A
Desert Wyrm Desert Wyrm 18 0.4 19 31 Strength Electric Lash Right click to forage ores, Mining + 1**
Spirit Scorpion Spirit Scorpion 19 0.9 17 51 Controlled* Venom Shot N/A
Spirit Tz-Kih Spirit Tz-Kih 22 1.1 18 36 Magic Fireball Assault Right click when fighting players drains prayer instead of damage
Albino Rat Albino Rat 23 2.3 22 37 Attack Cheese Feast Store cheese from scroll
Spirit Kalphite Spirit Kalphite 25 2.5 22 39 Defence Sandstorm Beast Of Burden 6 Slots
Compost Mound Compost Mound 28 0.6 24 37 Strength Generate Compost Farming + 1, Forages compost and seeds, use bucket on familiar to make compost, deals 2 to enemy
Giant Chinchompa Giant Chinchompa 29 2.9 31 42 Ranged Explode N/A
Vampire Bat Vampire Bat 31 1.5 33 44 Controlled* Vampire Touch Can heal when damages, light enhancer
Honey Badger Honey Badger 32 1.6 25 45 Strength Insane Ferocity N/A
Beaver Wolf Beaver 33 0.7 27 N/A N/A Multichop Woodcutting + 2** can be used as a knife for fletching Forages logs and planks
Void Ravager Void Ravager 34 0.7 27 46 Strength Call To Arms Mining + 1 Forages ores
Void Spinner Void Spinner 34 0.7 27 40 Defence Call To Arms Heals you by 1 often
Void Shifter Void Shifter 34 0.7 94 46 Attack Call To Arms In fights if you drop below 10% HP will teleport you to Void Knight's Outpost
Void Torcher Void Torcher 34 0.7 94 46 Magic Call To Arms Right click hits 1 damage extra
Bronze Minotaur Bronze Minotaur 36 3.6 30 50 Defence Bronze Bull Rush N/A
Bull Ant Bull Ant 40 0.6 30 58 Controlled* Unburden Beast Of Burden 9 Slots
Macaw Macaw 41 0.8 31 N/A N/A Herbcall Gives you a remote view increases herb drops
Evil Turnip Evil Turnip 42 2.1 30 62 Ranged Evil Flames Forages evil turnip slices can heal self using range attacks
Spirit Cockatrice Spirit Cockatrice (and variants) 43 0.9 36 64 Magic Petrifying Gaze Right click drains opponents combat stat Forages cockatrice eggs
Iron Minotaur Iron Minotaur 46 4.6 37 70 Defence Iron Bull Rush N/A
Pyrelord Pyrelord 46 2.3 32 70 Strength Immense Heat Firemaking + 3** can be used as tinderbox + 10exp per log burnt
Magpie Magpie 47 0.9 34 N/A N/A Thieving Fingers Forages jewellery
Bloated Leech Bloated Leech 49 2.4 34 76 Attack Blood Drain N/A
Spirit Terrorbird Spirit Terrorbird 52 0.8 36 62 Controlled* Tireless Run Beast Of Burden 12 Slots
Abyssal Parasite Abyssal Parasite 54 1.1 30 86 Magic Abyssal Drain Beast of Burden 7 slots for essence slower prayer drain in abyss
Spirit Jelly Spirit Jelly 55 5.5 43 88 Strength Dissolve N/A
Ibis Ibis 56 1.1 38 N/A N/A Fish Rain Forages fish whilst you are fishing Fishing + 3**
Steel Minotaur Steel Minotaur 56 5.6 46 90 Defence Steel Bull Rush N/A
Spirit Graahk Spirit Graahk 57 5.7 49 93 Strength Goad Hunter + 5** will do 2 hits if it needs to move to get into combat teleport you to Horned Graahks
Spirit Kyatt Spirit Kyatt 57 5.7 49 93 Attack Ambush Hunter + 5** first hit can deal triple damage teleport you to Piscatoris hunter area
Spirit Larupia Spirit Larupia 57 5.7 49 93 Controlled* Rending Hunter + 5** teleport you to Feldip Hills
Karamthulhu Overlord Karamthulhu Overlord 58 5.8 44 95 Ranged Doomsphere Device Right click does water spell
Smoke Devil Smoke Devil 61 3 48 101 Magic Dust Cloud Right click does fire spell
Abyssal Lurker Abyssal Lurker 62 1.2 41 93 Controlled* Abyssal Stealth Beast Of Burden 7 Slots for essence
Spirit Cobra Spirit Cobra 63 3.1 56 105 Attack Ophidian Incubation N/A
Stranger Plant Stranger Plant 64 3.2 49 107 Controlled* Poisonous Blast Farming + 1 Forages strange fruit
Barker Toad Barker Toad 66 1 8 112 Strength Toad Bark Right click cannon when loaded with a cannonball to fire it
Mithril Minotaur Mithril Minotaur 66 6.6 55 112 Defence Mithril Bull Rush N/A
War Tortoise War Tortoise 67 0.7 43 86 Defence Testudo Beast Of Burden 18 Slots
Bunyip Bunyip 68 1.4 44 70 Attack Swallow Whole Heals you by 2 often use raw fish on familiar to make water runes
Fruit Bat Fruit Bat 69 1.4 45 N/A N/A Fruitfall Light enhancer Forages fruit and seeds Right click gathers fruit when in Karamja
Ravenous Locust Ravenous Locust 70 1.5 24 120 Attack Famine Eats opponents food Remote view
Arctic Bear Arctic Bear 71 1.1 28 122 Controlled* Arctic Blast Hunter + 7** Counts as 2 pieces of arctic camoflage Teleport to Rellekka and Trollweiss hunter areas
Pheonix Pheonix 72 7 32 124 Strength Rise From The Ashes Right click blinds opponents so they have less accuracy
Obsidian Golem Obsidian Golem 73 7.3 55 126 Strength Volcanic Strength Mining + 7**
Granite Lobster Granite Lobster 74 3.7 47 129 Defence Crushing Claw Forages fish whilst you are fishing Fishing + 4**
Praying Mantis Praying Mantis 75 3.7 69 131 Attack Mantis Strike N/A
Adamant Minotaur Adamant Minotaur 76 7.6 66 133 Defence Adamant Bull Rush N/A
Forge Regent Forge Regent 76 1.5 45 133 Ranged Inferno Can be used as tinderbox with 10 exp bonus per log burnt Right click attacks up to 6 NPCs max. hit 5
Talon Beast Talon Beast 77 3.8 49 135 Strength Deadly Claw N/A
Giant Ent Giant Ent 78 1.6 49 137 Controlled* Acorn Missile Increases fruit tree, belladona and cacti yield Forages oak logs Right click convert pure essence into earth or nature runes
Fire Titan Fire Titan 79 7.9 62 139 Magic Titan's Constitution N/A
Ice Titan Ice Titan 1 7.9 64 139 Attack Titan's Constitution N/A
Moss Titan Moss Titan 79 7.9 58 139 Strength Titan's Constitution N/A
Hydra Hydra 80 1.6 49 141 Ranged Regrowth N/A
Spirit Dagannoth Spirit Dagannoth 83 4.1 57 148 Controlled* Spike Shot Chance of attacking without delay
Lava Titan Lava Titan 83 8.3 61 148 Strength Ebon Thunder Firemaking + 10** Mining + 10** Chance of hitting 5 extra damage per hit Teleport to Lava Maze
Swamp Titan Swamp Titan 85 4.2 56 152 Attack Swamp Plague N/A
Rune Minotaur Rune Minotaur 86 8.6 151 154 Defence Rune Bull Rush N/A
Unicorn Stallion Unicorn Stallion 88 1.8 54 70 Controlled* Healing Aura Right click heals poison and disease
Geyser Titan Geyser Titan 89 8.9 69 200 Ranged Boil Ranged + 1 Use bowls on familiar to get bowl of hot water Use uncharged amulet of glory on familiar to recharge it
Wolpertinger Wolpertinger 92 4.6 62 210 Magic Magic Focus Hunter + 5** Magic Defence + 5% Double yield and exp harvesting berries
Abyssal Titan Abyssal Titan 93 1.9 32 215 Attack Essence Shipment Beast Of Burden for 7 Essence
Iron Titan Iron Titan 95 4.7 60 220 Defence Iron Within Melee Defence bonuses + 10%**
Pack Yak Pack Yak 96 4.8 58 175 Strength Winter Storage Beast Of Burden 30 Slots
Steel Titan Steel Titan 99 4.9 64 230 Ranged Howl Melee Defence bonuses + 15%**

* Controlled gives experience to attack, strength and defence.
** These bonuses are invisible so won't show up on your stats, these don't mean you can access higher levelled uses of the skill, they just improve the success of what you do in the skill.

[edit] Pets

Pets have very little use except to show off. They can either follow you, go in your inventory or in your bank. They start as babies and grow up slowly. Whilst they are babies they may run away if their hunger gets too high, some adults will also. You can only have one pet out at a time. At first you can only have 1 pet in total, after every 10 Summoning levels you can get another. Some pets come in more than one colour. To find the incubator go to Taverley Pet Shop.

Baby Picture Adult Picture Pet Summoning Level Where To Obtain Food
Baby Bulldog Bulldog Bulldog 4 Pet Shop Raw meat
Baby Dalmation Dalmation Dalmation 4 Pet Shop Raw meat
Baby Greyhound Greyhound Greyhound 4 Pet Shop Raw meat
Baby Labrador Labrador Labrador 4 Pet Shop Raw meat
Baby Sheepdog Sheepdog Sheepdog 4 Pet Shop Raw meat
Baby Terrior Terrior Terrior 4 Pet Shop Raw meat
Baby Gecko Gecko Gecko 10 Catch on various jungle areas Flies and Beetle bits
Baby Platypus Platypus Platypus 10 Catch at Oo'glog after As A First Resort Raw fish and fishing bait
N/A Broav Broav 23 While Guthix Sleeps Mort myre mushrooms
Baby Penguin Penguin Penguin 30 Get egg from Ardougne Zoo, incubate Raw fish
Baby Giant Crab Giant Crab Giant Crab 40 Mogres Raw fish
Baby Raven Raven Raven 50 Egg from Birds nests incubate ground (when young)/ fishing bait
Baby Squirrel Squirrel Squirrel 60 Catch in various woodlands Raw nuts
Baby Guthix Raptor Guthix Raptor Guthix Raptor 70 Egg from birds nests incubate ground (when young)/ fishing bait
Baby Saradomin Owl Saradomin Owl Saradomin Owl 70 Egg from birds nest incubate ground (when young)/ fishing bait
Baby Zamorak Hawk Zamorak Hawk Zamorak Hawk 70 Egg from birds nest incubate ground (when young)/ fishing bait
Baby Cute Pheonix Eggling N/A Cute Pheonix 72 Pheonix Lair after In Pyre Need Ashes
Baby Mean Pheonix Eggling N/A Mean Pheonix 72 Pheonix Lair after In Pyre Need Ashes
Baby Raccoon Raccoon Raccoon 80 Catch in various woodlands Raw meat and fish
Baby Vulture Vulture Vulture 85 Vulture drop egg incubate ground (when young)/ fishing bait
Baby Chameleon Chameleon Chameleon 90 Eggs on Cairn Isle incubate flies
Baby Monkey Monkey Monkey 95 Catch on various jungle areas bananas
Baby Dragon Dragon Dragon* 99 Dragon drops egg incubate Raw meat and fish

* You can get the four colours of dragon (Green, Blue, Red and Black) by killing the corresponding colour to get its egg.

[edit] Headgear

Head gear can be used to store 1 type of scrolls in them to save an inventory space.

[edit] Special Headgear

These are headgear that were introduced specifically for Summoning.

Picture Headgear Summon Level Required Obtained By Scrolls Stored
Antlers Antlers 10 Buy from Summoning Shops 40
Lizard Skull Lizard Skull 20 Buy from Summoning Shops 65
Feather Headdress Feather Headdress 30 Use feathers with a coif 150

[edit] Other Headgear

These are normal pieces of headgear that can be charged to hold scrolls, they are more expensive than the special ones and hold less scrolls but are useful in combat as they hold the same stats as the normal version, whilst the special headgear has very little defence bonus. To get your headgear charged see Pikkupstix, however these charged are untradable, but Pikkupstix will uncharge them again if you ask him.

Picture Headgear Summon Level Required Scrolls Stored
Adamant Full Helmet Adamant Full Helmet 20 50
Slayer Helmet Slayer Helmet 20 50
Snakeskin Bandana Snakeskin Bandana 20 50
Splitbark Helmet Splitbark Helmet 30 50
Rune Full Helmet Rune Full Helmet 30 60
Archer Helmet Archer Helmet 35 70
Berserker Helmet Berserker Helmet 35 70
Farseer Helmet Farseer Helmet 35 70
Warrior Helmet Warrior Helmet 35 70
Helmet Of Neitiznot Helmet Of Neitiznot 45 90
Dragon Medium Helmet Dragon Medium Helmet 50 110
Lunar Helmet Lunar Helmet 50 110
Armadyl Helmet Armadyl Helmet 60 120

[edit] Cape Of Achievement

When you reach level 99 in this skill you can purchase the Summoning Cape of Achievement from Pikkupstix in his house above the charged obelisk in Taverley for 99K.

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