[edit] Introduction

Slayer is a combat-related skill that is started by speaking to any seven of the Slayer masters: Turael*, Mazchna, Vannaka, Chaeldar, Sumona, Duradel*, or Kuradal.

The slayer master in Burthrope, Turael, is recommended if you are a low combat level.

  • After completing While Guthix Sleeps, Turael is replaced by Spria, and Duradel by Lapalok. Despite slightly different appearances, they act in the same way as their predecessors.

[edit] Training

The basics of Slayer is very easy. Basically, you are a hunter trying to kill a specific number of a monster and you will get slayer xp for killing them. Firstly. you must get an assignment of the said Slayer masters. They will tell you what monster to kill and the amount you have to kill. Slayer XP is dependent on the monsters Hitpoints level.

[edit] Recommendations

It is recommended you have a Slayer Gem, Ring of Slaying or a Combat Bracelet(charged) on you when slaying at all times. After you have your task, ask for "Tips" to see what you need to do to kill your assignment. This can also be accessed through the Slayer Gem. It is also useful to have Lunar Magic for the spell (Contact Npc). Each of the three suggested items can inform you of how many kills you have left in the task.

[edit] Basic Slayer gear

The most basic of Slayer gear that you will need consists of two types of defence: that against Magic attacks and that against Melee/Range. Melee is the most prefered style of combat to use when Slaying, and is also recommended for those new to the skill.

Basic melee setup:

  • Slayer Helmet/Black mask*
  • Amulet of glory
  • Rune platebody
  • Rune platelegs
  • Rune/Dragon boots
  • Rune/Dragon/Barrows gloves (from the Recipe For Disaster chest)
  • Legends/Obsidian cape
  • Abyssal whip/Dragon Scimitar
  • Rune defender/Obsidian shield

To protect against magic attacks from monsters such as Bloodveld, replace the Rune Platebody/legs with black dragonhide armour. Obviously that is the most basic setup that is recommended for new Slayers. The better setups could include armour such as Bandos and Armadyl.

[edit] Slayer Monsters

There are many monsters you can unlock by training Slayer.

Picture Monster Combat Level/s Slayer Required Items Required
Crawling Hand Crawling Hand 8, 12 5 None
Cave Bug Cave Bug 6,96 7 None
Cave Crawler Cave Crawler 23, 138 10 None
Banshee Banshee 23, 90 15 Earmuffs/ masked earmuffs/ slayer helmet
Cave Slime Cave Slime 23 17 None, advised anti poisons
Rock Slug Rock Slug 29 20 Bag of salt
Desert Lizard Desert Lizard 12, 24 22 Ice cooler
Cockatrice Cockatrice 37 25 Mirror shield
Pyrefiend Pyrefiend 43 30 None
Mogre Mogre 60 32 Fishing explosive
Harpie Bug Swarm Harpie Bug Swarm 46 33 Bug lantern
Wall Beast Wall Beast 49 35 Spiny helmet, spiky helmet, slayer helmet
Killerwatt Killerwatt 55 37 Insulated boots
Molanisk Molanisk 51 39 Slayer bell
Basilisk Basilisk 61 40 Mirror shield
Terror Dog Terror Dog 100, 110 40 None
Fever Spider Fever Spider 49 42 Slayer gloves
Infernal Mage Infernal Mage 66 45 None
Brine Rat Brine Rat 70 47 None
Bloodveld Bloodveld 76 50 None
Jelly Jelly 78 52 None
Turoth Turoth 83, 85, 87, 89 55 Leaf bladed spear/ sword, slayer staff, broad arrows, broad tipped bolts
Warped Terrorbird Warped Terrorbird 81 56 Crystal chime
Warped Tortoise Warped Tortoise 96 56 Crystal chime
Mutated Zygomite Mutated Zygomite 74, 86 57 Fungicide spray
Cave Horror Cave Horror 80 58 Witchwood icon, light source
Abberant Spectre Aberrant Spectre 96 60 Nose peg, slayer helmet
Spiritual Ranger Spiritual Ranger 115-127 63 None
Dust Devil Dust Devil 93 65 Facemask, masked earmuffs, slayer helmet
Spiritual Warrior Spiritual Warrior 115-134 68 None
Kurask Kurask 106 70 Leaf bladed spear/ sword, slayer staff, broad arrows, broad tipped bolts
Skeletal Wyvern Skeletal Wyvern 140 72 Elemental shield
Gargoyle Gargoyle 111 75 Rock hammer
Nechryael Nechryael 115 80 None
Spiritual Mage Spritual Mage 120-122 83 None
Abyssal Demon Abyssal Demon 124 85 None
Dark Beast Dark Beast 182 90 None

[edit] Slayer Masters

There are seven slayer masters: Turael/Spria, Mazchna, Vannaka, Chaeldar, Sumona, Duradel/Lapalok and Kuradal. Turael/Spria gives the easiest tasks and Duradel/Lapalok gives the hardest. For starting slayers, it is recommended to start with Turael/Spria as they give very easy tasks, even for low levels.

If at any time you are assigned a task by any slayer master EXCEPT Turael/Spria and you don't want to do the task, you can change it for a easier task by talking to Turael/Spria. However, if you have completed the "Smoking Kills" Quest and have obtained points, your task count would be reset to 0. You can also cancel a task without resetting your task-streak by right clicking the master and choosing the 'Reward' option, and under the 'Assignments' tab, choosing 'Cancel'. This costs 30 Slayer points.

The seven Slayer Masters:

Name Requirements Location Possible Tasks
Turael/Spria Level 3 Combat East Burthorpe 15-50 Banshees,15-50 Bats,15-50 Bears,15-50 Birds,15-50 Cave Bugs,15-50 Cave Crawlers,15-50 Cave Slimes,15-50 Cows,15-50 Crawling Hands,15-50 Desert Lizards,15-50 Dogs,15-50 Dwarves,15-50 Ghosts,15-50 Goblins,15-50 Icefiends,15-50 Kalphites,15-50 Minotaurs,15-50 Monkeys,15-50 Scorpions,15-50 Skeletons,15-50 Spiders,15-50 Wolves and 15-50 Zombies.
Mazchna Level 20 Combat North-east Canifis 40-70 Banshees,40-70 Bats,40-70 Bears,40-70 Catablepons,40-70 Cave Bugs,40-70 Cave Crawlers,40-70 Cave Slimes,40-70 Cockatrice,40-70 Crawling Hands,40-70 Desert Lizards,40-70 Dogs,40-70 Earth Warriors,40-70 Flesh Crawlers,40-70 Ghosts,40-70 Ghouls,40-70 Hill Giants, Hobgoblins,40-70 Ice Warriors,40-70 Kalphites,40-70 Mogres,40-70 Pyrefiends,40-70 Rockslugs,40-70 Shades,40-70 Skeletons,40-70 Vampires,10-20 Wall Beasts,40-70 Wolves and 40-70 Zombies.
Vannaka Level 40 Combat East of the Wilderness Gate in the Edgeville Dungeon 60-120 Aberrant spectres,60-120 Ankous,60-120 Banshees,60-120 Basilisks,60-120 Blue dragons,60-120 Bloodvelds,60-120 Brine Rats,60-120 Cave Bugs,60-120 Cave Crawlers,60-120 Cave Slimes,60-120 Cockatrice,60-120 Crawling Hands,30-60 Crocodiles,60-120 Dagannoths,30-60 Desert Lizards,60-120 Dust Devils,30-60 Earth Warriors,30-60 Elves,60-120 Fever Spiders,60-120 Fire Giants,60-120 Ghouls,30-60 Green Dragons,60-120 Harpy Bug Swarms,60-120 Hellhounds,60-120 Hill Giants,30-60 Ice Giants,60-120 Ice Warriors,60-120 Infernal Mages,60-120 Jellies,60-120 Jungle Horrors,60-120 Kalphites,60-120 Killerwatts,60-120 Kurasks,60-120 Lesser Demons,60-120 Mogres,60-120 Molanisks,60-120 Moss Giants,60-120 Ogres,60-120 Otherworldly Beings,60-120 Pyrefiends,60-120 Rock Slugs,60-120 Sea Snakes,60-120 Shades,60-120 Shadow Warriors,60-120 Trolls,60-120 Turoths,60-120 Vampires,10-20 Wall Beasts and 60-120 Werewolves.
Chaeldar Level 70 Combat Throne Room of Zanaris 110-170 Aberrant Spectres,110-170 Abyssal Demons,110-170 Banshees,110-170 Basilisks,110-170 Bloodvelds,110-170 Brine Rats,30-60 Bronze Dragons,110-170 Cave Bugs,110-170 Cave Crawlers, Cave Horrors,110-170 Cave Slimes,110-170 Cockatrices,110-170 Crawling Hands,30-60 Crocodiles,110-170 Dagannoths,30-60 Desert Lizards,110-170 Dust Devils,60-90 Elves,110-170 Fever Spiders,110-170 Fire Giants,110-170 Gargoyles,110-170 Harpy Bug Swarms,110-170 Hellhounds,30-60 Iron Dragons,110-170 Infernal Mages,110-170 Jellies,110-170 Jungle Horrors,110-170 Kalphites,110-170 Kurasks,110-170 Mogres,110-170 Molanisks,30-60 Mutated Zygomites,110-170 Nechryaels,110-170 Pyrefiends,110-170 Rock Slugs,110-170 Shadow Warriors,110-170 Spiritual Mages,110-170 Spiritual Rangers,110-170 Spiritual Warriors,110-170 Trolls,110-170 Turoths,10-20 Wall Beasts,110-170 Warped Terrorbirds and 110-170 Warped Tortoises.
Sumona Level 85 Combat, Level 35 Slayer, and the completion of "Smoking Kills" Pollnivneach 120-185 Aberrant Spectres,120-185 Abyssal Demons,120-185 Banshees,120-185 Basilisks,120-185 Black Demons,120-185 Blue Dragons,120-185 Bloodvelds,120-185 Cave Crawlers,120-185 Cave Horrors,120-185 Dagannoths,120-185 Dust Devils,60-90 Elves,120-185 Fire Giants,120-185 Gargoyles,120-185 Greater Demons,120-185 Hellhounds,30-60 Iron Dragons,120-185 Kalphites,120-185 Kurasks,120-185 Nechryael,30-60 Red Dragons,30-60 Scabarites,120-185 Spiritual Mages,120-185 Spiritual Warriors,30-60 Terror Dogs,120-185 Trolls,120-185 Turoths and 120-185 Warped Tortoises.
Duradel/Lapalok Level 100 Combat, and Level 50 Slayer Shilo Village (Go up the ladder in the fishing shop and head north to find him) 130-200 Aberrant Spectres,130-200 Abyssal Demons,130-200 Black Demons,40-80 Black Dragons,130-200 Bloodvelds,130-200 Cave Horrors,130-200 Dagannoths,130-200 Dark Beasts,130-200 Dust Devils,130-200 Fire Giants,130-200 Gargoyles,40-80 Goraks,130-200 Greater Demons,130-200 Hellhounds,40-80 Iron dragons,130-200 Jungle Horrors,130-200 Kalphites,4-8 Mithril Dragons,130-200 Nechryaels,40-80 Scabarites,40-80 Skeletal Wyverns,130-200 Spiritual Mages,40-80 Steel Dragons,40-80 Suqahs,130-200 Turoths,130-200 Warped Terrorbirds and 130-200 Waterfiends.
Kuradal Level 110 Combat, and level 75 Slayer Ancient Caverns (South of the Waterfiends and the Fairy Ring (BJQ), up the stairs and a little further south) 150-250 Abberant Spectres,150-250 Abyssal Demons,190-250 Black Demons,40-90 Black Dragons,180-250 Bloodvelds,120-200 Blue Dragons,150-250 Dark Beast,150-250 Dust Devils,170-250 Fire Giants,150-250 Gargoyles,150-250 Greater Demons,13-220 Hellhounds,60-100 Iron Dragons170-250 Kalphite,140-200 Living Rock Creatures,4-15 Mithril Dragons,140-220 Nechryael,40-90 Skeletal Wyverns,150-240 Spiritual Mages,40-100 Steel Dragons,50-100 Suqahs,60-80 Terror Dogs,80-110 TzHaar Volcanic Creatures,150-240 Warped Tortoise,170-250 Waterfiend

[edit] Places To Train

Apart from where you kill your assignment, there are specialist Slayer Caves placed around RuneScape.

The Fremenik Slayer cave is located east of the Golden Apple Tree that you went to in The Fremmink Trials Quest. Here you can find Cave Crawlers, Cockatrices, Pyrefiends, Basilisks, Jellys, Turoths & Kurasks

The Canifis Slayer Tower can be found southwest to Canifis. You can find Crawling Hands, Banshees, Infernal Mages, Bloodvelds, Aberrant Spectres, Gargoyles, Nechryaels & Abyssal Demons here. You must have completed Priest in Peril to access this dungeon.

The Lumbridge Swamp caves are located in the obvious location; below Lumbridge. You will need a Light Source to proceed (Bullseye Lantern and Spikey Helmet Recommended). You can find Cave Bugs, Cave Crawlers, Cave Slimes, Rock Slugs & Wall Beasts here.

Kuradal's Slayer Cave can be found in the Ancient Caverns, south of the Waterfiends. In here you will find (in order): Hellhounds, Greater Demons, Blue Dragons, Gargoyles, Abyssal Demons, Dark Beast, Iron Dragons and Steel Dragons. However, you can only enter Kuradal's Slayer Cave if you have been assigned a task to kill any of those specific tasks by Kuradal. You can enter the Cave if you have been assigned a task by Kuradal, but if you try to attack a monster that isn't assigned to you, you will receive a message informing you that you 'are not assigned to kill those', and your character will not attack the monsters. However, all of the monsters in the cave (except Abyssal Demons) are aggressive and can attack you. For this reason, many Slayers prefer Kuradal's Slayer Cave over more conventional training areas as it prevents 'Campers' from stealing the spawns.

[edit] Slayer Points

After completing the quest Smoking Kills you can gain Slayer Points from tasks.

[edit] Points

You gain Slayer points by completing slayer tasks, however to start you need to complete 5 tasks in a row before gaining any, these tasks can also not be from Turael. If you use Turael for a task then your count is reset to 0 and you need to complete 5 more to get points again.

Each Slayer Master gives points as follows (Per task/Per Ten/Per Fifty):

  • Mazchna: 1/5/15
  • Vannaka: 4/20/60
  • Chaeldar: 10/50/150
  • Sumona: 12/60/160
  • Duradel: 15/75/225
  • Kuradal: 18/90/270

Every 10th task you get 5 x the points, every 50th task you get 15 x the points.

[edit] Buy

  • 10K Slayer Experience for 400 points
  • Ring of Slaying* for 75 points
  • 250 Slayer Dart Spells (1,000 Mind Runes, 250 Death Runes) for 35 points
  • Broad arrows/ bolts for 35 points

* This teleports you to the main slayer locations, and enables you to check you task progress.

[edit] Learn

  • How to fletch broad arrows and bolts, for arrows add broad heads to flighted arrows, for bolts add feathers.
  • How to craft rings of slaying, smelt gold bar with slayer gem.
  • How to make Slayer Helmet, combine black mask, nosepeg, earmuffs, facemask and spiky helmet.

[edit] Assignments

  • Cancel task - skip a slayer task without losing your run of consecutive tasks for 30 points
  • Remove task* - make it so you never get a certain 4 tasks again for 100 points per monster.

* You can cancel the removal, but you will not get refunded the points.

[edit] Rewards

Slayer is one of the most rewarding skills in the sense that you can make a potential hundreds of millions of GP. The most sought-after items are Granite Mauls (Garoyles, level 75 Slayer), Dragon Boots (Spiritual Mages, level 83 Slayer), Abyssal Whips (Abyssal Demons, level 85 Slayer) and Dark Bows (Dark Beast, level 90 Slayer). However there are also many other very profitable tasks, such as Abberant Spectres (level 60 Slayer) which drop many high-leveled herbs and seeds, and also the Dust Devils (level 65 Slayer) which drop the elusive Dragon Chainbody. You can also obtain other rare drops from Slayer assignments, such as a Draconic Visage (Iron/Steel/Mithril/Black/Skeletal Dragons).

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