Skill Display
Skills form the backbone of the RuneScape world; there aren't many activities that can be done without training at least a few skills. Most quests require some degree of training in order to start, while combat, which covers eight different skills, forms one of the most important and most enjoyed activities in the game.

All skills start at level 1, except for hitpoints which starts at level 10, and each can be individually trained up to level 99. There are many skill-boosting items that provide a temporary increase in your level, as well as many ways to temporarily decrease your level, but most skills will return to your trained level after a period. The exceptions are prayer and summoning, which must be recharged at special altars dotted around the world, or with consumable items such as Prayer Potions, and Summoning Potions.

Once you achieve level 99 in a skill and are a member, talk to the Master of that skill to purchase a Cape of Achievement. It costs 99k for one, and you even get a unique emotion that only people with that skill cape can do!

[edit] Free Skills

Attack icon.gif Attack
Cooking icon.gif Cooking
Crafting icon.gif Crafting
Defence icon.gif Defence
Firemaking icon.gif Firemaking
Fishing icon.gif Fishing
Hitpoints icon.gif Hitpoints
Magic icon.gif Magic
Mining icon.gif Mining
Prayer icon.gif Prayer
Ranged icon.gif Ranged
Runecrafting icon.gif Runecrafting
Smithing icon.gif Smithing
Strength icon.gif Strength
Woodcutting icon.gif Woodcutting

[edit] Members Skills

Agility icon.gif Agility
Construction icon.gif Construction
Farming icon.gif Farming
Fletching icon.gif Fletching
Herblore icon.gif Herblore
Hunter icon.gif Hunter
Slayer icon.gif Slayer
Summoning icon.gif Summoning
Thieving icon.gif Thieving

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