Shilo Village

Shilo Village is located south of Brimhaven. To Enter, you must have completed Shilo Village. It is a place of many attractions, including the Slayer Master Duradel, the fastest fishing experience, Gem rocks, Achievement Diaries and several stores.

[edit] Duradel

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Duradel is the highest level slayer master up to date and is commonly used by higher leveled players. He is located in a small hut above the Fishing store.

[edit] Fishing

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Shilo Village is home to the second fastest fishing experience in RuneScape, and fastest, if you don't feel like paying attention. Shilo also has a Fishing store, below Duradel the slayer master. The store has a stock of Fishing rods, Flyfishing rods, Fishing bait, Feathers, and raw fish.

[edit] Gem Mine

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Shilo village is the only place where you can find gem rocks. Gem rocks can be mined in Northwest Shilo Village and yield a random gem from Opal to Diamond. You are given 65 experience per gem mined. Wearing a amulet of glory (charged) while mining increases the speed the gems are mined at.

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