Runecrafting Guild

Runecrafting Guild
The Runecrafting Guild is a non-members Guild located just south-east of Draynor. To enter, you'll need to have Level 50 Runecrafting, which can be quite difficult to obtain in free player, as it is a tedious and slow skill unless you plan to sink money into it.

To get to the Runecrafting Guild quickly, there are limited options, such as using a Amulet of Glory then running south, or using the Lumbridge Ring 3 to teleport to the cabbage patch for a longer walk. Although if you have previously been to the Guild and have played The Great Orb Project then you can purchase a Runecrafting Guild Tab, which directly teleports you there.

[edit] Ground Floor

The Runecrafting Guild only consists of one floor, in which everything is located. Wizard Korvak who is located at the north-east part of the Guild has a rather interesting ability. Instead of heading to the Abyss to repair degraded pouches, he will repair your pouches for a fee, increasing in price according to the level of pouch it is. The Prices are; 9,000GP for Large-Pouch repair and 12,000GP for a Giant-Pouch repair. This can save vital time for members if you have a few Runecrafting Guild tablets in your bank handy rather than trekking to the Abyss . Not only can Wizard Korvak repair pouches, but also sell them to you, although at a rather hefty cost. You can obtain the Medium Sized Pouch off him for free, although the Large-Size costs 25,000GP and 50,000GP for a Giant-Size Pouch.

[edit] Wizard Elriss

Wizard Elriss of whom is located by the entrance to the Guild, sells various Runecrafting clothing, Talismans and Tablets which allow you to teleport outside the alter of the Tablet which you have used. The currency to buy these items are Runecrafting Tokens which can be won by playing The Great Orb Project.

Wizard Elriss Runecrafting Shop
Pic Name of Item Price to Buy Requirements
Runecrafter_hat.gif Runecrafter hat 1,000 Tokens None
Runecrafter_robe_top.gif Runecrafter Robe Top 1,000 Tokens None
Runecrafter_robe_bottom.gif Runecrafter Robe Bottoms 1,000 Tokens None
Runecrafter_gloves. gif Runecrafter Gloves 1,000 Tokens None
Runecrafting_staff.gif Runecrafter Staff 10,000 Tokens None

Pic Name of Item Price to Buy Requirements
Air_tablet.gif Air Tablet 30 Tokens 1 Runecrafting
Mind_tablet.gif Mind Tablet 32 Tokens 2 Runecrafting
Water_tablet.gif Water Tablet 34 Tokens 5 Runecrafting
Earth_tablet.gif Earth Tablet 36 Tokens 9 Runecrafting
Fire_tablet.gif Fire Tablet 37 Tokens 14 Runecrafting
Body_tablet.gif Body Tablet 38 Tokens 20 Runecrafting
Cosmic_tablet.gif Cosmic Tablet 39 Tokens 27 Runecrafting
Chaos_tablet.gif Chaos Tablet 40 Tokens 35 Runecrafting
Astral_tablet.gif Astral Tablet 41 Tokens 40 Runecrafting
Nature_tablet.gif Nature Tablet 42 Tokens 44 Runecrafting
Law_tablet.gif Law Tablet 43 Tokens 54 Runecrafting
Death_tablet.gif Death Tablet 44 Tokens 65 Runecrafting
Blood_tablet.gif Blood Tablet 45 Tokens 77 Runecrafting
Guild_tablet.gif Guild Tablet 15 Tokens None

Pic Name of Item Price to Buy Requirements
Air_talisman.gif Air Talisman 50 Tokens None
Mind_talisman.gif Mind Talisman 50 Tokens None
Water_talisman.gif Water Talisman 50 Tokens None
Earth_talisman.gif Earth Talisman 50 Tokens None
Fire_talisman.gif Fire Talisman 50 Tokens None
Body_talisman.gif Body Talisman 50 Tokens None
Cosmic_talisman.gif Cosmic Talisman 125 Tokens None
Chaos_talisman.gif Chaos Talisman 125 Tokens None
Nature_talisman.gif Nature Talisman 125 Tokens None
Law_talisman.gif Law Talisman 125 Tokens None
Rune/Pure_essence.gif Rune/Pure Essence* 1 Tokens None
  • Members will receive Pure essence, while Free players will receive Rune essence.
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