[edit] Introduction

Runecrafting, abbreviated by players "RC" or "RCing", has long been a very important skills and is a major resource for all of the runes produced in the Runescape economy. It has been viewed both good and bad: non-members see no use to it, while members see it as an easy money-maker. Everyone however will agree that Runecrafting is a very unique skill to train. The Runecrafting cape has been the rarest cape in the game for years, making this one of the most respected skills to achieve 99 in.

To start Runecrafting, complete the Rune Mysteries quest which will give you the basics of runecrafting. Rune Mysteries is MANDATORY for Runecrafting.

Basically, Runecrafting is about taking a essence to an altar, and infusing the essence into a rune. Altars are scattered all over Runescape and essence can be found in the essence mine which can be accessed by being teleport by various NPC's.

[edit] Talisman

Talismans are the entry key to all of the altars needed to runecraft. For example, the air talisman received from the reward of Rune Mysteries enables you to enter the air altar which is south of Falador. Inside the altar, you can craft your very own runes! However, there are much more talismans to be obtained, ranging from the air talisman to the death talisman!

Talismans are obtained in various different ways. The easiest way to obtain them is to kill the monsters that inhabit Runescape and you may find a talisman on the ground! Some talismans are easy to obtain, while others are much harder. Below is a list of talismans and what monsters drop them or if none drop them, how to obtain them:

(Abyssal monsters that are found in the Abyss drop various of these talismans)

Picture Name How to Obtain
Air Talisman.gif Air Talisman Commonly dropped by: Air Wizards, Goblins, and Wizards
Mind Talisman.gif Mind Talisman Commonly dropped by: Imps, Wizards, and Dark Wizards
Water Talisman.gif Water Talisman Commonly dropped by: Water Wizards, Wizards, and Dark Wizards
Earth Talisman.gif Earth Talisman Commonly dropped by: Earth wizards, Men, Women, Wizards, Dark Wizards, Al Kharid Warriors, Rogues, Lesser Demons and Greater Demons
Fire Talisman.gif Fire Talisman Commonly dropped by: Fire Wizards, Skeletons, Wizards, and Dark Wizards
Body Talisman.gif Body Talisman Commonly dropped by: Guards, Wizards, Dark Wizards, and Giants
Cosmic Talisman.gif Cosmic Talisman (m) Obtained from random events, caskets while big net fishing, or as a drop from Lesser demons
Chaos Talisman.gif Chaos Talisman (m) Commonly dropped by: Hobgoblins, Skeletons, Ice Warriors, Shadow Warriors, Black Knights, Lesser Demons, Hill giants, Fire giants, and Moss Giants
Nature Talisman.gif Nature Talisman (m) Commonly dropped by: Hobgoblins, Jogres, Moss Giants, and Green Dragons
Law Talisman.gif Law Talisman (m) Commonly dropped by: Battle Tortoises, Terrorbirds, Ghouls, Guards, and Paladins
Death Talisman.gif Death Talisman (m) Reward from the Mourning's End Part II quest. Also a drop from Dark Beasts, which require 90 slayer to kill
Blood Talisman.gif Blood Talisman (m) Reward from the Legacy of Seergaze quest. Also a drop from burning Vyrewatches.

Talismans with the (m) tags are only obtainable in member servers. Before, the Law Talisman was received from completing the quest Troll Stronghold. Recently, Jagex changed it as a common drop and changed the reward from Troll Stronghold to 2 10k xp lamps.

[edit] Altars

Now that you have your talisman, you can now go inside an altar! Altars are spread across the land of Gielinor and can be found by clicking "Locate" on your talisman. The talisman will tell you which direction is the altar of the same rune as the talisman. Use the talisman with the "Mysterious Ruins" and you will be transported to a place with the altar. Click on the altar to change all of your essences into that kind of rune.

To save your time, here is a list of the altars in Runescape:

Name Location Map
Air Altar South of Falador
Mind Altar Between Goblin Village and Dwarven Mountain
Water Altar Lumbridge Swamps, near the abandoned shack (Portal to the Lost City of Zanaris in member worlds)
Earth Altar North-East of Varrock
Fire Altar West of the Dueling Arena, South of the Al-Kharid Mine
Body Altar South of the Monastery
Cosmic Altar(m) Southern Part of the Lost City of Zanaris
Chaos Altar(m) Level 9 Wilderness, North of Edgeville
Astral Altar(m) South-East of Lunar Isle
Nature Altar(m) North of Shilo Village
Law Altar(m) Northern part of the island Entrana
Death Altar(m) Bottom floor of the Light Temple
Blood Altar (m) Meiyerditch Caverns

Altars with the (m) signs are members only.

[edit] Runes

Now you know where to make runes, you want to know what you need and get for making them.

[edit] Runes Experience

Picture Rune Level Required Essence Required Exp Gained Per Essence
Air Rune Air Rune 1 Pure or Rune 5
Mind Rune Mind Rune 2 Pure or Rune 5.5
Water Rune Water Rune 5 Pure or Rune 6
Earth Rune Earth Rune 9 Pure or Rune 6.5
Fire Rune Fire Rune 14 Pure or Rune 7
Body Rune Body Rune 20 Pure or Rune 7.5
Cosmic Rune Cosmic Rune* 27 Pure 8
Air Rune Chaos Rune* 35 Pure 8.5
Astral Rune Astral Rune* 40 Pure 8.7
Nature Rune Nature Rune* 44 Pure 9
Law Rune Law Rune* 54 Pure 9.5
Death Rune Death Rune* 65 Pure 10
Blood Rune Blood Rune* 77 Pure 10.5

* These runes require membership to craft.

[edit] The Abyss

The abyss is a brilliant way to train Runecrafting if your are not afraid of risk. You must finish the Mage Of Zamorak Miniquest to enter the Abyss. Although there is no longer a danger of being Pk'ed while traveling into the wilderness, it is a wise idea to wear some light armor to protect against the revenants and skeletons nearby.

In The Abyss, recommended items are a elemental tiara, a tinderbox and a woodcutting axe of any kind, these are to drop down the tendrils & burn the boils. A good thieving level is also recommended.

[edit] Spirit Graahk Nature Runecrafting

Another great way to train Runecrafting by nature runes is the Spirit Graahk method. This method requires 57 Summoning and 44 Runecrafting. What you do is teleport with the Spirit Graahk to the graahk hunting site, just a little bit west of the Nature Altar. Run east to the altar, craft your essence, then teleport to Castle Wars bank using a dueling ring. Then repeat. This is one of the fastest and most popular ways to train Runecrafting. At 91 Runecraft this method averages to approximately 1 million gp profit per hour making it one of the top reasons to train the Runecrafting skill.

[edit] ZMI Altar


The ZMI Runecrafting altar is located near the Ourania Lunar teleport spot. A popular world for using this altar is world 70. It is an increasingly popular method for achieving 99 Runecrafting. This altar will craft random runes aslong as you have the runecrafting level required for them. This is the only altar that can craft Soul Runes, because the Soul Altar is yet to be released. Different methods can be used for training here, making experience per hour rates vary. On average, at around level 80 runecrafting, roughly 30-40k experience can be obtained per hour. Experience rates can range from 20k to nearly 50k per hour making this possibly the fastest way to train Runecrafting. There are requirements for using this altar. The quest Lunar Diplomancy must be completed and a Magic level of atleast 69 is required to use this altar to any effectiveness. The ZMI Altar also has its down sides. The profit from this training method is low, and won't get you near as much as you would from normal runecrafting. It can also be dangerous here because there are aggressive Zamorak rangers and magers that will attack you on your way to the altar. It is highly recommended you use Protect from Missiles prayer, while wearing dragonhide to minimize damage. Training in world 70 would be safer because of the large crowds of people running along side you.

[edit] Tips

  • If you want to train magic, crafting your own natures runes (44 Runecrafting required) will remove almost all loss from training the skill.
  • Both essence and pure essence, the core materials of Runecrafting, can be mined in the essence mines. There is no requirement to mine normal essence but pure essence requires 30 mining and can only be mined and used on a members world. All members runes must be crafted with pure essence. Mining your own essence will make Runecrafting 100% profitable.
  • Use runecrafting Pouches to craft more runes per trip

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