Rune Mechanics

Rune Mechanics
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointThe basement of the Mage Training Arena, northeast of Al Kharid.
Skill Requirements20 Runecrafting, 25 Construction, 27 Magic
Quest RequirementsRune Mysteries, Wolf Whistle
Item Requirements2 Emeralds, Progress hat with 5 Pizazz points, 5 Mind runes, 5 Body runes, 5 Water runes, and 20 Rune/Pure essence.
Skill RecommendationsNone
Quest RecommendationsNone
Item RecommendationsRing of dueling and a Fire altar teleport.


[edit] Starting Out

Make your way to the Mage Training Arena, northeast of Al Kharid, and climb down the ladder, west of the entrance. In the basement, talk to Apprentice Clerval. He will request that you build him a Rune guardian and wants you to speak to the wizards in the basement for help. The wizards to talk to are Wizard Shug, Wizard Edvin, and Wizard Dougal.

Head Up Stairs to The Rewards Guardian, You Will See Wizard Shug Around There. He Will Give a Long Conversation, and tells you how to enchant emeralds without runes.

Go to the basement again, operate the work bench, next to Apprentice Clerval to make 2 Enchanted Emeralds using the 2 Emeralds.

In the eastern side of the basement you will find Wizard Edvin, ask him to help restoring the Rune Guardian. He will request you try out it prototype puzzle, in exchange for his tools.

Note: The puzzle is kinda tricky on newcomers.

Accept Wizard Edvin's challenge and you will be teleported to a maze. Your goal is to reach the northern room that contains a green symbol on the floor by using the portals.

If you are unsure which road to take, then take a look to the symbols patterns near the portals, as they will show you how many rooms and the direction in which you will be teleported if you enter that specific portal. The patterns in front of the portals and the way these portals teleport you are based on different types of chess pieces. Portals with a big square represent the king and will move you to the adjacent room.

A small dot represents a pawn and will always teleport you to the room directly to your north, regardless of the direction of the portal you are facing. A tower is represented by a cross and will send you to the end of the specific row. The diagonal pattern represents a bishop and will teleport you the end of the diagonal row. Portals with a tetris-like sign work like a knight and will therefore move you in an L-shaped pattern, depending on the direction of the sign.

Take the portals from room to room in this direction and order: West, North, North, North. Once you have reached the final room, leave it by using the switch in one of its corners.

[edit] Now It's Going Somewhere

Speak to the Wizard Edvin again and he will explain that Rune guardians are based on Uzerian golem technology, with the key difference being that they are made using rune essence.

The wizards also replaced the strict instructions of the golems with magic, allowing for more free will. Wizard Edvin will tell you that his part in the resurrecting of the guardians was the rebuilding of the bodies. Finally, he will give you his tools, which you may use to make a Rune Guardian.

Speak to Wizard Dougal in the room next to the one with Apprentice Clerval. When the options menu pops up choose "massage his ego". He will tell you that you need 5 Body runes to animate the body parts, and 5 Steam runes so the Rune Guardian will be able to move and 5 Mind runes to give it the ability to think and its free will. Apprentice Clerval will then give you some supplies for making combination runes, Fire talisman, Water talisman, 10 Pure essence (Noted), and a Binding necklace.

[edit] Here Be The Running

Un-note the 10 Pure essence at a bank and go to the Fire altar. Enter it by using the Fire talisman on it, equip the Binding necklace and use the Water talisman on the altar to craft 5 Steam runes.

Go back to the basement of the Mage Training Arena, show Wizard Dougal the 5 Steam Runes, 5 Mind runes, and 5 body runes.

Give all the acquired items and the 20 pieces of Rune/Pure essence to Apprentice Clerval. He will ask you to to help him with the circuit board, click the animated table, and a puzzle will pop up. You will see 9 pieces that you need to move in order for the circuit to work.

Note: This is where you really have to think.

Talk to Apprentice Clerval again to discover that he can't craft the parts of the Rune Guardian himself. Tell him you will do it, and he will give you a pile of Rune essence.

Use Edvin's tool with the essence to create a Guardian head, Guardian body, Guardian arms, and Guardian legs. Speak To Apprentice Clerval on how to resurrect the guardian and a cut scene will occur in which the Rune guardian is brought to life. Finally, ask him for a Rune guardian pet.


[edit] Reward

  • 900 Construction XP
  • 1850 Runecrafting XP
  • 2.3K Magic XP
  • a Rune guardian pet.
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