Rum Deal

Seems some pirates need help with a zombie problem! Can you defeat a few monsters and get the zombies drunk so the pirates can make their "Cheap" (Litterly) rum again?


[edit] To Start The Quest:

Speak to Pirate Pete, north of Port Phasmatys to start this Quest.

[edit] Required items:

Farming supplies (Rake, seed dipper and watering can), Slayer Gloves, combat items (Rune/what ever you have), food, prayer potions (If you have 43+ Prayer, if not, don't bother), a few energy potions (Normal/super).

[edit] Starting Out

Start out by speaking to Pirate Pete, north of Port Phasmatys.

Pic of Him (To be taken :D

Once you speak to him, he'll go on about his family and how he could use some help and how he needs this sword thing. Ignore all this, unless you care about it. He'll then ask for your help about 3 times and basically beg for it. Just keep saying yes and he'll call for a distraction. You'll be like "WHAT?" and get knocked out.


Cut scene Pic (Can someone get? :( )

You should arrive on an island and will see a cut scene about how Pirate Pete kidnapped you to "Save the pirates" (Basically :D).

Once you wake up, you'll have no idea where you are (Your character that is). Ask Captain Braindeath a few questions and he'll ask you to help them with their Zombie problem. Agree (Do you even have a choice? :D) and he'll ask to gather some farming supplies and farm some Blindweed.

[edit] Oi, we gotta make some good ol' rum!=

Head off downstairs (Stairs to the west, you might miss it, its hard to see, but its in the northwestern most corner) and grab some farming supplies if you didn't bring them. Then head down out one of the ladders and head south to the farming patches. Rake the patch and plant some blindweed (And they put this in rum? No wonder pirates wear eye patches! :D). After a few seconds to a minute it should grow (That was fast!) and you should pick it. Bring to it to the captain, but he says to put it in the hopper.

Head to the southeastern corner and climb the ladder. Go west and put the weed in the hopper.



Head back down to Captain Braindeath and ask him: "Whats next?". He'll say that you need to get some water, but not just normal water, STAGMENT water. Head south and climb the ladder down, then head more south, then west and north towards the gate. Ignore Luke, your character trick him for you. Then head up to the mountain top and use your bucket on the lake.

Head back down and go back to the hopper. Use the stagment water on the hopper and head back to Captain Braindeath.


Well, looks like you need to go fishing! He'll give you a fishbowl and net (Yes, TOGETHER...) and tell you to catch sluggin's. That can't make the Rum any worst, can it...?

Well, head back out to the farming patches, but to the shore. Find a fishing spot, catch some sluggings (5 is needed) and then head back to the hopper (This is where energy potions come in handy :D), and then over to the pressure barrel. Use the sluggings on the barrel and then "pressure them" (Pull the lever next to the hopper) then back to Captain Braindeath. Whats he need now?

Slug Catchin.JPG

[edit] Er, your equipment is...?

Seems the equipment is POSSESSED! So what do we need to do to get it unpossessed? :|

First, it happens all the time. Well, thats not good, I guess...

It also seems we need to talk to this priest lad about a wrench. You get a wrench from the Captain, but it ain't holy. So talk to Davey in the western room about it. He'll bless it and make it a "Holy wrench". Great! Can we own this monster now?



Holy Wrench.JPG

When your ready, head east and find the shaking brewing controls. It isn't hard to miss, so use your wrench on it and fight the monster to the death!

Monster in the controls.JPG

[edit] RUM TIME...Or not?

Now that thats out of the way, can we finally make this dang rum? Seems we can!

[edit] Nope

Wait, I spoke too soon. There's one FINAL thing we need. What is it? A fever spider! PERFECT!

Use a bucket.JPG

Your character will simply speak the cold hard truth:


Slayer Gloves.JPG

Now then, grab ya slaver gloves and "Shove the thing in the hopper and we're done!".

Fever Spider.JPG

[edit] Spider Time!

Head down stairs, kill a spider and then run back to the hopper and place it in it. Then return to Captain Braindeath and hope his rum doesn't make anyone brain dead...

Anyone will do.JPG

Body of the Fever Spider.JPG

Above: The body that you need to pick up to finish the Quest.

[edit] Teh Rum has been made!

Speak with Captain and watch a cut scene of him simply brewing up the mix.

Is that it.JPG

Well, to answer your Question, IT IS...

Aye lad.JPG

Also, Captain will tell ya a good tip: GIVE IT TO THE CAPTAIN (NOT BRAINDEATH, THE ZOMBIE CAPTAIN).

Give it to the Captain.JPG

[edit] Fill 'er Up!

Now go south of the brewing controls. Find a spot that says "Use tap output". It ain't clean, but at least ya don't have to drink it!

Clean or WHAT.JPG

[edit] Give him the beer and run!

Now, for the FINAL time, exit the brewer. Find Cap't Donnie and use the "brew" on him. He'll get drunk, and say some odd stuff.

He's drunk!


Return to Cap't Braindeath to complete to Quest. FINALLY...

Quest Complete.JPG

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