Recruitment Drive

Recruitment Drive
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointSpeak to Sir Amik Varse in Falador Castle
Skill RequirementsThe ability to kill a level 20 without armor or weapons, must be smart (or just look at this guide)
Quest RequirementsBlack Knight's Fortress, Druidic Ritual
Item Requirements3k if you are a man (to change into a woman)
Skill RecommendationsA fair combat level.
Quest RecommendationsNone
Item RecommendationsNone


[edit] Let's start the test.

Talk to Sir Amik Varse. He'll want you to join the Temple Knights of Saradomin. Now, if you are a man, go change into a woman. You'll need it for the corniest joke ever. I'm serious, if you want to know why you need to be a woman, skip to the "Ferentse's Combat" section of this guide. Put EVERYTHING in the bank, you can't have ANYTHING in your inventory and you can't have anything equipped. Talk to Sir Tiffy in the Falador Park. Time to start the Recruitment Drive!

[edit] Terpett's Riddles

The first test is to answer some riddles that have been heard of for centuries. They're really.. yuck. Just follow this guide to get the answers to all your questions.

  • 1: The wolves
  • 2: 32 degrees (I don't get this one either)
  • 3: 10
  • 4: The third statement
  • 5: 0, because someone doesn't have any fingers, and anything X0 = 0

[edit] Itchwood's Code

The answer is the first letter in each sentence. For example:

Cooking pie Like cream Under my Extended kitchen

In this case, the answer would be "CLUE". I know the example is terrible, but I couldn't think of anything else.

[edit] Tinley's Test of Time (Patience)

Talk to Sir Tinley and wait for a while. Don't do anything, just wait. Be patient, and soon you'll pass the test.

[edit] Spishyus' Puzzle

Ah, it's the classic grain, chicken, and fox puzzle. Here's what you do:

1. Take the chicken across the bridge. Go back.

2. Take the fox across the bridge. DON'T GO BACK. Take the chicken back. Now only the fox should be across the bridge.

3. Put the chicken down and take the grain across the bridge. Now the fox and the grain should be across the bridge.

4. Go back and get the chicken. Put it across the bridge. All 3 things should be across the bridge now, you've passed!

[edit] Ferentse's Combat

If you are a man, when you fight Sir Leye you'll only damage him. You can't kill him. He'll scream "NO MAN CAN DEFEAT ME!!"

Here's where the incredibly corny part comes in. No MAN can defeat him. You need to be a woman to kill him. Get it? Yeah, it was terrible, but don't blame me. I didn't make the joke, JaGEx did.

[edit] Table's Memory

You'll see 11 statues. This one is easy. Just PrintScreen it. If you don't have PrintScreen, find which color (there are 3 colors, brown, white, and gold) only has 3 statues instead of 4 statues. Look at the statues. One has a sword, one has a halberd, one has a greataxe, and one has a mace. Except one of those will be missing, so if there is no white statue that has a greataxe, that's the statue. Whatever. So after 10 seconds, there will be 12 statues. Find the one that wasn't there before.

[edit] Cheevers' Escape the Room Puzzle

Collect everything from the room. Check all the shelves and cupboards and everything. Ask Miss Cheevers for help. After that, find a book about alchemy on the bookshelves. Now you're ready to open the doors!

  • Use the gypsum with the cake tin thing.
  • Use the other vial of liquid with the new tin.
  • Use the even newer tin with the key that's on the floor.
  • Use the culpric powder and the tin powder on the tin.
  • Use the tin with the burner.
  • Use the bronze wire with the tin.
  • Use the key with the wooden door.
  • Use the spade you have with the burner, it'll explode into two.
  • Use the metal spade (Not the wooden part, the metal part.) with the stone door.
  • Use the cupric sulfate, sodium chloride, acetic acid, and the vial of liquid on the stone door. (QUICKLY! It will dry out if you don't do it quickly)

You've completed all the challenges! You'll be teleported back to Falador Park. Congratulations! You have completed the Recruitment Drive! Congratulations! Quest complete!

[edit] Rewards

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 1,000xp in herblore, agility, and prayer.
  • A coupon for a free makeover by the makeover mage. (Only if you were a man and you had to change into a woman for this quest)
  • "Gaze of Saradomin" (Ability to change your respawn point to Falador)
  • Initiate Helmet

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