Recipe for Disaster

Recipe For Disaster
The Culinaromancer
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointCook in Lumbridge castle's kitchen.
Skill Requirements70 Cooking, 48 Agility, 20 Firemaking, 10 Mining.
Quest Requirements176 Quest Points, Cook's Assistant, Fishing Contest, Goblin Diplomacy, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Biohazard, Demon Slayer, Murder Mystery, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, Restless Ghost, Witch's House, Gertrude's Cat, Shadow Of The Storm, The Lost City, Monkey Madness, Desert Treasure, Horror From The Deep, started Legends Quest.
Item RequirementsFruit Blast (or 2 Lemons, a Pineapple and Orange), Ashes, Eye of a newt, Greenman's ale, Rotten tomato, Money, 3 Bucket of milk, Bowl of water, 2 Flour, 2 Egg, Ice Gloves, Fishbowl, 3 Bronze wire, Needle, Pestle and mortar, Raw cod, 2 Bread, Knife, Charcoal, Orange, Purple, Blue or green Dye, Spices, Fishing bait, Bucket of water, Iron spit, ogre bow, arrows and bellows, Pickaxe, Axe, Ball of wool, Tinderbox, Logs, Cake tin, About 15 stews, Cat or kitten, Pot of cream, Pot, Raw sweetcorn, Machete, 2 Raw chicken, Dramen staff, Anti-dragon shield, Monkeyspeak amulet, Zombie monkey, gorilla and ninja monkey Greegrees, Rope, Monkey nuts, Banana, Food, Armour, Weapons, Potions
Skill RecommendationsGood combat skills (70+ Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Ranged and Magic
Quest RecommendationsHeroes Quest for Ice Gloves
Item RecommendationsAnti-poison, Teleports


[edit] Cook

[edit] Requirements

  • Quests: Cooks Assistant
  • Skills: 10 Cooking
  • Items: Knife, Coins (1,000 should be enough) , 2 Lemons, Pineapple, Orange, Ashes, Eye of Newt, Greenman's Ale, Rotten Tomato

[edit] Helping The Cook

[edit] Starting Out

Talk to the Cook in Lumbridge Castle, he will ask you for some help, he wishes you to bring A Dirty Blast, a Greenman's Ale, an Eye of Newt and a Rotten Tomato.

[edit] Dirty Blast

Head to the Gnome Stronghold, either walk there from your closest teleport or use the Spirit Trees to get there. Take your coins, ashes, knife, lemons, pineapple and orange then head into the tree. Buy a cocktail shaker from Heckel Funch then take a cocktail glass from near him. Click on the Cocktail Shaker then select Fruit Blast, after it has mixed using 1 of each of the three fruit then slice the 2nd lemon and use it on the Fruit Blast to finish it. Next use ashes on it to turn it into a Dirty Blast.

[edit] Other Ingredients

Next head to Yanille pub to buy a Greenman's Ale, then go to the Duel Arena to buy a rotten tomato, then buy an eye of newt from either a Herblore Shop in Taverley or Entrana or from the magic shop in Port Sarim. These can all be done in any order.

[edit] Finishing Up

After having obtained all the ingredients requested, head back to Lumbridge Castle and talk to the Cook and give him the ingredients. You are then invited to the Dining Room, and you will see the start of the disaster take place and this sub-quest will be done.

[edit] Rewards

  • 1 Quest Point
  • Access to the Culinaromancer's Chest* in Lumbridge Castle Basement.

* You can use this to Bank, its quicker than going to the top, it also sells gloves and a weapon, as well as various foods. You unlock more every time you complete another Sub-Quest.

[edit] Dwarf

[edit] Requirements

  • Quests: Fishing Contest
  • Skills: None
  • Items: Coins (about 400-500), Bucket of milk, Bowl of water, Pot of flour, Egg, Ice gloves or gauntlets and a ring of charos (a) are useful.

[edit] Helping The Dwarf

[edit] Starting Out

Inspect the dwarf, then collect all the ingredients then then go to the falador pub. Speak to the bartender. Ask her for the recipe of the drink that dwarves like. If you have a ring of charos (a) then you can use your charm to get it for free, if not then pay her 200gp and she will give it to you. Now buy a bunch of asgarnian ales (5 or 6 should do) then use your coins on each of them to put a coin in them, make sure you don't drink the ale by mistake.

[edit] Rohak

Head to the shortcut under White Wolf Mountain and talk to Rohak. He won't give you the recipe. Use one of the asgarnian ales on him and talk to him. Keep doing this until he is really drunk, he will give you the recipe for some money. Use your money on him and he will take 100 gp.

[edit] The Rock Cake

Now he will give you a list of ingredients he requires to make the rock cake. Give them to him and he will make you the cake. Unfortunately its too hot to take back so you need to cool it. There are three ways of gettin the rock cake cool:

  1. Wear ice gloves, simply pick the rock cake up.
  2. Wear gloves/ gauntlets, pick the rock cake up, go to Ice Mountain by the ice fiends where you can either: kill an ice fiend and it will cool down, or drop it on the top of the mountain then pick it back up.
  3. Simply wait for the cake to cool, this takes a long time though and you should only do it if you can't do either of the first two.

[edit] Finishing Up

Teleport or travel in some way back to Lumbridge, go into the dining room and give the cool rock cake to the Dwarf, make sure you don't eat it.

[edit] Rewards

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 1,000 Cooking Experience
  • 1,000 Slayer Experience
  • More access into the Culinromancer's Chest

[edit] Goblin Generals

[edit] Requirements

  • Quests: Goblin Diplomacy
  • Skills: None
  • Items: Knife, Charcoal, an orange, a dye that contains blue (ie: Blue, green, purple), Spices, Fishing bait, Bread, Bucket of water

[edit] Helping The Goblins

[edit] Starting Out

Inspect the goblins, collect all the items you need then go to Goblin Village and talk to the two generals. Next talk to a normal goblin inside the village, he will advise you to see the village cook.

[edit] Slop Of Compromise

He will ask you to bring him some charcoal before he can help you. Give him the charcoal. Now he will agree to help you, he will ask you for the following things:

  • Bread that isn't crunchy.
  • Slices of orange that are grey.
  • Maggots with flavour.

To get the bread that isn't crunchy use a bucket of water on a piece of bread. To get maggots with flavour, get your fishing bait, then use spices on them. To get orange that isn't grey, use a knife on it, then you need a dye that will make the orange contain all three primary colours, seeing as it already has yellow and red, it only requires blue, therefore you can use any dye that contains blue, these are: blue, purple and green.

[edit] Finishing Up

Take the ingredients back to the goblin cook, he will make the Slop of Compromise. Take this back to Lumbridge castle dining room and use it on either of the goblins.

[edit] Rewards

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 1,000 Cooking Experience
  • 1,000 Crafting Experience
  • 1,000 Farming Experience
  • More access into the Culinromancer's Chest

[edit] Pirate Pete

[edit] Requirements

  • Quests: None
  • Skills: 31 Cooking
  • Items: 3 Bronze wire, Needle, Pestle and mortar, Fishbowl, Raw cod, Knife, Bread

[edit] Helping Pirate Pete

[edit] Starting Out

Inspect Pirate Pete, then talk to the Lumbridge Cook. Go to Port Khazard with just your needle, fishbowl and 3 bronze wire, then talk to Murphy.

[edit] Going Diving

Murphy will ask for a fishbowl, give it to him then he will give you some diving equipment and a fishbowl helmet. Equip them, then check your weight; you need to be under 27kg and the diving equipment is heavy. If you are over 27kg deposit un-needed things into the deposit box nearby. Talk to Murphy again to go diving.

Firstly, pick yourself some kelp, these are the green plants. Next head north and talk to Nung, he will ask for Mudskipper hides. So go north west and start picking up stones. Eventually you won't be able to pick up any more, enter the cave here. Kill 5 Mudskippers and take their hides, they are quite low levelled and aren't difficult to kill. Leave the cave and go back to Nung. Give him the hides, then give him the bronze wires and needle when he asks.

Now, go pick 5 stones again and go into the crab pen. Kill a giant crab and take its meat. Now either teleport back to Lumbridge or go back to the anchor and climb up, then head to Lumbridge.

[edit] Fishcake

Use a pestle of mortar on the kelp to get ground kelp, then use the pestle of mortar on the crab meat to get ground crab meat. Now, with the other ingredients and a knife out, use one of the ingredients on another. Now cook the fishcake.

[edit] Finishing Up

Now simply head to the Lumbridge Castle dining room and use the fishcake on Pirate Pete. Make sure you don't eat it.

[edit] Rewards

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 1,000 Cooking Experience
  • 1,000 Fishing Experience
  • 1,000 Crafting Experience
  • 1,000 Smithing Experience
  • Access to the Mogre Camp (underwater)
  • Ability to make crab helmets and crab claws
  • More access into the Culinromancer's Chest

[edit] Lumbridge Guide

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Helping The Lumbridge Guide

[edit] Starting Out

First, inspect the Lumbridge guide in the dining room, then talk to the Gypsy. She will tell you to go see Traiborn. He can be found in the Wizard Tower. Take all the required items and go to him.

[edit] Cake Of Guidance

Speak to Traiborn with the egg, bucket of milk and flour in your inventory. He will enchant all your ingrediants, however he quizes you first to test you.

[edit] Enchanted Egg

He will show you an NPC that was involved in one of the quests in the requirements. He will ask you any of the following, they are listed with a feature to make them easily recognised:

  • Ali Morrisane - White beard
  • Gertrude - woman wearing Pink top
  • Hetty - Witch
  • Islwyn - Elf
  • King Lathas - Crown (King)
  • Pirate Pete - Pirate attire
  • Reldo - Has a book
  • Unferth - Normal looking man
  • Velorina - Ghost

These are all relatively easy to recognise. He will ask you three times to name the correct person, upon doing so you will get your egg enchanted.

[edit] Enchanted Milk

Next he will ask you three questions, an example is:

  • Combat level of Goblins at Lumbridge

To which the answer is of course 2. Some of the questions are harder but don't worry if you get it wrong just keep trying. When you do it you will get enchanted milk.

[edit] Enchanted Flour

For this one he will show you a bunch of items and then ask questions, you need to answer three correctly in a row. A good tactic is to printscreen the items and paste them into Paint or onto a word processing document, then answer your questions using that picture. After you will get enchanted flour.

[edit] Finishing Up

Use one of the enchanted ingrediants on the cake tin. Then simply cook it. Now go to the Lumbridge Dining room and give it to the Lumbridge guide to finish.

[edit] Rewards

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 2,500 Magic Experience
  • 2,500 Cooking Experience
  • More access into the Culinromancer's Chest

[edit] Evil Dave

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Helping Evil Dave

[edit] Starting Out

Inspect Evil Dave then talk to the gypsy. Get out your cat and 16 stews. Head over to edgeville and go to the house with the range. Speak to Doris and ask if you can see Dave, her son. When she lets you, go down the trapdoor and talk to Evil Dave.

[edit] Evil Stew

Ask what food you gave him, then tell him you need it to get the magic right, he will tell you he likes evil stew. Head back upstairs and talk to Doris, her spices have all gone! Go back down stairs. You will notice there are Hell-rats. What you have to do is catch the Hell-Rats using your cat. They will drop spices.

[edit] Getting The Right Spice

Unfortunately, there is no real way to figure what spices Evil Dave likes aside from trial and error. So catch a few hell rats and get some spices. Now, choose a colour spice, and add one dose to a stew. Give it to Evil Dave. He will eat it and tell you if it has the correct number of that type of spice in it. If he says not, then make another with 2 doses of the same spice and give it to him, and so on and so forth. When he says yes, write down the spice colour and how many he likes. Repeat this for the other colour spices. There are four types of spice altogether:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Brown

This will take some time, and the recipe differs from person to person, it can be very tedioous especially if using a kitten as it will fail often. After the cat catches a few of the hell-rats it will turn into a hell-cat.

[edit] Finishing Up

When you have found the amount of all 4 spices that Evil Dave likes, add that amount of the spices all into one stew. Now take it back to the Lumbridge Dining room and give it to Evil Dave, make sure you don't eat it.

[edit] Rewards

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 7,000 Cooking Experience
  • Ability to own Hell-Cats
  • Ability to make Spicy Stews
  • More access into the Culinromancer's Chest

[edit] Skrach Uglogwee

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Helping Skrach Uglogwee

[edit] Starting Out

Inspect Skrach, then speak with the Gypsy. Now head to the cook and speak to him. He will tell you to go to Rantz, the ogre from Big Chompy Bird Hunting. Get oout with you all of the items you require for the quest. Teleport to Castle Wars using a Ring of Dueling. Head south past the ogre city then head east until you find Rantz.

[edit] Hunting A Chompy

He will ask you to hunt a chompy bird. Equip you ogre bow and arrows. Now head over to the swamp pool where there are frogs. Use your bellows on the gas to fill them, then use your bellows on one of the frogs. Go to a chompy hunting spot and drop your bloated frog. Step back and wait for a chompy to come for your frog. It make take a few frogs, so get extras. When a chompy comes, range it to death, and take the meat. Now go and talk to Rantz again.

[edit] Over The Seas

Talk to Rantz, he will ask for a lift across the sea, and he will knock down a tre. Now use your axe on it twice, this makes it sea worthy. Now talk to him again. He will fire an arrow, you need to find about where it is. Head to Brimhaven, then head south onto the main island, alongside the coast, eventually you will find a tree with an arrow in it. Make a fire here and use your chompy with your iron spit, then on the fire, to cook it. Rantz's children will come to you to take you back to Rantz. Go with them.

[edit] Jubbly Bird

Speak with Rantz, he will tell you about the Jubbly bird that you need to get. Use your ogre bellows on a frog, then go north of where Rantz is. There is a rock to mine, mine a piece out of it. Now use your ogre bellows on the same frog, with the ball of wool and rock in your inventory. Now get this item you have just mad, and drop it on the hunting ground. When the Jubbly comes, range it to kill it. Take the meat of the bird. Now go and cook the meat on Rantz's spit fire.

[edit] Finishing Up

Teleport back to Lumbridge, and go into the castle, then into the kitchen. Use your Cooked Jubbly on Skrach Uglogwee to feed it to him, make sure that you dont eat it yourself!

[edit] Rewards

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 1,500 Cooking Experience
  • 1,500 Crafting Experience
  • 1,500 Ranged Experience
  • 1,500 Woodcutting Experience
  • Ability To Hunt Jubbly Birds
  • Ability to use the Ogre boat shortcut
  • More access into the Culinromancer's Chest

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