Rag and Bone Man

Rag and Bone Man
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointEast of Varrock, West of Canifis
Item RequirementsA pot, 8 jugs of vinegar, 8 logs, a tinderbox, a light source


[edit] Starting the Quest

Speak to the Odd Old Man, who can be found east of Varrock and west of Canifis. He needs a collection of bones, and asks you for assistance. The eight bones he requires are a giant rat bone, a ram skull, a goblin skull, a big frog leg, a unicorn bone, bear ribs, a monkey paw, and a giant bat wing. It is important to note that the bones that you need to collect are not normal bone drops and can only be obtained while in the process of completing this quest.

[edit] Locating the Bones

[edit] Giant Rat Bone

Giant rats can be found can be found to the west of Port Sarim or in the Varrock sewers.

[edit] Ram Skull

Rams can be found in the sheep pen north of Lumbridge.

[edit] Goblin Skull

Goblins can be found to the west of Lumbridge or north of Falador in the Goblin Village.

[edit] Big Frog Leg

Big frogs can be found in the Lumbridge swamp caves. You need a light source to enter the caves.

[edit] Unicorn Bone

Unicorns can be found south of Edgeville or south of Varrock.

[edit] Bear Ribs

Bears can be found south of Varrock or north of Falador.

[edit] Monkey Paw

Monkeys can be found on Karamja, east of the volcano.

[edit] Giant Bat Wing

Giant bats can be found west of Keep Le Faye or the Hero's Guild dungeon.

[edit] Cleaning the Bones

Once you have all of the bones collected, speak to Fortunato in Draynor Village. He will now sell you vinegar for the quest. Take the bones, jugs of vinegar, pot, logs, and tinderbox where the Odd Old Man is located. Use a log, pot with vinegar and bone in it, and tinderbox on the boiler. Repeat this process with all eight bones and give them to the Odd Old Man.

[edit] Rewards

[edit] Wishlist

Once you have completed the quest, a wishlist will be available for completion. It can be found on the wall behind the Odd Old Man. The bones needed are:

Wolf, bat, rat, baby blue dragon, ogre, jogre, zogre, mogre, dagganoth, snake, zombie, werewolf, moss giant, fire giant, ice giant, terrorbird, ghoul, troll, seagull, undead cow, experiment, rabbit, baby basilisk, desert lizard, cave goblin, vulture, and jackal.

Once you clean all of the bones and give them to the Odd Old Man, you will complete the second quest.

[edit] Rewards(Wishlist)

  • One quest point
  • 5000 Prayer experience
  • A ram helmet or bonesack
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