Prince Ali Rescue

Prince Ali Rescue
Requires MembershipNo
Start PointHassan, located inside Al Kharid Palace
Skill RequirementsNone (30+ Combat recommended)
Quest RequirementsNone
Item RequirementsPot of Flour, Redberry, Ashes, 2 Onions, Pink Skirt, 55gp, Soft Clay, 3 Beers, Bronze Bar, Bucket/Jug of Water and 7 Balls of Wool (Or 3 balls of Wool and 15gp).


[edit] Starting the Quest

  • Talk to Hassan, who is located on the first floor of the palace. He will tell you of the problem, and will then tell you to talk to Osman, who is located outside the palace. Osman will then tell you the plan for rescuing Ali, and will then tell you to talk to Leela. Leela is found by the large grain field near Draynor Village. Leela will then tell you what items you need for the rescue.

[edit] Gathering the Items

  • Firstly, Leela will tell you that you need a blonde wig. For this, you will need three balls of wool that can be obtained by using shears on a sheep and then using the wool on the spinning wheel on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle. Once you have them, talk to Ned who is located in a small building on Draynor Village. Ask him if he will create other items with wool, and then ask him about making a wig. After the dialogue, Ned will give you a wig. To dye the wig so that it is blonde, you will need some yellow dye. Take your 2 onions (that can be obtained from a small field located behind Fred the Farmer's house) to Aggie, who is also located within Draynor Village. Ask her to make you some dye, and then ask for yellow dye. Use the yellow dye with the wig and you will have a blonde wig.
  • Next, you will need a rope. This can be obtained from Ned for either 15gp or 4 balls of wool in exchange.
  • The final item that Leela will specify is a copy of the key from the cell that Ali is locked in. For this you will need a bronze bar (that can be obtained from mining one tin ore and one copper ore and smelting together) and some soft clay (which can be mined as clay, and then used with a water source such as a sink or a fountain). Once you have these, go to the jail which is located east of Draynor Village. Talk to Lady Keli and tell her that she is famous. You should then ask her about her latest plan. After this, ask if there is any way of getting Prince Ali out. Next, ask if you can see the key. Finally, ask if you can touch the key. You will then quickly make an imprint of the key in the soft clay. Take these items back to Osman who will tell you to get the key copy from Leela. Go to her and she will give you the key.
  • Leela will now inform you that you need some skin paste in order to disguise the Prince as Lady Keli. For this paste you will need your ashes (obtained from lighting a fire and waiting for it to extinguish or by killing an imp), bucket of water (by using a bucket with a water source), redberries (available on the floor north west of the mine located south of Varrock) and your pot of flour, which can be made by picking some grain from near Draynor Village, using it with the windmill located north of Lumbridge and gathering the flour from the bottom of the windmill with a pot. Once you have these items, take them back to Aggie in Draynor Village, and ask her if she can make some skin paste, which she will make for you.
  • You will also need a pink skirt. This can be bought from the Varrock clothing shop for 2gp. Once you have this, take it along with your other items back to Leela. She will then think about a way to incapacitate the jail guards in order to escape with Prince Ali. This will be done with your three beers (which can be bought from any bar within Runescape). Note that only "Beer" will work, and that "Asgarnian Ale" from the pub in Falador will not work. The closest bar that sells normal beer is located in Port Sarim, west of Draynor Village.

[edit] The Rescue

  • Make your way to the jail that is holding Prince Ali. It is advisable that you go with armour and a weapon, as the jail guards might become alerted of your presence, and you may have to fight your way out. First, talk to Joe and ask him if he wants a drink. Joe will take your beers and will become drunk. Now that he is out of the way, use your rope with Lady Keli to tie her up and lock her in a cupboard. Use the key with the prison door to free Prince Ali. Talk to him in order to disguise him as Lady Keli, who will then make his escape. Be careful not to talk to Lady Keli after you have done this, as the guards will be alerted. Make your way back to Hassan, who will then give you your reward.

[edit] Reward

From the completion of "Prince Ali Rescue", you will receive 700gp and 3 quest points. You will also now be able to use the gate east of Lumbridge into Al Kharid for free.

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