Priest in Peril

Priest in Peril
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointKing Roald at Varrock Castle
Skill RequirementsNone.
Quest RequirementsNone.
Item Requirements
Quest RecommendationsRune Mysteries
Item RecommendationsA bucket and 50 unnoted Rune essence (Pure or normal).

[edit] Instructions

1. Talk to King Roald and he will tell you he needs you to check up on a temple not far from varrock.
2. Knock on the door of the temple, The talking priest will tell you that everything is fine but a dog down stairs needs to be killed. Agree to this and go into the Dungeon.
3. Kill the dog, You may need food and you must use melee to kill him.
4. Knock on the door once more. The priest will act strangely and tell you to talk to the King.
5. Return to King Roald and tell him the news. He will be mad at you because that guarded the palace from attack. He will order you to fix it straight away.
6. Go back to the temple and kill a level 30 zamorak wizard for a golden key.
7. Go up stairs to the 3rd floor and talk to the priest through the bars. Ask him to tell you about the holy river. After his speech he will ask you to set him free, kill the vampire and help fix the river.
8. Go back down to the Dungeon to the statues in the centre. Study the statues and find the one with the silver key. Take the key and go back to the cell to set him free.
9. He will refuse to go untill you kill the vampire. Fetch some water from the well in the middle of the statues and take to him for blessing.
10. Pour the water onto the vampire's coffin and Dezel (the Priest) will come out.
11. Make on final trip to the dungeon and talk to Drezel. He needs you to give him 50 unoted essence.
12. Once you have done that, Quest completed!

[edit] Reward

1406 Prayer exp, Access to Canfis and the wolfbane dagger.

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