Pirate's Treasure

Pirate's Treasure
Requires MembershipNo
Start PointPort Sarim
Skill RequirementsNone
Quest RequirementsNone
Item RequirementsWhite Apron, Spade, and 120 coins


[edit] Starting Out

After agreeing to help Redbeard Frank obtain a Karamjan Rum, go south to the sailors and sail to Karamja for 30 coins. After arriving in Karamja, head west until you see a beer sign on the minimap and trade the bartender Zambo and buy a Karamjan Rum.

[edit] Smuggling the Rum off Karamja!

If you talk to the custom officers on the docks of Karamja, you will find out that they banned the import of spirits. If you try to take it off on the boat, they will take it and you will have to buy another rum! Proceed to the little hut beside the banana plantation and have a chat with the owner, Luthas. He will tell you that he knows the custom officer and she doesn't check the crates he sends off! Go outside of the hut and place the rum into the crate. Go to the plantation, pick 10 bananas and put them into the crate with the rum. Talk to Luthas and you'll get 30 coins for collecting the bananas. Ask where the crate is shipped off to and he'll tell you that the rum gets send to Wydin, the owner of the food store in Port Sarim. Go to the docks and sail back to Port Sarim.

[edit] Finishing the Quest

For the next part, you will need a white apron. If you don't have one, take one off of the wall in the fishing store. After you have the apron, go to Wydin and ask for a job there. Go into the back of the shop and search the crates and you will find the rum in one of them. Give the rum to Redbeard Frank and he'll tell you about the treasure. After the chat, he will give you a key to a chest in the Blue Moon Inn.

Blue Moon Inn is directly south of the center of Varrock. Go upstairs and go all the way to the west room. Use the key with the chest there and you will receive a note telling you that the treasure is hidden in the Falador park. Go to the Falador Park with your spade and dig in the middle of the "x" made by the dirt (Check the mini-map to see the "x" more clearly) A gardener may attack you for digging there but kill it and dig there again to finish the quest.

[edit] Reward

  • 2 Quest Points
  • 450 Coins
  • 1 Emerald
  • 1 Gold Ring

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