Obsidian Cape

Obsidian Cape
Examine: A cape of woven obsidian plates.
Examine: A cape of woven obsidian plates.

[edit] How To Obtain

The Obsidian Cape can be obtained from other players or the Grand Exchange for a reasonable cost of approximately 150,000gp. It can also be bought from the TzHaar-Hul-Tel’s Equipment store which is located in the dungeon east of Brimhaven.

This cape has the same defence stats as an untrimmed Achievement Cape, so many players find that this cape is worth the cost due to the defensive stats, but without the effort.

[edit] Stats

Stat Offensive Defensive
Stab 0 9
Slash 0 9
Crush 0 9
Magic 0 9
Ranged 0 9
Summoning N/A 0
Strength 0
Prayer 0

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