NeoRS Friend Chat

While other chat methods may have more functionality, sometimes it's just easier to talk in-game rather than switching windows, especially when fighting boss monsters. That is the purpose of Friend Chat; an in-game chat medium for the community.

Entering the Channel

[ul]To join the Friend Chat, click on the 2 smiley faces at the bottom of your sidebar interface and press 'Join Chat'. Enter Neo_Chat in the box that appears, and you'll be placed into the channel.

To send messages to the channel, simply add a forward slash (/) before your message. Any messages sent through the channel will have [Neo] beside the user who sent it.[/ul]

The Thread

We have a forum thread for any questions or suggestions regarding Friend Chat. It can also be used sparingly to post interesting or humorous discussions that have occurred in the chat. It is not, however, going to be used to report users who have broken the rules. If that hasn't been made clear enough already, all reports will be handled privately, and those posted here will be deleted. This thread is here:

Friend Chat Ranks

Certain members will be given the ability to kick other users if they break the rules. Generals will be in the chat help maintain order to stamp out any conflict, but they are also there for their own enjoyment. If something bad is happening in the chat, PM a general about it and they will resolve the situation. If you have a problem with a general, message them privately and try to resolve it. If that fails, then PM Anime; do not post a complaint in this thread.

There are a number of ranks we use in Neo Chat:

[img][/img] [b]Generals[/b]: These have a golden star beside their name in the Friend Chat window. Those with this rank have been hand picked to ensure the Friend Chat experience remains enjoyable. This rank can kick troublesome members at their own discretion.

[img][/img] [b]Captains:[/b] These have a silver star beside their name in the Friend Chat window. Those with this rank are newly promoted, "generals-in-training" and remain as captain for a short period before becoming a General. This rank can kick troublesome members at their own discretion.

[img][/img] [b]Lieutenants:[/b] These have a bronze star beside their name in the Friend Chat window. Those with this rank are ex-generals who have either retired or become inactive. If there is an emergency, they can be called upon via NeoPM, if online. This rank can kick troublesome members at their own discretion.

[img][/img] [b]Friend Rank:[/b] These have a smiley face beside their name in the Friend Chat window. Those with this rank have won a community competition or award. These have no Friend Chat powers, and cannot kick. The rank is pure aesthetic.

[img][/img] Generals RSN - Neo Name

Anime I - member:Anime

Cheat Skill - cheater12349

Deathpickle9 - The Groove [email protected]

I Nubling - Tashur Astur

Life4aiur - MSooRi

L0RD - HamsterMan

Haruhara - Master Jynch

Mike Numbers - Mike65707

Mr Ownage Jr - Harry Hippo

Stingy - Burn in Hell

Frysinger - Unseen Steal

Ultralisk - PureStealth

[img][/img] Captains:

[img][/img] Lieutenants RSN - Neo Name

Darker Envy - Necros iRunecraft - lbt10 K Bull - ACY3


If you have something to report, either regarding regular members or ranked members (like Generals), you should only do so by PMing Anime. Do not post screenshots in this thread, or make accusations here, they are no longer welcome. It helps greatly if you have screenshots of what was said so that we can see exactly what's going on.


Friend Chat is an extension to this forum, therefore all Neoseeker rules and policies apply while in the chat. Something I will emphasise is that no flaming is to take place in the chat. You will be removed if you flame anyone, and if it's severe enough (forum moderators will be the judge) you will be banned on the forum as well. Read this post: and take note; there will be no leniency when it comes to flamers and trolls.

If, when you are in the chat, something starts to kick up, you can do one of three things:

  1. Ask those concerned politely to stop or take it to PM
  2. PM a general, either in-game, in IRC or whatever, and point out the issue
  3. Ignore it

Under no circumstances should you jump in and add fuel to a fire. Doing so will get you banned, because you are not helping the situation, only making it worse. If no generals are online, try contacting me through IRC, or take screenshots of what's being said and send them to me privately.

Being an actual part of the RuneScape game, technically all Jagex rules apply in the chat, but Neoseeker's rules take precedence. While we would hope that you would be allowed more freedom than Jagex's rules usually allow, you should be careful what you say and avoid chatting about touchy subjects. That includes sexual themes, racist remarks, use of drugs and anything that could offend someone; if you end up with black marks or a ban it is your own fault.

We also request that everyone refrains from reporting problems to Jagex. This is a community chat for this forum, so let the moderators (forum and chat) deal with any issues. Unless there has been a severe breach of the RuneScape rules (and I mean severe), all flaming and spamming situations should only be reported to us. I said those who receive black marks and bans have only themselves to blame, but that doesn't mean you should report people to Jagex if they do break the rules. Jagex is an uncontrollable factor and I'd rather we didn't have to work around them and their punishment system.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of common-sense rules which you are expected to abide by if you want to chat in this Friend Chat:

  • Do not spam the chat with pointless messages
  • Do not flood the chat with anything
  • Do not flame other members at all
  • Do not report others to Jagex unless under extreme circumstances
  • Do not send any inappropriate messages in the chat (sexual topics, racist remarks etc)
  • When a general tells you to stop doing something, stop doing it
  • Any "4promote" comments, or blatant or implied begging for a general position warrants a warning followed by a kick if repeated. (Falls under Spamming)

Using Swear Words

Since Jagex's recent update, certain words like "Damn", "Crap", and "Ass" have been uncensored. Using the is perfectly fine as long as you keep it clean and in an acceptable context. Anyone spamming the words, using the words out of context, or verbally assaulting someone with them will result in an INSTANT KICK. Flaming may also result in a forum ban if a moderator sees fit.

-NOTE: In case of flaming and a moderator is not present in the Chat Channel, it would help if you take a screenshot of the event and send it in a PM to any of the forum moderators. Makes it easier to see if the person in question is guilty or not.

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