Mining Guild

The Mining Guild is a large, underground mine located beneath Falador, and is an extension of the Dwarven Mine. Only those who have acquired level 60 mining are able to enter, although with level 59 you can gain a temporary boost from a Dwarven Stout (purchased from the pub in western Falador) and quickly slip through the doors.

There are two entry points into the mine; one from the southern end of the Dwarven Mine, the other by a set of ladders just south of Falador east bank, surrounded by buildings. There are several dwarves located at each entrance, but at the top of the ladders, there is a dwarf wearing a mining skillcape. You can purchase a mining skillcape from him for 99,000 GP if you achieve level 99 mining.

[edit] The Mine

File:Mining guild map.png
Mining Guild Map

The mine itself contains the largest collection of Coal rocks in all of RuneScape, a total of 37, and because it lies just a short walk from Falador's eastern bank, it is a popular location for Coal miners. The mine also contains five Mithril rocks in the south-eastern corner.

Mining Courtesy: One of the unspoken (and generally followed) rules of the Mining Guild is to not start mining a Coal rock that another player is already mining. However, the five Mithril rocks are always in high demand so the rule doesn't usually apply to them.

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