Mining is the process by which you extract ores from minable rocks. These ores can then be used in smithing to create various essential equipment players may utilize throughout their adventures. The most important tool you will require while doing any mining is a pickaxe; without one you can not mine rocks. See below for more information on pickaxes. After finding a rock and having a pickaxe in your inventory or equipped, you are ready to begin mining! Simply click the rock and your character will take the pickaxe in hand and begin to hit the rock until you mine the ore which will automatically appear in your inventory.

mining basic

You will not be able to mine every rock when you start, as higher level rocks require a higher mining level. See below for more information on what ores you can mine at what level. To check what ore is present in the rock, right click the rock and click "Prospect Rocks"

mining prospect


[edit] Pickaxes

The pickaxe is the single most important tool in mining; without a pickaxe you can't mine rocks. At first you will only be able to use either a bronze or an iron pickaxe. As your mining level grows, you will be able to use better pickaxes all the way up to the rune pickaxe. Better pickaxes mine rocks faster which means you will gain faster experience. Pickaxes can be bought from the Dwarven Mines or in Keldagrim and also appear as drops from some creatures.

Here are all the pickaxes with their required mining level to use and how much the cost in the mining shops:

Picture Name Level Required Price
Bronze Pickaxe Bronze Pickaxe 1 1 Gp
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe 1 140 Gp
Steel Pickaxe Steel Pickaxe 6 500-650 Gp
Mithril Pickaxe Mithril Pickaxe 21 1,300 - 1,690 Gp
Adamant Pickaxe Adamant Pickaxe 31 3,200 - 4,160 Gp
Rune Pickaxe Rune Pickaxe 41 32k - 41.6K Gp
Dragon Pickaxe Dragon Pickaxe 61 13,600,000gp - 15,000,000 Gp

[edit] Ore

Different ores require different mining levels to extract and give different amounts of experience per ore mined. Each rock has its own distinct colour showing what ore in present in it but you can check what ore is in it by prospecting the rock. Below are pictures of the rocks with their names, mining levels required to mine, experience given per ore and pictures of the ores:

Rock Picture Ore Picture Name Level Required Experience
essrock rune essence Rune Essence 1 5
Clayrock clay Clay 1 5
Copperrock Copper Ore Copper 1 17.5
Tinrock Tin Ore Tin 1 17.5
Bluriterock Blurite Blurite 10 17.5
Limestonerock Limestone Limestone++ 10 26.5
Ironrock iron ore Iron 15 35
Elementalrock Elemntal ore Elemental++ 20 N/A
Silverrock Silver Ore Silver 20 40
Coalrock Coal Coal 30 50
Essrock Pure Essence Pure Essence 30 5
Sandstonerock Sandstone 10kg Sandstone++ 35 60
Goldrock gold ore Gold 40 65
Graniterock Granite 5kg Granite 45 75
Mithrilrock Mithril Ore Mithril 55 80
Adamentrock Adamantite Ore Adament 70 95
Runiterock Runite Ore Runite 85 125

+= members only

[edit] Gems

Whilst mining ores, there is a rare chance that you might find an uncut gem in the rocks. When this happens, you will get a message saying you've found a gem and the gem will automatically appear in your inventory. Mined gems give 65xp each and can be mined at any level in both free-player and member worlds. Wearing an amulet of glory increases the chances of finding gems whilst mining as well. Below are all the gems that can be found during mining:

Picture Name
Uncut Sapphire Uncut Sapphire
Uncut Emerald Uncut Emerald
Uncut Ruby Uncut Ruby
Uncut Diamond Uncut Diamond

[edit] Shilo Gems

Members can gain access to the gem rocks of Shilo Village after doing the Shilo Village quest. Another gem rock mine is available to those who have completed all of the Karamja achievement diary tasks by using the high level Karamja gloves' teleport. Gem rocks are special rocks that only give gems instead of ores and require level 40 mining. Three more gems are available here only for members and give the same amount of experience as listed above, 65xp each.

Gem Rock
Gem Rock
Pic Name
Uncut Opal Uncut Opal
Uncut Jade Uncut Jade
Uncut Red Topaz Uncut red topaz

[edit] Varrock Armour

After completing sections of the Varrock Achievement Diary, wearing the armour received as a reward will enable you to have special mining enhancements:

Picture Name How to Obtain Mining enhancement
Varrock armour 1.gif Varrock Armour 1 Complete the easy section of the Varrock Achievement Diary Enable a character to mine 2 ores with one swing of a pickaxe. Effect only works on ores up to and including coal.
Varrock armour 2.gif Varrock Armour 2 Complete the medium section of the Varrock Achievement Diary Enable a character to mine 2 ores with one swing of a pickaxe. Effect only works on ores up to and including mithril
Varrock armour 3.gif Varrock Armour 3 Complete the hard section of the Varrock Achievement Diary Enable a character to mine 2 ores with one swing of a pickaxe. Effect only works on ores up to and including adamantite.

[edit] Training

Training Mining can be very tedious and difficult at times, but very profitable. Below are suggestions on what to mine at what levels. As of right now these are all free to play suggestions.

1 - 10

Mining Clay gives 5 experience points per Clay. It might not seem much but it is much faster than mining Copper or Tin until around level 10. Also you get a very nice profit, especially since Clay has gone up around 50 gp. It will take 231 Clay to obtain level 10 Mining. Earning around 35,000 gp.

10 - 25/31

Now it is time to mine Copper or Tin, both give 17.5 experience. If you are training the Smithing skill then it is a good idea to get equal amounts of both. However, if you are not training Smithing then mining Copper at 71 gp each is a lot more profitable than mining Tin at 41 gp each. You will need to get to at least 25 mining before the next step, but 31 mining will help much more. To get to 25 Mining from level 10 you will need to mine 383 Copper or Tin ore. To get 31 Mining from level 10 you will need to mine 782 Copper or Tin ore.

25/31 - 60/99

This is where it starts to get long. From here you will need to mine Iron ore. Iron ore is the best experience in free to play. Many people powermine it to 99. It is also fairly profitable with Iron ore at around 100 gp each. Once you can use a Rune Pickaxe it will go a lot faster. If you are training the Smithing skill then save some of your Iron ore for smelting Steel Bars. To get to 60 Mining from level 25 it will take 7,598 Iron ore. To get to 60 Mining from level 31 it will take 7,437 Iron ore. To get to 99 Mining from level 25 it will take 372,189 Iron ore. To get to 99 Mining from level 31 it will take 372,029 Iron ore.

Hang in there, you are about to hit the money making part of Mining.

60 - 85/99

Now you should be able to mine Coal at a fairly fast rate. Also you can now enter the Mining Guild, congratulations. There are numerous Coal rocks here and even a few Mithril rocks. Coal is used a lot in the Smithing skill therefore it is in high demand at around 200 each. This is how some people get to 99. It is very profitable especially at higher levels. To get to 85 Mining from level 60 it will take 59,648 Coal. To get to 99 Mining from level 60 it will take 255,214 Coal.

Alternatively, you can mine Gold ore in the Crafting Guild for a much bigger profit. Gold ore is around 546 gp each, and is in pretty high demand. This takes 40 Crafting however, and is slower than Coal.

85 - 99

Congratulations you are now considered a professional miner. Now you can mine Runite ore. Runite ore is very expensive at 14.1k each. However, this method is definitely not recommended if you are going for 99 as Runite ore is very slow at respawning and it is in the Wilderness. Use this method to switch it up a bit if you are getting bored of Iron/Coal, it is one of the best ways to make money using the Mining skill though. To get to 99 Mining from level 85 it will take 78,207 Runite Ore.

[edit] FAQ

Q: Is there a mining potion I can use to increase my level?
A: There is the dwarven stout bought from various inns or brewed yourself which will temporarily increase your level like a potion. If you have completed the Evil Dave miniquest in the quest Recipe for Disaster, you can also use the evil stew to increase your level much further than the dwarven stout.

Q: Can I mine dragon ore or black ore?
A: No you can't, dragon and black ore do not exist.

Q: Is there a dragon pickaxe in the game?
A: Yes, the dragon pickaxe was released on September 9th, 2009 along with the Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest. Level 60 attack is needed in order to wield it and 61 mining is needed to mine with it. It is obtained through player to player trade or by killing Chaos Dwogres, Chaos Dwarf Hand Cannoneers, or Chaos Dwarves which are found in the Chaos Dwarf Encampment. .

Q: Is there a mining guild?
A: Yes there is a mining guild in Falador. It requires level 60 mining to enter and is home to many Coal rocks and some Mithril rocks. For more information see the Mining Guild guide

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