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[edit] Introduction

Having read about Achievement Diaries, you should know the basic ideas about what you need to do. As they were introduced so Higher Level players would be able to do a task with a challenge, and have access to a helpful reward, they are not always doable, requiring quests such as Legends Quest to be at least started, but not everyone has such high stats. Therfore, the Lumbridge/Draynor Guide was added, so as to be completed by almost anyone without too much work. This does not mean that the rewards are useless either, a nice little chunk of exp, and handy little ring to help you get about.

Note: This is the only (currently) Achievement Diary available to both F2P and Members.

[edit] How To Start

There are no Prerequisites to Start the Achievement Diary, but there are several needed to Complete them, see below for the full details. To start the task, you must speak to Explorer Jack in the building next to the General Store, north of Lumbridge Castle. Talk wih him, and ask about the Diary, and in the Achievement Diaries Tab (Click the Green Icon on the Quests Tab), Lumbridge/Draynor will be updated, and turn yellow.

If you are not sure of how to get to Lumbridge, you can always look on the World Map - next to your Mini-map, there is a little Globe icon. Click that will bring up the World Map, centred on your position. Zoom out, and when you find Lumbridge, attempt to follow the road to the Castle. If it is a long distance, you can use your Home Teleport, or cast Teleport to Lumbridge. If you have neither of those options available to you, then if you have a Charged Amulet of Glory, you can Teleport to Al Kharid, or Draynor. If you know of any other ways, then really you are good enough to work it out on your own, and don't need help in finding Lumbridge. If you can do none of these things, then either start walking back to Lumbridge, or wait out the time remaining until you can cast Home Teleport once again.

[edit] Requirements

You can complete any number of tasks at any difficulty - after all, the Gnomecopter is a medium task, but requires no Skill level or Quest to be completed. However, these requirements are purely for those who want to ensure they have the correct abilities before hand so as to make the completion far easier.

Task Difficulty Skills Required Skill Levels Required Quests Required Item Requirement
Beginner n/a n/a The Restless Ghost

Jug Of Water
Pot (Got from tasks)
Small Fishing Net
Coins (10gp - needed only if you have not completed Prince Ali Rescue)

Easy Mining




Rune Mysteries

The Restless Ghost

Coins (1gp)

Fishing Rod
Fishing Bait
Iron Ore
Coal (2)
Normal Logs (Got from Tasks)
Raw Meat (Must be Rat Meat, got from Tasks)
Water Talisman/Water Tiara
Rune Essence
Ghostspeak Amulet

Medium Smithing




Dragon Slayer
Steel Bar (Got from Tasks)

Air Rune (x3)
Earth Rune
Law Rune
Willow Log (Got from Tasks)
Raw Lobster
Fly Fishing Rod
Feather (>5 feathers)
Silver Ore
Silver Bar (Got from Tasks)

[edit] Beginner Tasks

If you are new to the game, then this is the perfect way for you to get to know you way around the nearby area of Lumbridge, and the skill requirements will hopefully encourage you to train just that little bit more, as you now have something to aim for.

The order at the moment of all tasks is as it's laid out on the Runescape Help Page, but hopefully, it shall be changed so that if you follow the guide laid out here, you will be able to complete the tasks in the most time efficient method.

For each task , I will start from the position of where the previous task ended. For the first task, I will assume you are starting from the Explorer.

[edit] Climb To The Highest Point in Lumbridge

The Highest point in Lumbridge is the roof of the Bank on the roof of the Castle.

  • Leave Explorer Jacks House, then head back into the Castle Courtyard.
  • Enter the Castle, and go up to the bank. The quickest route is up the northern staircase.
  • If you look around the outside of the bank room, you will see a ladder on the Northern side. Go up it.

Task Complete!

[edit] Raise The Flag on the Roof of Lumbridge Bank

The Flag is on the Eastern Side of the roof of the bank building.

  • Make your way over to the pole, on the Eastern side of the roof.
  • Right click, and select Raise the Flag.

Task Complete!

[edit] Speak to Horacio, the Duke of Lumbridge

The Duke is always in his room on the First Floor (the floor above Ground Floor).

  • Come down the ladder from the roof of the Bank.
  • Go down either stairs, but the Northern stairs are quickest.
  • You will see the Duke in the northern most room. Go in, and speak to him.

Task Complete!

[edit] Speak with the Doomsayer about the Warning System

The Doomsayer can be found outside Lumbridge Castle, near to the Guide and Combat Tutors.

  • Go down to the Ground floor in the Castle.
  • Leave through the main doors, and the Castle Gate.
  • Follow the road North for a short while, until you see a little hut.
  • Although he tends to wander, the Doomsayer should be around the local area.
  • Speak to him, and talk about the Warning System.

Task Complete!

[edit] Find out about the Stronghold of Security from the Lumbridge Guide

Near to the Doomsayer should be the Lumbridge Guide.

  • Stay in the general area, of where you spoke to the Doomsayer.
  • The Lumbridge Guide doesn't wander about as much, but he tends to be south of the little hut.
  • When you've found him, Speak to him about the Stonghold of Security. There are two - the Stronghold of Security, and the Stronghold of Player Safety. If you're not sure, ask about both. If you talk about the wrong one, then obviously, you will not complete the task.

Task Complete!

[edit] Browse the Lumbridge general store

The Lubmridge general store is west of the Lumbridge Guide.

  • Walk west from the guide into the general store.(Clay Pot sign)
  • Speak with the shopkeeper and answer "Yes, please. What are you selling?"

Task Complete!

[edit] Visit Fred the Farmer's chicken and sheep farm

The farm will be located northwest of the general store.

  • Walk out of the general store and follow the main path north.
  • To the west of the sheep farm, walk into the building with the quest sign.

Task Complete!

[edit] Mine some clay in the Mining spot, north of the Champion's Guild

Items needed: Pickaxe The Mining spot, North of Champion's Guild, is also south of Varrock.

  • From the farm, walk back down to lumbridge, across the river, and north up to the crossroads.
  • From the crossroads, head left and up to the Champion's Guild. The mine is just northwest in the minimap form the Guild.
  • Mine a piece of clay from the mine. Keep it for the next task.

Task Complete!

[edit] Make some soft clay in Barbarian Village

Items needed: Bucket, Jug, or Bowl filled with water Make the clay in the building with the Clay pot sign in southern Barbarian Village.

  • From the mine, walk north until you find the path.
  • Head west on the path until you reach barbarian village and go inside the southern building.
  • Use the bucket of water with the clay.

Task Complete!

[edit] Make a pot on the potter's wheel in Barbarian Village

The potter's wheel is in the same building as the last task.

  • Use the soft clay with the potter's wheel inside the building.

Task Complete!

[edit] Fire a pot in the pottery oven in the potter's house in Barbarian Village.

The pottery oven is in the same building as the last task.

  • Use your unfired pot with the furnace in the same building

Task Complete!

[edit] Enter the courtyard of Draynor Mansion

The Draynor Mansion is south of the potter's house.

  • Walk south to the mansion from the potter's house and walk into the mansion's courtyard(Entrance is southernmost point)

Task Complete!

[edit] Grind some flour in the Lumbridge mill

Items Needed: Pot The mill is southeast of the Draynor Mansion

  • Walk south the to 4 way road and head east until you get to a wheat field, pick the wheat.
  • Put the wheat in the hopper at the top floor of the mill and pull the lever. (north of field)
  • Go back down to the bottom floor the mill and empty the flour bin.

Task Complete!

[edit] Visit the Draynor Village market

The Draynor market is south of the Mansion.

  • Walk back to the 4 way road that was below the Draynor Mansion and head south.
  • Head into draynor and into the open area with the stalls.

Task Complete!

[edit] Find out about the Rules of Conduct from the town crier in Draynor

The Crier is in the Draynor market.

  • Talk to the crier and ask him about the "Rules of Conduct."

Task Complete!

[edit] Climb to the top of the Wizard's Tower

The Wizard's tower is south of Draynor Village.

  • Walk south along the path from Draynor across the bridge into the Wizard's Tower.
  • Climb two floors to the third floor.

Task Complete!

[edit] Mine some copper in the mining spot to the south-east of Lumbridge Swamp

Items Needed: Pickaxe(Bring small net) The mining spot is at the bottom right corner of Lumbridge swamp.

  • From the Tower, follow the ocean east until you find the end of lumbridge, there will be a mine there.
  • Mine copper ore

Task Complete!

[edit] Catch some shrimp in the Fishing spot, to the east of Lumbridge swamp

The Fishing spot is right beside the mining spot, a bit east.

  • Walk to the shore-line of the ocean where the fishing spot is
  • Net Fishing spot

Task Complete!

[edit] Have the Fishing Tutor send you on an errand

The Fishing Tutor is right beside the Fishing spot

  • Right click the Tutor and click "Work-For Fishing Tutor"
  • Get an errand from him. (it will be random fish)

NOTE!!: You don't have to do the errand, once you receive it you have complete the task. Task Complete!'

[edit] Look through Father Aereck's selection of gravestones

Quest Needed: Restless Ghost complete Father Aereck is in the Lumbridge Chapel.

  • Walk north along the path until you reach the Lumbridge church.
  • Talk to Father Aereck and check out his Gravestones.

Task Complete!

[edit] Play the organ in the Lubridge church

The organ is at the north side of the church.

  • Click the organ and a cutscene will appear, after its over, your done.

Task Complete!

[edit] Ring the bell in the Lumbridge church

The bell is at the top floor of the church.

  • Climb two floors to the top of the church and ring the bell.

Task Complete!

[edit] Pass through Al Kharid toll gate

Items needed: 10 gold if you have not done "Prince Ali Rescue" The Gate is across the river from lumbridge

  • Bring 10 gold with you and (pay toll(10gp)) on the Gate.

All Beginner Tasks Complete!

[edit] Easy Tasks

Ok, so you have learned your way around the basic free to play runescape world. Now it is time to do some of the "easy tasks". These tasks take a bit more skill, and leveled stats to achieve.

[edit] Obtain a cow-hide from the cow field north-east of Lumbridge

  • Go back through the gate and head north up on the path and into the cow pen.
  • Kill a cow in the pen and pick up the hide (need it later).

Task Complete!

[edit] Have Ellis Tan A Cow-Hide To Make Soft Leather At His Shop In Al Kharid

  • Leave the pen, head south then go east through the gate (pay toll 10gp).
  • Head south to the tanning shop, trade Ellis and choose Soft Leather (costs 1gp).

Task Complete!

[edit] Craft A Pair Of Soft Leather Gloves

  • Get a needle and thread, you can buy from a shop to the east.
  • Use a needle on the soft leather, select gloves.

Task Complete!

[edit] Mine Some Iron Ore From The Al Kharid Mining Spot

  • Get a pickaxe and head north, go into the mine (beware of Scorpions).
  • Mine an iron ore (prospect if you're not sure which it is).

Task Complete!

[edit] Catch A Pike In The River East Of Lumbridge

  • Get a fishing rod and bait, go through the Al Kharid gate (pay toll 10gp).
  • Go to the fishing spot slightly north west, choose bait, catch a pike.

Task Complete!

[edit] Smelt A Steel Bar In The Lumbridge Furnace

  • Get an iron ore and two coals, go to the furnace north of the castle.
  • Smelt on the furnace then select steel bar.

Task Complete!

[edit] Search The Shed In Lumbridge Swamp

  • Go south through the graveyard, head east.
  • Find the shed and go inside to search it.

Task Complete!

[edit] Kill A Giant Rat In Lumbridge Swamp

  • Get your armour and weapons, find a giant rat.
  • Attack a giant rat and kill it, take the meat

Task Complete!

[edit] Cut Down A Dead Tree In Lumbridge Swamp

  • Get your axe and find a dead tree.
  • Select chop, wait until it has fallen and you get logs.

Task Complete!

[edit] Light A Camp Fire Using Standard Logs In Lumbridge Swamp

  • Get the logs you cut and a tinderbox.
  • Use the tinderbox on the logs and wait until they light.

Task Complete!

[edit] Cook Some Rat Meat On A Camp Fire In Lumbridge Swamp

  • Get the meat and use it on the fire you made.
  • Wait for it to cook, if it burns get another meat and retry.

Task Complete!

[edit] Craft A Water Rune At The Water Altar

  • Get a rune essence and water talisman or tiara, find the mysterious ruins.
  • Use your talisman or tiara on it, find the altar and Craft-rune on it.

Task Complete!

[edit] Get A Replacement Ghostspeak Amulet From Father Urhney

  • Go to father Urhney, if you have a ghostspeak amulet, drop it.
  • Speak to him and ask for a new amulet.

Task Complete!

[edit] Taunt The Demon At The Top Of Wizard's Tower

  • Head to the wizard's tower and climb to the top floor.
  • Go into the Lesser Demon room and click on the railings in front of him.

Task Complete!

[edit] Get Sedridor To Teleport You To The Essence Mine

  • Go from the top floor down to the basement.
  • Talk to Sedridor and ask him to teleport you to the mine.

Task Complete!

[edit] Access The Bank In Draynor Village

  • Head north until you find the village, beware of Jail Guards.
  • Go into the bank and use it.

Task Complete!

[edit] Have The Wise Old Man Check You Bank For Unneccessary Items

  • Go north to the Wise old man with the party hat.
  • Speak and ask him to check for unneccessary items.

Task Complete!

[edit] Discover What The Wise Old Man Is Watching Through The Telescope

  • Go upstairs then to the south wall.
  • Observe what he is looking at from the telescope.

Task Complete!

[edit] Defeat A Zombie Under The Jail House

  • Get your weapons and armour and head east to the jailhouse.
  • Go down a trapdoor and attack a zombie.

All Easy Tasks Complete!

[edit] Medium Tasks

These tasks are slightly harder than the easy tasks, they require higher skill levels than them too, and may take more time to complete.

[edit] Smith A Steel Longsword At The Jailhouse Sewers Anvil

  • Get a your steel bar you made, and a second one.
  • Take it into the sewers, use the bar on the anvil, select steel longsword.

Task Complete!

[edit] Use The Teleport To Lumbridge Spell

  • Get out 3 air runes, an earth rune and a law rune.
  • Select the magic interface and click the lumbridge teleport spell.

Task Complete!

[edit] Mine Some Coal In The Spot South West Of Lumbridge Swamp

  • Get your pickaxe, head west into the swamp from the castle, then head south west.
  • When you reach the mining spot, find a coal rock, left click it to mine.

Task Complete!

[edit] Cut Down A Willow Tree East Of Lumbridge Castle

  • Head back up to lumbridge and get out your axe, head east along the river.
  • Find the willow trees and left click on one.

Task Complete!

[edit] Light A Willow Fire On Top Of The Lumbridge Castle Gate House

  • Go to the castle, go into one of the rooms right by the entrance.
  • Climb up the ladders to the top and light the willow logs using a tinderbox.

Task Complete!

[edit] Cook A Lobster On The Range In The Lumbridge Castle Kitchen

  • Get yourself a few raw lobsters, go to the castle kitchen.
  • Use lobsters on the range until one cooks successfully.

Task Complete!

[edit] Obtain An Anti Dragonbreath Shield From Horacio

  • If you already have one withdraw it from the bank. Go to the 1st floor.
  • Go to Horacio, drop your shield if you have one, then ask him for a new shield.

Task Complete!

[edit] Mine Some Silver From The Mine North Of Al Kharid

  • Leave the castle and head to Al Kharid (pay toll 10gp), go to the mine.
  • Find silver ore and mine it with your pickaxe.

Task Complete!

[edit] Catch A Salmon In The River East Of Lumbridge Castle

  • Get a fly fishing rod and some feathers, head over to the river.
  • Find the fishing spot then lure until you get a salmon.

Task Complete!

[edit] Smelt A Silver Bar In The Lumbridge Furnace

  • Get the silver ore you mined, go to the furnace.
  • Use the silver ore on the furnace to get a bar.

Task Complete!

[edit] Craft A Holy Symbol In The Lumbridge Furnace

  • Get a holy mould with the silver bar you just made.
  • Go to the furnace, use the silver bar on it and select holy symbol.

Task Complete!

[edit] Get Beefy Bill To Bank Something For You

  • Get some coins and raw beef/ cowhide/ pot of flour and go to the mill, then north.
  • In the field, find beefy bill, talk to him and use an item on him.

All Lumbridge Tasks Complete!

[edit] Rewards

Well, doing all that for nothing wouldn't be worth it, so naturally you receive rewards for each difficulty level you complete.

[edit] Beginner Rewards

When you have completed all beginner tasks, head over to Explorer Jack. You will receive: a new emote; Explorer. An exp lamp that grants 500 xp to any skill, and a Explorer's Ring(1).

The Explorer's Ring(1) replenishes your energy by 50% once a day

[edit] Easy Rewards

When you have completed all easy and beginner tasks, take your Explorer's Ring(1) to Bob the axe salesman in Lumbridge. You will receive an exp lamp that grants 1,000 xp to any skill and your ring is upgraded to Explorer's Ring(2).

The Explorer's Ring(2) replenishes your energy by 50% twice a day, gives you 30 free low alchemy casts (assuming you have the correct magic level) and a 10% chance of crafting an extra elemental rune for each essence you craft.

[edit] Medium Rewards

When you have completed all beginner, easy and medium tasks, take your Explorer's Ring(2) to Ned in draynor. You will receive an exp lamp that grants 1,500 xp to any skill and your ring is upgraded to Explorer's Ring(3).

The Explorer's Ring(3) replenishes your energy by 50% three times a day, gives you 30 free low alchemy casts (assuming you have the correct magic level), a 10% chance of crafting an extra elemental rune for each essence you craft and a "Cabbage Port" that teleports you to the cabbage patch south of Falador farm, near Port Sarim.

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