Lumbridge is the first town you appear in after completing tutorial island. It is very endearing to many players because they remember their first quests which are usually situated in or around Lumbridge.

[edit] Location

Lumbridge is located in the kingdom of Misthalin, west through a tollgate from Al Kharid, or east from Draynor Village through the woods. A path heads northwest, connecting Varrock and Lumbridge. There are quite a few ways to get to Lumbridge, including Lumbridge Home Teleport, a free, no runes required teleport that has unlimited uses. You can set your home city of choice by completing a few quests, but the default that everyone starts with is Lumbridge. Also, at level 31 magic Lumbridge Teleport is unlocked and allows you to teleport directly into Lumbridge. Perhaps the most gruesome way of getting to Lumbridge involves letting a monster kill you in order to respawn in Lumbridge.

[edit] Points of Interest

Bank - On the top floor of Lumbridge Castle, the Lumbridge Bank is always a busy bank due to how accessible it is, but it is not a true epicenter for buying/trading goods.

Bob's Brilliant Axes - Bob's shop sits just south of the entrance to Lumbridge Castle, and he sells pickaxes, hatchets, and battleaxes. He'll also fix your Barrows armour for you, although it is cheaper to do it on your own.

Hank's Fishing Shop - Hank's shop sells basic fishing supplies such as small fishing nets, crayfish cages, feathers and bait.

Thieves' Guild - This members-only guild is located through a trapdoor in northern Lumbridge, and provides an excellent place for members to train Thieving.

Lumbridge Castle - Home of the Cook, the starting point of Recipe for Disaster, a quest for members only. In the basement, the Culinaromancer's Chest provides food or items those who have finished any or all of Recipe for Disaster, including the much sought after Barrows gloves. In the basement with the Culinaromancer's Chest is the entrance to the Dorgeshuun Mines (to enter, however, you must have completed The Lost Tribe).

Father Aereck - Located in Lumbridge Church(east of Lumbridge Castle), Father Aereck watches over his church and provides the starting point for The Restless Ghost. In addition to being able to recharge your prayer at the altar, you can speak to Father Aereck to update your gravestones. More expensive gravestones allow more time to recover your items if you die in-game, so take a visit to Father Aereck and look for your perfect monument.

[edit] Quests

Lumbridge is home to the starting point of a few quests.

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