Legends' Guild

Legends Guild Entrance
One of the most impressive guilds in the whole of RuneScape, the Legends Guild is located just north-east of East Ardougne, and you must have at least 107 Quest Points and have finished the Legends Quest to be able to enter the main building.

When you enter the main gate entrance into the guild, the guards will salute you for your legendary ability. The small building on the left is where you will find Sir Radimus Erkle if you haven't finished the Legends Quest.

Legends Guild Map


[edit] Ground Floor

The magnificent door entrance into the main building has a mithril trim. On ground floor you'll find Sir Radimus Erkle who you can briefly chat to about the guild itself, and a Gilded Totem Pole which you retrieved during the Legends Quest.

[edit] First Floor

On this floor you will find Fionella, who runs the Legends Guild general store. There are also two ladders leading to separate upstairs rooms.

Legends Guild General Store
Pic Name of Item Price to Buy
(Per item)
Cooked Swordfish Cooked Swordfish 400 Gp
Apple Pie Apple Pie 140 Gp
Attack Potion (3) Attack Potion (3) 560 Gp
Steel Arrow Steel Arrow 46 Gp

[edit] Second Floor

The second floor has two separate sections to it. The east section has a bank, which is useful if training on Shadow Warriors in the basement.

In the west section you'll find Siegfried Erkle, who will sell you some odd but useful items.

Legends Guild Shop of Useful Items
Pic Name of Item Price to Buy
(Per item)
Mithril Seeds Mithril Seeds 300 Gp
Dusty Key Dusty Key 1 Gp
Maze Key Maze Key 1 Gp
Dragon Shield Left Half Dragon Shield Left Half 750,000 Gp
Cape of Legends Cape of Legends 450 Gp

The Mithril Seeds can be grown into flowers of varying colour. The Cape of Legends adds +7 to your defence. When both halves are formed, the Dragon Shield gives an impressive Stab +50, Slash +52, Crush +48, Magic +0, Range +50 to your defence.

[edit] Basement

The basement of the Legends Guild is a useful training place for warriors, the most favoured monster to train on being the Shadow Warriors. This is because they have reasonably high HP for their combat level, don’t hit a great deal and have satisfyingly good drops.

Legends Guild Basement Map

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