Inferno Adze

Inferno Adze
Inferno Adze
Examine: Danger: Risk of fire.
Requirements92 Firemaking, 61 Woodcutting, Completion of All Fired Up.

[edit] How to Obtain

The Inferno Adze is the reward for keeping all fourteen beacons lit in the minigame from the quest All Fired Up. It is the first tool in RuneScape that doubles as a tool, being able to train both Mining and Woodcutting with it. When used for woodcutting, it is equivalent to a Dragon Hatchet in speed. When mining it is equivalent to a Rune pickaxe in speed, bested only by the Dragon Pickaxe. To chop wood with it, players need 61 woodcutting and 92 Firemaking. To use it as a pickaxe players need 41 Mining and 92 Firemaking. It requires no Attack level to be wielded, only 92 Firemaking. If you lose your Inferno Adze, you will need to re-do the All Fired Up minigame.

[edit] Woodcutting

When woodcutting with the Inferno Adze, it has a 35% chance of burning a log you just chopped, giving you both the woodcutting and firemaking experience of the log type.

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