In Aid of the Myreque

In Aid of the Myreque
Requires MembershipYes
Start PointSpeak to Veliaf, in the shortcut under the Hair and Dog tavern in Canifis where the fight took place in the first quest (In Search of the Myreque)
Skill Requirements15 Mining, 25 Crafting, 7 Magic
Quest RequirementsIn Search of the Myreque
Item RequirementsPiece of food (any kind), Pickaxe, Bucket, Spade, 11 Planks (Buyable from Mort'ton store), Hammer, 4 Tinderboxes, 1 Swamp Paste (Buyable from Mort'ton store), 2 Silver bars, Sickle Mould, Soft Clay, Mithril Bar, Rope, Coal, 2 Steel bars, Silver Sickle (b), Cut Sapphire, 1 Cosmic Rune, 1 Water rune, 10 Bronze Axes
Skill Recommendations25 Mining
Quest RecommendationsNone
Item RecommendationsNone


[edit] Starting Out

To start this quest, go through the secret entrance behind the Hair and Dog Pub, then go South until you find the secret entrance to the cave, look for a stalagmite that you can squeeze through.

Once you enter, talk to Veliaf. Tell him that you want to join his organization, and he says he needs to talk to his superior, but there is a job that you can do in the meantime.

Now that Vanstrom discovered their hideout, they need to evacuate, and they have a place in mind. South of Mort'ton is a village called Burgh de Rott, and he'd like you to check it out for him.

Head out of the cave through the South exit, and run down to the boat, and take it to Mort'ton. From that point, head Southwest until you see a bridge. Go South across it to reach Burgh de Rott.

[edit] Burgh de Rott

Talk to Florin near the gate. He accuses you of trying to steal their blood and food, and rather viciously denies you access.

Use a piece of food with the Open Chest to prove you're trying to help, and you'll be granted access to the city. Once you get in, talk to Florin again.

Ask him if he has any out of the way places in the town, and he tells you about the Inn, but the trapdoor to the cellar is covered with rubble, as is the cellar itself.

Head Southeast to the Inn (it has a picture of a beer on the minimap). Climb over the broken wall, and use your pickaxe with the rubble. Open and climb down the trapdoor. Once you reach the basement, you'll see that there are 15 piles of rubble that need to be cleared. You will need to clear it.

To do this, mine some rubble. You will then have to clear the rest of it by using your spade on the remaining rubble. The rubble will go into your bucket. When you have cleared 3 piles your bucket will be full, so you'll have to head back up the ladder and use your bucket with the rubble pile outside the inn.

Sooner or later, you'll find a bunch of nails in the rubble, which you'll need 7 inventory spaces to hold. (NOTE: DO NOT DROP THEM), they're very useful all throughout the quest. You will also find two artifacts ; a plaque and a note. If you don't have the space, the artifact will go in the bucket. If there was an artifact in the bucket when you didn't have enough space, search the rubble pile to get it back.

Once you've cleared all 15 piles, you'll see a wall plaque. Search it to find Blessings on a Queen, but that isn't very important right now.

[edit] Repairing The Town

Now, you need to get the locals on your side. Talk to Florin, and tell him you'd like to help fix up the town. He tells you that fixing up the general store would be helpful, so head there now (east of Florin) and talk to to Aurel, the owner.

If you don't have 11 planks or a hammer on you, go buy them from the Mor'ton store now. He asks you to check on the roof and walls, so head up the ladder outside of the building. You should have nails from clearing the cellar, so use your plank with the roof. Once you've fixed the roof, start on the walls. Search a damaged wall to find that once again, it used to be nails and planks, but the wood has rotted and the nails have rusted. Use planks on it again to fix it, then talk to Aurel again, and ask him what you should do now.

He asks you to stock the store with 10 bronze axes, 3 tinderboxes, and either 10 raw snails or 10 raw mackeral (it varies from player to player). He gives you a crate to put the items in. The tinderboxes are buyable from the Mort'ton store if you don't already have them, you can kill snails around the swamp, and the axes, if you don't already have them, you can buy them from Bob of Bob's Axes in Lumbridge, or just make them yourself. If you have to get the mackerals, its recommended to teleport to Catherby and purchase some from the Fishing Store.

Once you've filled the crate, take it back to Aurel and he'll ask you to fix the bank. Head South to the bank, and use a plank with the Bank Booth. Then, talk to Cornelius to find out you need to fix the walls. Head outside to the West wall, and use a plank on it. Talk to Cornelius and ask him what you should do now, then go on to ask him if he wants to be the Bank Teller. He'll agree, and you now have a bank in the city. You can now use the bank to access other items needed for the quest.

Talk to any of the town folks to find out you need to fix the furnace.

Head to the Southeast corner of the town. Use a steel bar on the furnace to fix it, but it needs fuel, so use Coal on it, and finally use a Tinderbox on it. Once you fully fix the furnace, you'll see a cutscene with Vanstrom Klause and a man named Gadderanks.

Afterwards, a local will come to you and tell you that Gadderanks is here for blood. Head to the General Store now. Talk to Wiskit, Gadderanks and a vampire, and then Gadderanks and his men will decide to attack you. Equip your Silver Sickle (b) and kill the Juvinates.

On the second Juvinate, Veliaf will appear to help you. Attack and defeat Gadderanks, then talk to him. He tells you that the vampires fear silver dust, garlic, harralander, and red spiders eggs.

Afterwards, talk to Veliaf, and he'll tell you he's going back to the hollows. Make a new Silver sickle, then take it to the Nature Altar. Drop your current sickle, then use the new one on the altar. Pick up the first sickle, then go to the Hollows. Talk to Veliaf in there, and he asks you to tell Radigad and Polmafi to go to the Inn, and to take Ivan to the temple.

[edit] Getting To The Temple

Talk to either Radigad or Polmafi to get them to head to the temple, then use your sickle with Ivan. When you have given Ivan a blessed sickle and some food (if you choose to) and have whatever other equipment you've chosen to bring, talk to Ivan and choose a route. Choose Route 2 you are less likely to get attacked ,but if you have given Ivan food than choose Route 1.

Once you finally get through it, go speak with Drezel in the basement of the Temple. Keep talking to him until he gives you the Temple library key. Use the key with the Keyhole in the Northeast corner of the room Drezel is in. Search the bookcases until you find three books. Read the books to find out that Ivan's tomb is actually in the tunnel between Canifis and Mort Myre swamp.

Head down there, and use a hammer with the wooden boards across the cave entrance in the far Northeast corner, then enter the cave entrance. Once you get in, search the tomb. Use the soft clay with the tomb to get a mold of the Rod, then head to a furnace (I recommend the furnace in Port Phasmatys) and use your Mithril bar with, a Silver bar, cut Sapphire, and mold in your inventory. Then, use a level 1 enchantment spell on it.

Head back to the temple by the Salve. Use the rod on the well inside with rope in your inventory.

Go back to Burgh de Rott, and go in the basement of the Inn. Use the rod with Veliaf.


[edit] Reward

  • 2 Quest Points
  • 2k Attack, Defence, Strength, and Crafting Experience

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