Impetuous Impulses

Impetuous Implulses is the first and currently the only Hunter related Mini-Game. It is basically a giant field of crops with pathways running in a square around the center, and the crops are in between each path. High Hunter, Strength, and Thieving levels will be a benefit here, although not mandatory. Catching Implings works in two ways; either you can travel around the world of Runescape searching for them, or you can travel to Puro-Puro and search for them. Keep in mind, this is one of the safe mini-games, so you cannot die here unless you are poisoned and travel to Puro-Puro, or if you deliberately kill yourself.


[edit] Getting There

You need to teleport through a crop circle to get to Puro-Puro, so you have a few choices. The crop field in Zanaris has a constant crop circle open, meaning you can always teleport to Puro-Puro from there(you need to have Lost City done, however). If not, you're not out of hope yet. Crop circles will randomly pop up in wheat fields anywhere in Runescape that has one. Meaning if you see a wheat field in Lumbridge, eventually a crop circle will show up and allow you to teleport through to Puro-Puro.

[edit] What You'll Need

As for skills, you only need 17 Hunter to be able to play this game, but you'll only be able to catch Baby implings, the lowest kind. A higher Hunter level will enable you to hunt more freely and catch rarer, more valuable types of implings.

Baby Impling 17 Hunter
Young Impling 22 Hunter
Gourmet Impling 28 Hunter
Earth Impling 36 Hunter
Essence Impling 42 Hunter
Eclectic Impling 50 Hunter
Nature Impling 58 Hunter
Magpie Impling 65 Hunter
Ninja Impling 74 Hunter
Pirate Impling 76 Hunter
Dragon Impling 83 Hunter
Rocking Out is required to be completed before you can catch Pirate Implings

As you can see, there are many types of Implings to hunt and loot, so the higher your Hunter level, the better. Common types of implings include; baby, young, gourmet, earth, essence, eclectic, and nature. The rarer types include the magpie, ninja, pirate, and dragon.

[edit] Starting the Game

You'll need to talk to Elnock if this is your first time, as he will explain everything to you, as well as give you a butterfly net and some magical impling jars. You can now head into the maze of crops and try to find some rare implings to loot. However, I advise first a few random implings, whatever you see, to trade in for more magical impling jars. Your jars will break eventually, plus you need to trade in jars for stuff like a magic butterfly net, jar generator, and imp repellant.

3 Baby, 2 Young, 1 Gourmet Trade for Imp Repellent
3 Gourmet, 2 Earth, 1 Essence Trade for a Magic butterfly net
3 Eclectic, 2 Essence, 1 Nature Trade for a Jar Generator
One Impling of any type Trade for 3 Impling jars

Once you have ten or so impling jars, head out into the maze and start looking for rare implings. Sometimes, while waiting for a rare impling to spawn or fly around me, I catch Essence implings to loot their runes and rune/pure essence. They don't give many runes per single loot, but when waiting half an hour for a dragon impling to appear, you can catch a couple dozen of them, and the runes add up to be substantial. Good luck hunting!

[edit] Impling Loots

This is a list of the loot you can obtain from the implings:

[edit] Baby Impling

Baby Imping.gif

[edit] Young Impling

Young Imping.gif

[edit] Gourmet Impling

Gourmet impling.gif

[edit] Earth Impling

Earth impling.gif

[edit] Essence Impling

Essence impling.gif

[edit] Eclectic Impling

Eclectic impling.gif

[edit] Nature Impling

Nature impling.gif

[edit] Magpie Impling

Magpie impling.gif

[edit] Ninja Impling

Ninja impling.gif

[edit] Pirate Impling

Pirate impling.gif

[edit] Dragon Impling

Dragon impling.gif

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