Hill Giants

The Hill Giant is easily one of the most easiest giants there are. There is many of them around Runescape. They're famous for their low defense and their drop (Big Bones). The most used spot to find these are just southwest of the Grand Exchange in a little house just west of the cooking guild which requires a brass key to get in. The Hill Giants can also be located within the Lava maze. This place is not recommended to train at due to it being within the Wilderness which contains many dangerous Revenants.

A good place to find them is North-east of Fist of Guthix. This place is deserted due to it being within the Wilderness. The Hill Giants are not in level 20+ wilderness so you will be able to teleport if in trouble.

The max hit for a Hill Giant is 4 (now 40 due to recent update). They attack ONLY with melee.

The Hill Giant is one of three giants for non-members. The other two are Ice Giants and Moss Giants.

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