Heroes' Guild

The Hero's Guild is a Guild for anyone who has completed the Hero's Quest and has some useful features, like runite ore and blue dragons!


[edit] Where is this place anyway?

To find the Hero's Guild, simply head along the path from the north Falador Gate. Once you get to another gate, just south of Docic's house, go through it. This gate is the Taverley, and leads into Taverley. Once you've entered Taverley, head towards the Player Owned House portal, but keep heading north, until you see the Guild, which basically looks like a house. If you've hit Burthorpe, you've gone too far. A quick way to gain access to here is using a games necklace, teleport to Burthorpe games room, then simply follow the path.

Here's a map on how to get there from Falador and other places:

Map to the Hero's Guild.JPG

Map Key

Red Path: Path from Falador to The Heros' Guild
Green Path: Path from Varrock to the Red path to the Heroes' Guild
Orange Path: Path from Edgeville to the Green path to the Orange path and to the Heros' Guild.

Black: Falador
Gold: Player Owned House Portal
Yellow: Varrock
Blue: Edgeville

[edit] What's in here then?

Well, when you first enter the Hero's Guild, you be in the first room of the first floor. There's nothing really in here, other then two ladders: one that leads to the shop up stairs, and another that leads to the dungeon downstairs. There is a a second room on the first floor, but all it contains is four evergreen trees.

[edit] Floors

The basement of the Heroe's Guild contains a blue dragon, located in the cage, some bats, 2 runite ores and a fountain. The Blue dragon is a popular spot, because of the cage and a safe spot in the south corner of the cage. By hiding in either spot, you can avoid the dragons breathe, so you don't even need a dragon shield. It is, however, suggested to at least carry it, as if you go to leave and the dragon respawns, you could get hit by the dragon fire, and take serious damage from it. Its not required when ranging through, so you can use a bow and arrow. The bats aren't much of a use, some lower leveled players do use it for training. The runite ores are one of three runite ores not found in the wilderness. There are also some coal ores nearby, but few mine these. The fountain is the Fountain of Heros, which recharges Amulets of Glory.

The ground floor contains two rooms, one, that has two ladders that lead to the basement and the top floors, and another room, that contains four evergreen trees. There really isn't anything of interest here, other then the ladders.

The first floor contains a shop where you can buy some weapons. You can purchase a dragon mace and a dragon battle axe from here from Helemos 50k (For the Mace) and 200k (For the Battle Axe). This floor also contains an altar of Saradomin and three ladders leading to a third floor.

There is, in fact, a second floor, but all it is, is two rooms with some chairs and a table. You can't sit in these chairs or use the table, so there is nothing of interest there.

[edit] Reasons to go to the Heroes' Guild

Well, you're probably thinking "Why should I bother with the quest" or "Why should I go to the Guild, there's not much in there!". Well here is a list of reasons why to go to the Heroe's Guild:

  1. Runite Ore

There is two runite ores, right next to each other. These are two of five runite ores in the game, and two of the three outside the wilderness. If you have 85 Mining, this is a good place to mine rune.

  1. The Fountain of Heros

If you're Runecrafting or just use your Amulet of Glory a lot, this is the only place to go to recharge them! And one dip in the fountain will recharge every Amulet of Glory in your inventory.

  1. Blue Dragon

With a Blue Dragon located inside its own cage, this is a great place to get Prayer up or to make some money of the bones and hides. You can kill it using a safespot within the cage and Range or Mage it, or you can attack it through the cage using a Halberd. The only downside to this is that a lot, and I mean a lot, of people come here for that. Its nearly impossible to find a world, but if you can find one, you can make a lot of money of the dragon.

  1. Helemos' Store

This is one of the few places you can buy a Dragon Battle axe or a Dragon Mace, so this is a good place to buy one of each, other then buying from players, that is.

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