To start the members-only Herblore skill you must have completed the Druidic Ritual quest. The quest is very short and easy and a small price to pay for the endless opportunities Herblore can offer. Many people think Herblore is pointless, but as you get higher it becomes quite profitable, and sometimes you might actually find yourself enjoying it. Herblore can be temporarily raised by 1 level by drinking a Greenman's Ale.


[edit] Basics

Herblore is mainly the art of making various skill-enhancing potions. The basic formula for making potions is as follows:

  • Use an empty vial on any water source to get a water-filled vial. Empty_vial.gif Water_filled_vial.gif
  • Use a clean herb with the water-filled vial to make an unfinished potion. Clean_irit.gif
  • Use a special ingredient to finish the potion. Eye_of_newt.gif Super_attack_potion_3.gif

Vials can be obtained from any Herblore shop, the one in Taverley being a prime example. To save time, you can also buy water-filled vials from the general store in Ardougne or Shilo Village, or from other players on the Grand Exchange.

[edit] Coconut Milk

In some higher levelled potions, as detailed later on, you must substitute water-filled vials with vials of coconut milk. Coconuts can be obtained by growing your own with 68 Farming or by buying from other players. The technique for making potions using coconut milk is as follows:

  • Use a hammer on a coconut to split it open and reveal the coconut milk. hammer.gif coconut.gif
  • Use an empty vial on the coconut milk to make a milk-filled vial. coconut_milk.gif empty_vial.gif milk_filled_vial.gif

[edit] Combining Potions

You might notice that when you finish a potion it has 3 doses. You might also see other people selling potions with 4 doses. These are not rare items. You can combine potions by using them with one another (for example a 1-dose and 3-dose will make a 4-dose, a 2-dose and a 3-dose with make a 4-dose and a 1-dose, etc.).

[edit] Herbs

Herbs are the first ingredient in a potion. Herbs dropped by monsters will be 'grimy' herbs, while those obtained through Farming and the Sorceress's Garden will be clean. If you have a high enough Herblore level, you can clean a grimy herb so it can be used in potions, or you could get Zahur in Nardah to clean them for you.

Grimy Pic Clean Pic Herb Level to clean Exp Earned
grimy_guam.gif clean_guam.gif Guam Leaf 3 2.5
grimy_marrentill.gif clean_marrentill.gif Marrentill 5 3.75
grimy_tarromin.gif clean_tarromin.gif Tarromin 11 5
grimy_harralander.gif clean_harralander.gif Harralander 20 6
grimy_ranarr.gif clean_ranarr.gif Ranarr Weed 25 8
grimy_toadflax.gif clean_toadflax.gif Toadflax 30 8
grimy_spirit_weed.gif clean_spirit_weed.gif Spirit Weed 35 7.8
grimy_irit.gif clean_irit.gif Irit Leaf 40 9
grimy_avantoe.gif clean_avantoe.gif Avantoe 48 10
grimy_kwuarm.gif clean_kwuarm.gif Kwuarm 54 11.25
grimy_snapdragon.gif clean_snapdragon.gif Snapdragon 59 11.8
grimy_cadantine.gif clean_cadantine.gif Cadantine 65 12.5
grimy_lantadyme.gif clean_lantadyme.gif Lantadyme 67 13
grimy_dwarf_weed.gif clean_dwarf_weed.gif Dwarf Weed 70 13.75
grimy_torstol.gif clean_torstol.gif Torstol 75 15

[edit] Obtaining Herbs

There are many ways they can be obtained, the most basic way being drops from assorted creatures around RuneScape. Monsters that drop a lot of herbs are:

  • Men and Women (Level 2) - Extremely easy to kill, they drop herbs fairly often. They can be found all over RuneScape.
  • Al-Kharid Warriors (Level 9) - Low-level, and pretty easy to kill. Again, they drop herbs fairly often. They can be found in the Al-Kharid palace.
  • Chaos Druids (Level 13) - Easy to kill, and drop herbs with nearly every kill. They can be found in level 2-6 wilderness in Edgeville Dungeon, Taverley Dungeon and the Blood Rune Tower north of Ardougne.
  • Various Slayer monsters - Most Slayer creatures drop herbs. The Cave Crawlers drop herbs, secondary ingredients, and vials with and without water extremely commonly, while being low-level and easy to kill. Make sure you bring an anti-poison though, they can poison you.

You can also obtain herbs through the Farming skill. Each herb patch, when fully grow, will yield 3-15 herbs semi-randomly based on your Farming level. Herb seeds are reasonably cheap compared to the herb, so not only could this be a good way of making money, but it is a very good way of obtaining herbs. You can also choose to pickpocket your own seeds from Master Farmers at level 38 Thieving.

Other ways to get herbs are to set your subjects to work farming herbs in the Managing Your Kingdom mini-game unlocked after the Throne of Miscellenia quest or by stealing them in the Sorceress's Garden mini-game.

[edit] Jungle Herbs

There are also certain Jungle Herbs which are used in some potions and obtained during the Jungle Potion [link to quest guide] quest.

Grimy Pic Clean Pic Herb Level to clean Exp Earned
grimy_snake_weed.gif clean_snake_weed.gif Snake Weed 3 2.5
grimy_ardrigal.gif clean_ardrigal.gif Ardrigal 3 2.5
grimy_rogues_purse.gif clean_rogues_purse.gif Rogue’s Purse 3 2.5
grimy_sito_foil.gif clean_sito_foil.gif Sito Foil 3 2.5
grimy_volencia_moss.gif clean_volencia_moss.gif Volencia moss 3 2.5

[edit] Ingredients

Once the primary ingredient (the herb) is in the vial you will have an un-finished potion. You will need a secondary ingredient to complete the potion. Some secondary ingredients will need to be ground up before they can be added. To grind these, use a Pestle and Mortar on the appropriate ingredient. A Pestle and Mortar can be bought from the Herblore shops in Taverley and Entrana.

Image Ingredient How to obtain
nightshade.gif Belladonna/Deadly Nightshade Growing Belladonna plants in the Farming skill
cactus_spine.gif Cactus spine Growing cactuses in the Farming skill
chocolate_dust.gif Chocolate Dust Chocolate bars can be bought in all food shops such as the ones in Yanille, the Cooks' Guild, and the Grand Tree, which are then grinded using a pestle and mortar to make chocolate dust. Easy bank and shop access in Lumbridge basement after starting the Recipe for Disaster quest
cockatrice_egg.gif Cockatrice Egg Dropped by Cockatrice
crushed_nest.gif Crushed bird’s nest Using a pestle and mortar on an empty bird's nest. Bird's nests are random events while training Woodcutting.
eye_of_newt.gif Eye of newt Bought from Herblore shops or from the magic shop in Port Sarim.
garlic.gif Garlic Found by searching the drawers upstairs in a house in Draynor Village.
gorak_claw_powder.gif Gorak claw powder Using a pestle in mortar on Gorak claws. Gorak claws are obtained by killing Goraks in the Gorak Lair (fairy ring code DIR).
dragon_scale_dust.gif Ground blue dragon scale Using a pestle and mortar on blue dragon scales found in the Taverley Dungeon
goat_horn_dust.gif Goat’s horn Killing goats in the Kharadian Desert
unicorn_horn_dust.gif Crushed unicorn horn Using a pestle and mortar on unicorn horns. Kill a unicorn to get its horn.
jangerberries.gif Jangerberries Growing Jangerberries in the Farming skill.
kebbit_teeth_dust.gif Crushed kebbit teeth Using a pestle and mortar on kebbit teeth. Kebbit teeth can be obtained by trapping saber-toothed kebbits in the Hunting skill.
limpwurt_root.gif Limpwurt root Drop from Hobgoblins or Hill Giants or grown in the Farming skill
magic_roots.gif Magic tree roots Growing a Magic tree in the Farming skill, chopping it down and digging up the roots.
yew_roots.gif Yew tree roots Growing a yew tree in the Farming skill, chopping it down, and digging up the roots.
mort_myre_fungi.gif Mort Myre fungi Cast-bloom with your blessed silver sickle while standing near rotten logs in Mort Myre Swamp after completing the Nature Spirit quest.
pharmakos_berries.gif Pharmakos Berries Talk to the Makeover Mage south-west of Falador and he will give you a bunch of berries.
poison_ivy_berries.gif Poison ivy berries Growing poison ivy bushes in the Farming Skill.
potato_cactus.gif Potato cactus Picking up the spawn in the Kalphite Dungeon in the Kharadian Desert.
red_spiders_eggs.gif Red spider’s eggs Picking up spawns in the Varrock Sewers, Edgeville Dungeon, and Karamja Volcano Dungeon.
snape_grass.gif Snape grass Picking up the spawns on the Hobgoblin Peninsula near Melzar's Maze.
silver_dust.gif Silver dust Using a silver bar on the bone grinder on the floor over the Ectofuntus just north of Port Phasmatys.
star_flower.gif Star flower Picking star flowers after finishing the Fairy Tale Part II quest (fairy ring code CKP).
toad_legs.gif Toad’s legs Removing legs from Swamp toads which spawn in the Gnome Stronghold, Lumbridge Swamp and Taverley
white_berries.gif Whiteberries Picking up the spawn in the Red Dragon Isle in level 40 Wilderness or growing Whiteberry bushes in the Farming skill.
wine_of_zamorak.gif Wine of Zamorak Using the spell Telekinetic Grab on the Wine of Zamorak at the Chaos Temple north of Goblin Village

[edit] Potions

When you use the secondary ingredient on the unfinished potion you will get a 3-dose potion, sometimes shortened to 'pot'. Potions can be used to temporarily raise certain skill levels, which can prove very useful in a combat situation.

Strength potions are the only free-to-play potions. Although non-members can't make them themselves, they can bring red spiders eggs, a limpwurt root, and 5gp to the Apothecary in Varrock in exchange for a strength potion.

Note that these skill boosts do not stack when more than one dose is drank. For example, if you drank two attack potion doses you would not get twice the attack bonus.

Level Potion Primary Ingredient Secondary Ingredient(s) Exp Gained Effect
3 attack_potion_3.gif
Attack Potion
Eye of Newt
25 + 12.5% temporary Attack boost
5 antipoison_potion_3.gif
Anti-poison Potion
Ground Unicorn Horn
37.5 Cures poison
8 relicyms_balm_3.gif
Relicym’s Balm
Rogue’s Purse
Snake Weed
40 Cures disease
12 strength_potion_3.gif
Strength Potion
Limpwurt Root
50 + 12.5% temporary Strength boost
15 serum_207_3.gif
Serum 207
50 Allows the villagers in Mort’ton to talk to you
22 restore_potion_3.gif
Restore Potion
Red spiders eggs
62.5 Restores Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Ranged, and Magic
22 guthix_balance_potion_3.gif
Guthix Balance Potion
Red spiders eggs
Silver dust
62.5 Using this on Vampyres held by the Retainer will cure them, kill them, or make them angry.
25 blamish_oil.gif
Blamish Oil
Blamish Snail Slime
80 Can be used a fishing rod to get oily fishing rod, which can catch lava eel
26 energy_potion_3.gif
Energy Potion
Chocolate dust
67.5 Restores 10% energy per dose
30 defence_potion_3.gif
Defence Potion
White berries
75 + 12.5% temporary Defence boost
34 agility_potion_3.gif
Agility Potion
Toad legs
80 + 3 Agility levels temporarily
36 combat_potion_3.gif
Combat Potion
Goat's horn dust
84 + 12.5% temporary Strength and Attack boost
37 goblin_potion_3.gif
Goblin Potion
Dwarf weed
Pharmakos Berries
85 Turns you into a Goblin provided you are not weilding ANY items. Must have started the Land of the Goblins quest.
38 prayer_potion_3.gif

Prayer Potion
Snape Grass
87.5 Restores 33% of your prayer
40 summoning_potion_3.gif
Summoning Potion
Spirit Weed
Cockatrice Egg
92 Restores x% of your summoning
45 super_attack_potion_3.gif
Super Attack Potion
Eye of newt
100 + 20% temporary Attack boost
48 super_antipoison_3.gif
Super Anti-Poison Potion
Ground Unicorn horn
106.3 Cures poison and gives small time of immunity
50 fishing_potion_3.gif
Fishing Potion
Snape grass
112.5 + 3 Temporary Fishing boost
52 super_energy_potion_3.gif
Super Energy Potion
Mort Myre fungi
117.5 Restores 20% Energy per dose
53 hunter_potion_3.gif
Hunter Potion
Ground kebbit teeth
120 + 3 temporary Hunter boost
55 super_strength_potion_3.gif
Super Strength Potion
Limpwurt root
125 + 20% temporary Strength boost
57 magic_essence_potion_3.gif
Magic Essence Potion
Star Flower
Gorak Claw powder
130 + 3 temporary Magic boost
60 weapon_poison.gif
Weapon Poison Potion
Ground blue dragon scale
137.5 Use on piecing weapons to add poison (p)
63 super_restore_potion_3.gif
Super Restore Potion
Red spiders eggs
142.5 Restores 33% of all stats except Hitpoints
65 sanfew_serum_3.gif
Sanfew Serum
Super Restore Potion
Ground Unicorn horn
Snake weed
Nail beast nails
160 The combined effect of a Super Restore potion, an anti-poison potion, and a Relicym’s Balm. It can also be used as a weapon against Nail Beasts [link to Bestiary page]
66 super_defence_potion_3.gif
Super Defence Potion
150 + 20% temporary Defence boost
68 antidote_plus_3.gif
Extra-strong Anti-Poison Potion
Yew tree roots
155 Cures poison and gives a longer time of immunity
69 antifire_potion_3.gif
Anti-firebreath Potion
Ground blue dragon scales
157.5 Gives some resistance to dragon fire
72 ranging_potion_3.gif
Ranging Potion
Dwarf weed
Wine of Zamorak
162 + (10%) +3 temporary Ranged boost
73 weapon_poison_plus.gif
Extra-strong Weapon poison Potion
Cactus Spine
Red spiders egg
165 Use on piercing weapons to add poison (p+)
76 magic_potion_3.gif
Magic Potion
Potato cactus
172.5 + 4 temporary Magic boost
78 zamorak_potion_3.gif
Zamorak Potion
175 Temporary bonuses of + 15% Strength, + 20% Attack, - 10% Hp, and – 10% Defence
79 super_strong_antipoison_potion_3.gif
Super-strong Anti-Poison Potion
Magic tree roots
177.5 Cures poison and gives very long immunity
81 saradomin_brew_3.gif
Saradomin Brew
Crushed birds nest
180 Temporary bonuses of + (15% + 2) Hitpoints, + (20% + 2) Defence, - (10% + 2) Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged
82 weapon_poison_plus_plus.gif
Super-strong Weapon Poison Potion
Belladonna/Deadly Nightshade
Poison ivy berries
190 Use on piercing weapons to add poison (p++)

[edit] Barbarian Potions

These potions are available to players once you complete the Barbarian Training minigame. They involve adding Caviar or Roe, and along with offering the standard effects of the potion you will also heal a small amount of Hitpoints (HP). Roe will heal 3 HP whereas Caviar will heal 6 HP.

Level Potion Name Ingredient Exp Gained
4 Attack_mix.gif Attack Mix Either 8
6 Antipoison_mix.gif Anti-poison Mix Either 12
9 Relicyms_mix.gif Relicym's Mix Either 14
14 Strength_mix.gif Strength Mix Either 17
24 Restore_mix.gif Restore Mix Either 21
28 Energy_mix.gif Energy Mix Caviar 23
33 Defence_mix.gif Defence Mix Caviar 25
37 Agility_mix.gif Agility Mix Caviar 27
40 Combat_mix.gif Combat Mix Caviar 28
42 Prayer_mix.gif Prayer Mix Caviar 29
47 Super_attack_mix.gif Super Attack Mix Caviar 33
51 Super_antipoison_mix.gif Super Anti-poison Mix Caviar 35
53 Fishing_mix.gif Fishing Mix Caviar 38
56 Super_energy_mix.gif Super Energy Mix Caviar 38
58 Hunting_mix.gif Hunting Mix Caviar 40
59 Super_strength_mix.gif Super Strength Mix Caviar 59
61 Magic_essence_mix.gif Magic Essence Mix Caviar 43
67 Super_restore_mix.gif Super Restore Mix Caviar 48
71 Super_defence_mix.gif Super Defence Mix Caviar 50
74 Antidote+_mix.gif Antidote+ Mix Caviar 52
75 Antifire_mix.gif Anti-fire Mix Caviar 53
75 Ranging_mix.gif Ranging Mix Caviar 54
80 Magic_mix.gif Magic Mix Caviar 57
83 Zamorak_mix.gif Zamorak Mix Caviar 58

[edit] Poison

You can be poisoned from certain monsters, other players, and from some traps dislodged while thieving from chests. Poison damage hits every 30 seconds at decreasing levels starting at 3 (p), 4 (p+), 5 (kp) or 6 (p++). You can also be hit starting at 12 from Tribesmen. The default poison damage from monsters is 6. Drinking an anti-poison potion, an extra-strong anti-poison potion, or a super-strong anti-poison potion will cure you, in addition to giving you varied levels of immunity depending on the type of potion you drink. Poison wears off after a while, so don't be worried if you don't have any anti-poison potions as long as you have extra food.

In addition, you can cure poison with the 'Recite-prayer' option with the Prayer book obtained through the Great Brain Robbery quest. You must be wearing a holy symbol and reciting will cost you 1 prayer point.

You can cover certain piercing weapons with weapon poison of assorted strengths. Weapon poison will poison for four damage, extra-strong weapon poison will poison for four damage, and super-strong weapon poison will poison for six damage. Note that all weapon poison potions only have one dose upon creation instead of the usual three.

[edit] Karambwan Poison

Karambwan poison is made by un-thoroughly cooking a karambwan and using a pestle and mortar on it to make karambwan paste. Using this on a spear will make it karambwan-poisoned, which will poison for five damage. Note that spears are the only weapons that can be poisoned with karambwan paste.

Weapons that can be poisoned

  • Daggers
  • 5 Arrows at a time
  • 5 Javelins at a time
  • 5 Darts at a time
  • 5 Throwing knives at a time
  • 5 crossbow bolts at a time
  • Spears
  • The Keris dagger (from the Contact! quest)

[edit] Getting rid of poison

You can rid a weapon of poison by using a cleaning cloth on it. You can create a cleaning cloth by using Karamja Rum (bought from the general store south of the banana plantation on Karamja) on any normal Silk (stolen from Ardougne silk stalls or bought in Al-Kharid from the merchant).

[edit] Creature Creation Mini-game

With the release of the Tower of Life quest came a new way to gather some secondary ingredients: the Creature Creation mini-game. You can create new monsters which drop secondary ingredients by combining DNA Samples of other monsters.

Newtroosts (level 19) - Made by using an eye of newt and chicken feather on the northwest altar, drop multiple eyes of newt Unicows (level 25) - Made by using a unicorn horn and cowhide on the northwest altar, drop multiple unicorn horns Spidines (Level 42) - Made by using a red spiders egg and raw sardine on the south-southeast altar, drop multiple red spiders eggs

[edit] Herblore Skillcape

When you have become a master of the skill at 99 Herblore you may want to purchase a Herblore skill cape from Kaqemeex the druid. Kaqemeex can be found at the Guthix Altar slightly north of Taverley. If you have more than one 99 stat he will give you the trimmed version of the Herblore Skill Cape.

[edit] FAQ

Q: What does some of the Herblore lingo mean?
A: There are many terms herbalists use as shorthand when referring to different things. A brief list:

  • Pot: Potion
  • Super set: A Super Attack, Super Strength, and Super Defence potion
  • WFV or W/f vial: Water-filled vial
  • Limp: Limpwurt root
  • Mara/Taro/Harra: Marrentil/Tarromin/Harralander

Q: Are my 4-dose potions rare?
A: No, you can get 4-dose potions by using a 3-dose with a 1-dose. Any other combinations will work, but the maximum number of doses you can have in a vial is four.

Q: What are the poison labels, and what do they mean?
A: The tags are (p): Regular weapon poison, hits 3 damage per attack (p+): Extra-strong weapon poison, hits 4 damage per attack (kp): Karambwan poison paste, hits 5 damage per attack (p++): Super-strong weapon poison, hits 6 damage per attack

Q: My stat restore potion isn’t restoring my non-combat stats that have been lowered by disease. Why is this?
A: Only super restore potions can restore non-combat stats.

Q: Where do I get the Jungle Herbs?
A: The Jungle herbs (Snake weed, Ardrigal, Rogue's Purse, Sito Foil, and Volencia Moss) are obtained during the Jungle Potion quest. They are also sometimes dropped by Tribesmen.

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