Green Halloween Mask

Green Halloween Mask
Green Halloween Mask
Green Halloween Mask

[edit] How To Obtain

In the past, on Halloween 2002, there was a Holiday Event that caused Halloween Masks to be dropped. They have become rare items as many of the people who have owned halloween masks have quit the game, and the game was alot less popular than today, meaning not that many halloween masks are left. Nowadays, the only way to obtain this is to buy them from another player or off the Grand Exchange. They are very expensive, naturally, being so rare. However, as they are more recent and common than Partyhats, they were easier to get (due to not having to open a Christmas Cracker or the likes), and people had come wise to the idea of them raising in value, more are around than Partyhats, meaning they are considerably less expensive than partyhats.

[edit] Stats

Stat Offensive Defensive
Stab 0 0
Slash 0 0
Crush 0 0
Magic 0 0
Ranged 0 0
Summoning N/A 0
Strength 0
Prayer 0

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