Green Dragons

At 79 combat, Green Dragons are the weakest of any adult dragons in all of Runescape. They are found in four locations in Runescape, mostly in the wilderness, but in relatively easy to access spots. For that reason, green dragons are popular among people looking to make money, as they can sell the bones for over 4.5k coins each, and green dragonhide sells for over 1.5k coins each. Green dragons shouldn't be taken lightly, as their max hit with melee is 8, but with firebreath, if you forget your anti-dragonfire shield or your dragonfire shield, you can be hit for massive damage.

Be Careful


[edit] Locations

Green dragons can be found in four different places in Runescape, each spot with varying popularity among green dragon hunters. Each spot only takes a minute or two to reach from a bank, meaning runs can be done in as little as ten minutes, sometimes even quicker. If you're selling your Dragon bones and Green Dragonhides, you'll notice the cash piling up fast.

[edit] The East Dragons

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Located to the east of clan wars, this spot is easily the most popular for dragon killing. It can be reached by either running north from Varrock, or by various games necklace teleports. Teleport to Clan Wars via games necklace, and run east until you find the dragons. Once your inventory is full, use the games necklace to teleport to Bounty Hunter, where there is a bank nearby. Quickly bank your Dragon Hides and Dragon bones, withdraw your food, and use the games necklace to teleport back to Clan Wars. This allows for the absolute shortest runs of killing dragons, meaning the most money per hour.

[edit] The West Dragons

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Located in level 13 Wilderness, due northwest from Edgeville, these dragons are very popular for slaying as well. There are a few ways to get there. First off, you could use Dareeyak Teleport from the Ancients Spellbook to teleport to the ruins just north of them. You could use Trollheim Teleport and then head east on the mountain until you reach the agility shortcut into the wilderness, which requires 60 agility. Once in the wilderness you just walk south. Lastly, good old walking or running never fails, though it is quite far west of Edgeville. Just run to the Dark Knight Fortress, and when you're near it, turn west and go straight. Running back and forth to each spot here takes a little over a minute, using the ancient teleport method with a glory for quick banking in Edgeville.

[edit] The North Dragons

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The northern dragons are by far the least popular dragons, seeing as they are in level 38 Wilderness with no easy ways of getting there or leaving. It is recommended only if you are looking to bury the bones for experience, banking from these dragons isn't worth it. However, if you do want to do it, teleport to Clan Wars via games necklace and run north to Red Dragon Isle, but then head west. After passing some skeletons and moss giants, you'll arrive at green dragons. Bringing a few Super Energy potions or two with you on these trips, as they will save you time, and therefore money, as the Dragon bones & Green Dragonhide will more than pay for your pots.

[edit] The Chaos Tunnel Dragons

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This is probably the most dangerous place to kill green dragons, due to the fact that it's multi-combat inside the Chaos Tunnels and there are four baby black dragons(level-83) that like to gang up on players all at once. However, once you climb down the rope into the tunnel entrance marked on the map, you'll have to run south through the spiders and take the southernmost portal in that room. Barring portal malfunction(if it does malfunction, get yourself to a safe spot and teleport out, then try again. This happens once in a while, not too often), you'll enter the dragon room. It is recommended killing the two westernmost dragons, as there are various safespots to keep you safe from baby black dragons.

Click for the First Safespot
Click for the Second Safespot

[edit] Word of Warning

Always be on your guard when you're killing green dragons, you never know what could happen. They may be the easiest adult dragons to kill, but they can still pack a punch and surprise you, effectively ruining your fun for a little while. Green dragon hunting is a great moneymaker, and if you find a spot that suits you well, stick to it for a week or two. After just a week with minimal effort and length of time playing, per day, doing green dragon runs in the Chaos Tunnels spot, it is quite easy to make a little over 1,500,000gp. These statistics can thus be greatly improved with higher melee stats, as you can kill Green Dragons much faster.

[edit] Drops

Green dragons always drop green dragonhide and dragon bones. Other valuable drops include level 3 clue scrolls, both half keys, adamant full helm, 15 nature runes, and all four charms, although they tend to drop more green charms than any other color. It is not advised picking anything up besides the dragonhide and bones, unless you get a clue or a half key.

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