Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange is Runescape's first and only Exchange of any kind. It allows anyone, anywhere, on any world be it a free world or a members world, to buy and sell their goods by simply spending a minute or two setting it up, and then leaving and doing whatever they want while offers get matched up with another offer. The Grand Exchange, also known as the GE, stripped away most person-to-person trades, but gave players a whole new way of getting what they need, when they need it.

The Grand Exchange


[edit] How It Works

The way that the Grand Exchange works is very simple. As a free player, you have two slots in the Grand Exchange to buy or sell goods. As a member, you have six spots in the Grand Exchange to buy or sell goods. If a player wants to sell something, they simply open up the exchange panel, click on sell, and then click on their item they want to sell. From here they can move the price up or down(while staying within the price limits, affectionately known as the min(lowest), the max(highest), and the mid(exactly in between the other two)) and select just how many of their item they want to sell. Once they're satisfied with the offer, they click Confirm and the offer is sent off to find a match.
Buying on the GE

Now as a buyer, it's a little different. You open the exchange panel, click on buy, and now you can search through an entire database of items, well over five thousand of them. When you find what you want, it's much like selling, determine your price, determine how much you want to buy, and then click Confirm.

Once the player's sale has gone through, they simply need to return to any banker anywhere in Runescape and right click on them. When the action box pops up, they click on Collect banker and their goods will be waiting for them, and maybe a little extra cash(you never know when someone's going to pay more when you're a seller or lower the price when you're a buyer).

[edit] Helpful People

Brugsen Bursen

There are a few NPC's around the Grand Exchange that can make finding a price or just understanding the Exchange a lot easier. Two of these NPC's are the Grand Exchange Tutor and Brugsen Bursen. Before you can use the Grand Exchange, you must listen to a tutorial from one of them. The Grand Exchange Tutor's tutorial is short and sweet, but may leave you with questions. Brugsen Bursen's tutorial is long and insightful, leaving no question unanswered. As well as teaching you about the Exchange, they can also find prices for you, however, there are "specialists" for that type of work.

Farid Morrisane's Ores
Murky Matt
Relobo Blinyo Every Kind of Log
Bob Barter Clean/Unclean Herbs
Hofuthand Weapons and Armor
Murky Matt All Runes
Farid Morrisane Ores

[edit] Merchanting

Merchanting has always been a part of Runescape's trade market, and even now with trade limits and set prices, merchanters still find ways to make money. The Grand Exchange is frequently used by merchanters to turn a quick profit. However, there are a few obstacles along the way. There is a two to four hour delay between buying an item and being able to sell that item. Meaning if you buy the item at noon, and put it back up right away to sell, the item will sit there for a couple hours before being able to find an offer and complete the deal. Also, there are many people in the land of Runescape who are using the Grand Exchange to merch everyday, so you have to be constantly vigilant about your items and how they're faring from day to day. This is where the Grand Exchange Database comes into handy, as it offers an easier, stock-market-like way of tracking your merchanting goods.

[edit] Sets of Armor

A new feature was implemented with the Grand Exchange, the ability to pack and unpack various sets of armor from four to six pieces into a single box, saving inventory space and spots on the Exchange panel. All God, gilded, trimmed, and normal metal armor sets can now be packed from full helmet, platebody, kiteshield, and plateskirt/platelegs into a single box, saving four spaces in your bank, inventory, or on the Exchange. Dragonhide can be packed into one box containing the body, chaps, and vambraces. Same goes for mage armor, packing it all into one little box to save space and time. All you have to do is bring up the Set option on a Grand Exchange Clerk, and then exchange either your armor for a box or vice-versa.

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