Godsword Blade

Godsword Blade
Examine: The blade for the ultimate weapon.
Examine: The blade for the ultimate weapon.
Requirements80 Smithing to Make.
Low Alchemy300,000gp
High Alchemy450,000gp
PriceGrand Exchange Graph

[edit] How To Obtain

The Godsword Blade is comprised of three other shards, Godsword Shard 1, Godsword Shard 2 and Godsword Shard 3. It requires a level of 80 Smithing to convert the shards into the blade. The blade, once combined with the Hilt determines its type.

For instance a Bandos Hilt attached to the Godsword Blade would create a Bandos Godsword, there is no requirement on attaching the Godsword Blade to the chosen Hilt and does not require and anvil.

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