Goblin Village

The Goblin Village is a small town that's located east of Taverley, north of Falador, and south of The Wilderness. The village has nothing of use, so it's worthless except for:

Let's see what Goblin Village actually is!

The map of Goblin Village

This is the same map, but it shows the important parts of the Goblin Village:

The important parts of Goblin Village

The only way to get in is to go in through the bottom, and once you go in you'll see alot of level 5 goblins. Lower levels can train on them, but there's nothing special about them. Going farther in, there are even MORE goblins. Some of them might fight and yell insults at each other. This is one of the few places that you can see NPCs fighting each other.

You smell like human!

Going into that little building in the right, you'll see that the roof has a BIG hole in it, and so does the table. If you did the "Saving Wartface and Bentnoze" part of Recipe for Disaster, you'll know why this is. You'll see a ladder.. and some sacks. The sacks ordinarily won't be worth of mentioning, but they're used for the "Holy Grail" quest. When you prod them, you hear a moan and the sack shifts a little. I think it has a human inside. There's also an open option, and you can open the sacks to find Sir Percival trapped inside if you're up to that part in the quest.

Is there a human inside?

The ladder leads to what USED to be the kitchen, but you can't go down it if you're not up to that part of the Recipe for Disaster. Anyway, it's completely destroyed now, but after the quest, there's no reason to go down there, since there's not even a range in the kitchen, and if there was, it would have been destroyed in what happened..

What.. happened.. here?

Leaving this place, and going up into the big building with the quest symbol, you can see the two arguing generals. Here's where you start the Goblin Diplomacy quest.

You're both wrong!

You have completed your tour of Goblin Village. Thank you, come again!

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