General Graardor

General Graardor
General Graardor
A Huge War Chief


[edit] Introduction

General Graardor is the 2nd highest level in the God Wars Dungeon and the 4th highest attackable monster on Runescape. He can hit well into the 60s with melee and high 30s with ranged. He is found deep inside the God Wars Dungeon in the boss room of Bandos's Stronghold. To get to him you must kill 40 of his followers. As well as General Graardor in the boss room, you will come across 3 of his Minions: Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Strongstack and Sergeant Grimspike, who collectively attack using all three corners of the combat triangle.

[edit] Getting There

To see how to get to the God Wars Dungeon, go to the linked page.

Once inside the God Wars Dungeon, you need to find and kill 40 Bandos followers. It is also worthy to note that all monsters in the dungeon are aggressive to anyone who isn't wearing something related to the appropriate god. When going to the Bandos Stronghold it is recommended you take a Bandos and Zamorak item, some also may wish to take a Saradomin item.

Good places to get your 40 kill count for bandos is either: Go north and kill goblins, Go to the north west corner and kill hobgoblins, go by the big door and kill goblins. Or you can enter the Bandos area and kill various monsters there. To get into the Bandos area, you need a hammer, to bang on the big door. Then to get into the Boss room, you need 70 Strength.

[edit] Methods Of Killing

There are various methods of killing General Graardor and his minions, depending on the size of team and the levels and equipment available.

[edit] Solo

[edit] Team

[edit] Massacre

A massacre, or "mass" as its more commonly known as usually involve 8-12, or possibly even more, people that go in a large team for quicker kills. They are usually done using Lootshare, as Coinshare would not be very profitable in such large teams. Normally these teams have lower requirements than soloing or smaller teams, and are usually combat 100 or 110+, however some may set up higher levelled masses for even quicker kills. Masses generally last a long time due to the fast kills and amount of people meaning each person gets hit less by the minions.

A massacre usually employs a Guthan Tanker strategy, where one person will come in full Guthan's and a Saradomin Godsword for the healing specials. This person will be the Tank. He will stand roughly in the middle of the room and attempt to be the first one to attack General Graardor, causing him to melee the Tank. Then, the tanker will attack Sergeant Steelwill (the mage) to heal using the guthans effect, while the rest of the team will all attack the boss. The tanker will pray Protect from Melee, whilst everyone else will pray Protect from Range. After the boss dies, the Tanker will run and attack Sergeant Grimspike (the ranger) to heal to full health, whilst the attackers kill the Sergeant Steelwill and Sergeant Strongstack (the mage and meleer). The person who gets the last hit on the boss generally gets attacked by all three minions, although not always, so this person will pray depending on which defence bonus is lowest (usually magic unless they are a ranger). Then, once the other two minions are dead, the attackers will stand near to the Tank who will still be killing Sergeant Grimspike. The one who Sergeant Grimspike is attacking will pray Protect from Ranged with auto-retaliate off. When the Tanker is fully healed, he will say something like "healed" or "kill" to tell the attackers to quickly finish off Sergeant Grimspike. Everyone will take their drops, then pray at the altar if needed, the Tanker will go back to the middle of the room whilst the attackers stand against the west wall. The Tank will put Protect from Melee on early to avoid surprise hits, while the attackers should put on Protect from Ranged either as the Yellow dot of General Graardor appears (just before the minions) or if they are less confident they can put it on earlier.

Occasionally higher levels may tank without guthans or a Saradomin Godsword. In which case the tank will want to have a high ranged bonus and preferably some Magic bonus in case Sergeant Steelwill attacks him. They will eat when their HP falls below 50 or 40, depending on the Tanks confidence and level, while the attackers do the same as with the Guthan Tanker, except they kill all 3 minions straight away. Sometimes, there may be cases in which no-one wants to tank, in which case it will be a Random Tanker. Here everyone stands against the west wall and spread out across it. General Graardor will go for a target, everyone should start with Protect from Range but be ready to switch to Protect from Melee if General Graardor is heading their direction. After General Graardor has chosen who to melee, everyone will attack the boss, and the Tank will do as a normal Tank would.

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