Fist of Guthix

The player is matched with another player at random. There are two rounds. In round 1, one player becomes the hunter while the other played is hunted by the hunter. The player being hunted must take a "stone" from a "stone dispenser" and use it to gather as many "charges" as he can. The stone will only gather charges if the stone is equipped on the player. When the stone is equipped u cannot use a weapon, shield, or magic, plus your skills are lowered a considerable amount so you are open to attack. If you unequip the stone to fight the other player you will NOT gather any more charges until you re-equip the stone. The round ends when the hunters target is killed or a time limit of 10 minutes runs out. Round two begins with the players in reversed roles:The hunter is now the hunted and the hunted is now the hunter. the same rules apply for both roles. The hunter can use any form of attack he wants(ranged,magic,melee,etc.) in order to kill the other player. Also prayer can be used by both players in both rounds. There are four structures in the arena. These house-like structures have green barriers that only the hunted can pass through. The hunter is unable to. While in this "safehouse" you cannot be attacked by the hunter but your health drains non-stop as long as you are within the "safehouse". There are also portals within the "safhouses" that can telepot you to another "safehouse". But be aware that they can somtimes not work right and teleport you outside of the "safehouse", to a random place on the map. The Fist of Guthix is north of Varrok in the wilderness in a cave. The location shows up as a red symobol on your mini-map. Good luck to the "Hunted" and may you catch your prey to the "Hunter"

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