Fishing Trawler

Fishing Trawler

Welcome to the Fishing Trawler! A fishing team-based mini-game, your main objective is to keep the ship floating for the length of time given whilst catching as many fish as possible, which you can loot if you successfully keep the ship floating throughout. The ship can be found in Port Khazard harbour, which is north of Yanille and south-east of Ardougne. Before you start, you will want to buy some items from Port Khazard first.


[edit] Port Khazard

Trawler Port Khazard.PNG

When you have entered Port Khazard, talk to Murphy on the harbour to get the basic knowledge of the Trawler mini-game and what you will need in order to do it properly.

Trawler Murphy.PNG

You will find all of the items you need for the mini-game in the two general stores in the area.

Trawler General Store.PNG

The items you will need for the Trawler are these:

Trawler Items.PNG

  • Money - Buying more items, like swamp paste when you run out
  • Bailing Bucket - Bailing out the water when it fills up the ship
  • Rope - To fix the net when it breaks
  • Swamp Paste - To repair leaks in the ship’s hull

It is highly suggested that you bring multiple ropes and swamp paste for the mini-game, as you will be using more than one. If you are going as a team, you may only need one item type.

[edit] Trawler Guide

Once you and your team are ready for the game, board the ship. After the first person has boarded the ship, one minute will be given until the ship sets sail. Make sure that all of your team are on board when you depart. After 1 minute, you will leave.

Trawler Sail.PNG

Once aboard, Murphy will ask you to get to work straight away, as the ship starts filling up with water within a matter of seconds. Place your rope holders at the rear of the boat where the net is, it won’t be long until it starts ripping. As for the hole fillers and the bailers, they’ll be busy dealing with the leaks down below.

Trawler Sea.PNG

The indicator at the top of the screen will be very useful and you will be watching it half of the time.

  • Water bar to indicate how much water has filled up the ship
  • Net status to show whether it is OK or ripped. If it is ripped, no fish will be caught
  • Catch indicator, showing the amount of fish you have
  • Time remaining

You have 12 minutes in total to keep the ship floating and to catch as many fish as possible.

[edit] Failing

If you fail to keep the ship floating, then you will end up in this situation:

Trawler Fail.PNG

Don’t worry, you can easily escape. Simply climb one of the barrels to climb back ashore, ending up here:

Trawler Fail Spawn.PNG

This area is only a little bit North of Port Khazard, so you can quickly return there to attempt another trip and rethink your strategy.

[edit] The Loot

If you were lucky enough to keep the ship floating for 12 minutes, you will return back to Port Khazard, and can check the net on the dock to see your own catch.

Trawler Catch.png

The quality of the catch will vary, depending on your fishing level. The higher your level, the less junk you will catch and the more high level fish you will get.

The following fish and items you can catch are:

Pic Name of Fish Level Needed
Trawler Manta Ray.PNG Manta Ray 81+ Fishing
Trawler Turtle.PNG Sea Turtle 79+ Fishing
Trawler Shark.PNG Shark 76+ Fishing
Trawler Swordfish.PNG Swordfish 50+ Fishing
Trawler Lobster.PNG Lobster 40+ Fishing
Trawler Tuna.PNG Tuna 30+ Fishing
Trawler Seaweed.PNG Seaweed 16+ Fishing
Trawler Oyster.PNG Oyster 16+ Fishing
Trawler Anchovy.PNG Anchovy 15+ Fishing
Trawler Sardine.PNG Sardine 5+ Fishing
Trawler Shrimp.PNG Shrimp 1+ Fishing

[edit] Extra Tips

[edit] What is the best world to do the Trawler mini-game as a team?

Jagex have set a Trawler themed world, which is world 116.

[edit] Is there any other way to get swamp paste?

Yes. Collect swamp tar from the Lumbridge swamp, then add flour to it to make uncooked swamp paste. The flour can be best found in the windmill or the Sinclair Mansion. Cook the paste to produce the finished product.

Swamp paste can also be bought in the Mort'ton general store. You can also buy it right at the Fishing Trawler, simply by visiting any one of the two general stores in Port Khazard.

[edit] Is there any way to get fish faster?

It is said that if you keep the water levels around half way or higher, you are more likely to catch more higher level fish like Manta Ray or Sea Turtle.

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