Fishing Guild

The fishing guild is a Guild for fishers who have 68 Fishing or higher. You can, however, get into the guild at lower levels, and I'll discuss that in this guide.


[edit] Finding the Guild

First off, you probably don't know where this Guild is if you're new or you may have forgotten where it is. Well, here's a map on how to get there from a few different places:

Map to the Fishing Guild.JPG


Red = Fishing Guild.
Blue = Ardougne, a city south of the Guild.
Orange = Seers Village, a village northeast of the Guild.
Green = Catherby, another Fishing area and a town east of the Guild.

Light Blue = Path from Ardougne to the Fishing Guild.
Yellow = Path from Seers Village to the light blue path and to the Fishing Guild.
Brown = Path to the yellow path to the light blue path and to the Fishing Guild.

[edit] So Whats Here Anyway?

Now that you can find the Guild (Hopefully you can >.<), its time to find out whats even there in the first place!

Whats in the guild.JPG

Well, in the Fishing Guild you'll find almost every fish in the game - except for any Fly Fishing related fish, or any small netting fish. That means you won't find any Trout, Salmon or Monkfish. You will, however, find anything from tuna to sharks and shrimp and more!

[edit] Here's a list on what you can find!

Picture Caught Level Required
Raw mackerel.gif The Fishing Guild 16
Raw cod.gif The Fishing Guild 23
Raw tuna.gif The Fishing Guild 35
Raw lobster.gif The Fishing Guild 40
Raw swordfish.gif The Fishing Guild 50
Raw shark.gif The Fishing Guild 76

[edit] Here are the tools you'll need to catch those fish:

Picture Used to Catch Bought from/Respawn*
Big fishing net.gif Cods and Mackerals Fishing Stores/Fishing Guild
Lobster pot.gif Lobsters Fishing Stores/Fishing Guild
Harpoon.gif Tunas, Swordfishes, and Sharks Fishing Stores/Fishing Guild
  • You will need the level 68 fishing requirement (or boost your stat to 68) before you can get these tools free at the Guild.

[edit] What else is in the Fishing Guild?

Well, there's a bank and a Fishing Store in the large building to the west of the guild, there is also a range situated at the entrance. Not a lot of people use the range, as its far away from the bank, but you can still cook things. Also, there are some free fishing tools at the entrance to the Guild; note this if you want some free tools!

[edit] Do you really need 68 Fishing?

No! If you buy or make a fishing potion, Fish pie or even a Admiral pie, you can get into the Fishing Guild as low leveled as 65 Fishing! Note this if you're tired of fishing in Catherby!

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